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Alessi is really cool guy with a great fashion sense, who enjoys picking on the weak! Lucky for him, his Stand Sethan has the ability to reduce the age of his victims upon contact! He plays quite differently from the rest of the cast, being as how he doesn't have big combos. KONO GAKI!



5A: Short quick jab. Can combo into itself.

5B: Kick that can only be blocked low.

5C: Uses both hands and pushes out. Can cancel into tandem and Bee's Nest.

2A: Crouching Punch

2B: Same as 2A

2C: Uses Sethan to sweep. Very useful to trip, comes out fast.

J.A: Sticks out leg like 5B

J.B: Sethan Sticks out axe at a upward angle.

J.C: Sethan punches at a downward angle.

Stand Normals

S.5A: Sethan punches in front of Alessi

S.5B: Sethan sticks out a axe in front of Alessi at a high angle.

S.5C: Sethan sticks out a axe in front of Alessi at a low angle.

S.2A: Sethan stick out a axe very close to Alessi. Very short range.

S.2B: Sethan sticks out an axe straight up in front of Alessi. Good Anti-Air.

S.2C: Sweep just like 2C.

J.S.A: Same as Jump A.

J.S.B: Sethan sticks out a axe upward underneath Alessi. Short Range.

J.S.C: Sethan sticks out a axe at a angle underneath. Short Range.

Command Stand Normals

S.6B: Sethan swings out a axe in a arc as a overhead. Must be blocked standing.

Special Moves

Bee's Nest - 41236 + A
Alessi pulls out a semi-automatic pistol which fires when you keep tapping A, then is automatically put away (depending on how fast you shoot or it reaches a certain number of shots). He cannot move while firing. You can put the gun away by pressing S, but be warned that it's a slow animation. A, B, and C will determine the initial distance of the scope.

Unchained Nature (Stand Mode) - 63214 + A
Arms will come out from Alessi's stand and shrink your opponent into a younger version of his/herself (or doll/egg/etc). It lasts for a couple seconds. They can attack, but they usually only get 1 weak attack type until they grow up again. With Stand ON you attack them with normal stand attacks. With Stand OFF you wield an axe for all your normals (if you're real close he'll do a normal attack instead of the axe slash). Sometimes it's better to just shoot your opponents after this lands (distance factor/since they can't roll).

Unchained Nature (Normal Mode) - 63214 + A
Alessi puts his hands forward and Sethan slowly comes out. Upon contact will transform the opponent into a child. This move comes out VERY SLOW.

Kassabai Teyaru* (Stand Mode) - A + A (HOLD then RELEASE)
A large axe comes out of Sethan. This move charges the longer you hold 2 attack buttons. If you release the buttons in the air, it won't work. The largest size comes after about 2 seconds. This one won't hit close (normal size) opponents. Great anti-air move when charged.
(*Anyone know the English name?)


Hopelessness - 236 + AA
Alessi runs forward and upon contact, Sethan beats up your opponent with a combo that ends with them turned into their child form for a few seconds.

Seers of Truth - 214 + AA
Sethan pops up close to Alessi and hits the opponent multiple times, reducing them to child form for a few seconds. Pretty good against opponents who like to jump in a lot.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block
Stand off Normals
A 3 2 7?
B 4 3 15?
C 3 3 21?
2A 5 2 7?
2B 4 3 9?
2C 5 5 13?
QCB + 2 Attacks 4 31 20?


(to be filled in)

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube

ShadowDioUK's Alessi Linkers : Youtube

Alessi vs. Dio: Youtube


General Strategy

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