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Black Polnareff


Black Polnareff, is Polnareff under the effects of the Anubis stand who possesses then controls the wielder of the blade. A farmer, a barber, and even a hero fell prey to this technique!

The Anubis stand is the only sentient stand (at this point of the story), and is characterized by his ability to quickly learn and adapt to situations, transforming all who wield him into deadly swordsmen.


Polnareff jabs quickly with his left arm, for light damage.
Polnareff kicks.
Polnareff slashes directly in front of him using the Anubis sword.
Silver Chariot jabs with the handle of his sword.
Silver Chariot thrusts toward the ground.
Polnareff performs an upward quick draw technique with the Anubis sword.
Dashing A
Same as A.

Dashing B
Same as B.
Dashing C
Same as C, except, the hit launches.

Command Normals
Stand Moves
Silver Chariot performs a low thrust toward the opponent's head.
Silver Chariot thrusts toward the ground.
Silver Chariot slashes upward, striking three times.
Silver Chariot appears and after a lengthly delay, slashes forward.
Silver Chariot thrusts forward and toward the ground.
Special Moves

Move: ’’Kirenzan
Activated: 236+A (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack)
Second Hit: 236+A (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Attack)
Alternate Second Hit: 214+A (Down, Down-Back,Back + Attack)
Notes: For the first part, the button hit [A/B/C] determines the distance.
For the second hit, 236A will combo from the first, and hits low. The alternate version will not combo, but will hit Overhead instead, and can be useful if an opponent blocks. It comes out slower, so if they expect it, they have several ways to retalliate, including throwing you before it hits them.
Notes cont'd: This move can easily be continued into a longer combo - see the combo section for details.

Move: Tatsujin no Touryuu
Activated: 623+[A/B/C] (Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Attack)
Notes:Silver Chariot attacks by spinning his sword in front of him. Can be quite decent anti-air. Tends to hit multiple times if it hits once. 'A' version is faster by far than C version, at the cost of inferior damage.

Move: Oboeta (Learning counter move)
Activated: 214+A (Down, Down-Back, Back+Attack)
Notes:Black Polnareff flashes momentarily while taking a defensive position. If an opponent hits you with a (non projectile) attack in this time, several things may happen:

  1. The damage will be negated.
  2. You will 'learn' the move (unless you have already learned it)
  3. You will attack them back (some moves are spaced in a way that your opponent will not be hit by this) for free.

Once you have 'learned' a move of an opponent, any time that you block it (as normal) you will briefly flash while in blockstun. During this momentary flash, if you press an attack button you will get a free chance to attack your opponent.

Move: Chariot Spit
Activated: 236+S (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Stand Button)
Notes:Similar to (Regular) Polnareff's Million Spit, Silver Chariot appears, stabbing the air in front of him repeatedly at lightning speed. You can move while this move is ongoing, adding hits or continuing your combo.


Move: Zettai ni Maken no da
Activated: 214+AA (Down, Down-Back, Back + Two Attack Buttons)
Notes:Polnareff poses and Silver Chariot stabs forwards as it slides to about 3/4 screen.
This move has a very slow startup, but is invincible for the entire period of the startup. In addition, much of the startup wherein Polnareff is invincible is before the super flash, so this move will often lead an opponent into attacking or trying to throw you - making them vulnerable to this move. This move cannot be air-blocked by your opponent. High damage.

Move: Dame Oshi Iu Yatsuda
Activated: 236+AA (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Two Attack Buttons)
Notes:Silver Chariot strikes the air in front of him in an upward slash - similar to normal Polnareff's super. If it contacts, Silver chariot stabs the opponent numerous times. Its properties are much more normal in nature. Hits higher than his other super so can be useful AA against high jump-ins at times.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block
A 1 4 7?
B 5 3 23?
C 7 2 24?


Basic Combos
2B, 623+A/B/C
An easy combo that does decent damage. A and B version launch the opponent. Beware of guard cancel on block.
Dash 2B, 623+A/B/C
An useful combo because 2B has a good range, and this range is increase with the dash (make this a sliding attack).
Jump C, B, 236+AA
An easy way to use this super.
Intermediate Combos
236+B/C, 236+A, 236+S, dash C
Anubis Pol's rekka into Chariot Spit and then ending with dashing C, which knocks down on hit.
2A/B/2B/C/2C, 236+B/C, etc...
another version with many starter possible
236+A/B/C, 214+A/B/C, 2A/B/2B, 236+B/C, 236+A/B/C, 236+S, dash C
A standard combo that you can do after his overhead (214+A/B/C)
A, 2B, 623+A/B/C
Same as the basic combo but start with a light. The timing to input 2B is not very hard to get.
Dash 2C, A, 2B, 236+B/C, etc...
2C doesn't hit low, but dash 2C is low and has a longer hitstun that allow to link with A, and then the BNB
Advanced Combos
A, A, cc, B, 623+C
The difficulty is to get the B link, wich is impossible without a crouch cancel (cc) just before doing B
A, A, cc, C, 623+C
This is just a real pain to link C, and it make just a bit more damage than the previous combo.
B/C/2C/dash 2C, 214+AA
You will need to cancel your first hit into the super as fast as possible to make it combo. In this combo, Polnareff will not say "Zettai ni maken no da!" but "SHINE!!", which is just cooler (if it links ^^)
jump C, dash 2C, A, 2B, 236+B/C, etc...
It's a hard combo to do, it's not that easy to link the jump C with dash 2C, the jump C must be done really close to the ground, and the dash very fast after landing. The rest of the combo seem really easy after that!
236+B/C, 236+A/B/C, 236+S, dash, small jump C, dash 2C, A, A, cc, B, 623+C/214+AA
Here goes his real bnb, it's very hard to do, but does high damage.

in the corner (or near it), vs standing character:

236+B/C, 236+A/B/C, 236+S, jump B, A, A, cc, B, 236+B/C, 236+A/B/C, 236+S, jump B, A, A, cc, B, 236+B/C, etc...
Anubis Polnareff's infinite. It's forbidden! Forget this last combo!

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube


General Strategy

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
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See a super? Spam a super.

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