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Chaka, the Anubis Stand's first victim, and a quickly vanquished foe in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure plot line. While Polnareff made short work of him in the story, in THIS game he's quite a viable character! Newbie friendly, easy to chain with, and has a low learning curve, and it only took the deaths of TWO farmers to make him this much of a bad-ass!

If you're looking for a place to start, this is where I would suggest! Counters, marvel style stand chains, and a SFA-style custom combo. Where can ya go wrong?!

Why use Chaka:
+Custom combo style tandem
+Stylish specials and supers
+Counter-style moves
+Low learning curve
+Amazing GC

Why NOT to use Chaka:
+Low tier
+Lack of long moves
+Low damage rushdown
+Long combos are easy enough to fail

Basic Information:
Stand Type: Weapon
Dash Type: Variable, Slide
Hit Box: Smaller than average
Best Match: 7:3 Mariah
Worst Match: 3:7: Jotaro, Kakyoin, Vanilla Ice



Stand off:
A - A quick jab with the sheath of the Anubis sword.
2A - A quick kick with the side of Chaka's foot.
8A - An airborne downward jabbing kick.
B - Another quick kick, this time to the shins.
2B - A slide along the ground, striking with the foot.
8B - Same as jumping A.
C - A slow, but long kick to the enemy's torso.
6C - Same as C, but has forward momentum.
2C - A quickdraw and slash of the sword.
8C - A long, forward aimed slash with the sword.

Stand on:
A - A quick stab to the lower area of the opponent.
6A - A slash to the head area of most opponents. Will not hit crouching opponents.
2A - A quick jab to the feet of the opponent
8A - A broad, downward moving slash.
B - A quick chest area slash.
6B - An overhead chop. Slow, doesn't combo.
2B - A slash to the opponent's feet.
8B - Roughly the same as jumping A.
B - A broad slash. Hits twice.
2B - A long, sweeping slash.
8B - A slightly slower broad downward slash.
C - Chaka takes a step forward, and slices downward, hitting twice.
2C - Chaka slices the opponent's legs in a large sweeping motion.
8C - About the same as jumping A or B, except the damage is much higher.

Command Normals

Move Name: Throw/Tech Throw
Activated: Forward/Backward+C
Notes: Stabs the opponent, and flings them all the way across the screen. Can be recovered out of at it's highest point, or when hitting the ground.

Move Name: Recovery (Teching)
Activated: AA (Two Attacks)
Notes: This is used when being knocked down or when hit into the air after a certain amount of time.

Move Name: Advancing Guard (Pushblock)
Activated: AAA (Three Attacks) while blocking
Notes: Pushes back the opponent a considerable amount more than normal after an attack is blocked. Does not work on projectiles. Can be punished by throw-classed moves.

Move Name: Evasion (Dodge)
Activated: AAA (Three Attacks)
Notes: This move can be used any time you're on the ground and OUT of stand mode. It's invincible from beginning to end, but you can be thrown out of it.

Special Moves

Stand off:
Move Name: Stand Activation Slash
Activated: 236+S (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Stand)
Notes: Activates stand mode, slashes quickly. This move can be used as an anti-air or to stick in after a normal string. Swallow Return (DP+A) will combo after this move.

Stand on:
Move Name: Kirenzan
English: Ogre Slash
Activated: 236+A (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Stand)
Second Hit: 236+A (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Stand)
Third Hit: 236+A (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Stand)
Notes: These moves come out quickly and are quite useful for his mixups. The button used will determine the initial attack distance. The button used for the second hit does not make a difference. The button used for the third hit determines the finishing slash. A = Low slash (does not combo), B = Overhead slash (does not combo), C = Launcher.

Move Name: Tsubame Gaeshi
English: Swallow Return
Activated: 623+A (Forward, Down, Down-Forward + Attack)
Notes: A diagonal slash with the sword. Launches opponent. Not very useful as an anti-air or in combo strings, but will chain after the stand activation slash.

Move Name: Oboetazo
English: "I learned it".
Activated: 214+A (Down, Down+Back, Back + Attack)
Notes: A move that is excellent as both a reversal and to just plain spam. Using this move will "learn" attacks. When you block an attack that you've learned, you can press any button during the flash to hit your opponent for free as if you had countered it with this special attack.


Move Name: Tandem Combo
Activated: 214+S (Down, Down+Back, Back + Stand)
Notes: Activates the all-powerful custom combo, with which Chaka can slightly beat his super for damage!

Stand off:
Move Name: Jigenzan
English: Dimensional Cut
Activated: 236+AA (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Two Attacks)
Notes: Places hand on sword, flashes screen, and then performs a line cut. This move has invincibility during it's entire start-up and for most of the slash, and airborne opponents can't block it. Useful.

Stand on:
Move Name: Zenbu oboe Ta!
Activated: 214+AA (Down, Down+Back, Back + Two Attacks)
Notes: Sheaths his sword and pulls it out again, then flashes and stabs the opponent. Requires two levels of super meter. If this move hits, you temporarily learn ALL of the opponent's moves, until they manage to hit you with something.

Move Name: Kekkazan
English: Bloody Flower Cut
Activated: 236+AA (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Two Attacks)
Notes: Slashes through the opponent and performs a nine hit autocombo. If you can't use his tandem, end all hit confirmed stand strings with this.

Movement Data
Move Name Damage Chip Damage Stand bar Stand chip Meter on hit Meter on wiff Guard Location
2A 3 0 1 0 4 0 Low
Dash 2A 3 0 1 0 4 0 Low
2B 8 0 4 0 9 4 Low
Dash 2B 7 0 2 0 9 4 Low
2C 10 0 5 0 11 5 Low
Dash 2C 9 0 2 0 11 5 Low
A 5 0 2 0 4 0 Ground
Dash A 6 0 3 0 9 4 Low
B 8 0 4 0 9 4 Low
C 12 0 6 0 11 5 Ground
Jump A 5 0 2 0 7 3 High
Jump B 8 0 4 0 7 3 High
Jump C 12 0 7 0 7 3 High
[S] 2A 3 0 6 3 7 3 Low
[S] 2B 7 0 14 7 7 3 Low
[S] Dash 2B 7 0 8 4 7 3 Low
[S] 2C 12 0 24 12 7 3 Low
[S] Dash 2C 10 0 16 8 7 3 Low
[S] A 3 0 4 2 7 3 Ground
[S] 6A 3 0 4 2 4 0 Ground
[S] Dash A 7 0 14 7 7 3 Ground
[S] B 9 0 18 9 7 3 Ground
[S] 6B 7 0 14 7 7 3 High
[S] C 4+7 0+0 8+14 4+7 6 3 Ground
[S] Dash C 10+7 0 20+14 10+7 5+6 5 Ground
Guard Cancel 8 12 6 0 0 Ground
236+S 8 12 6 0 0 Ground
[S] Guard Cancel 12 12 6 11 5 Ground
[S] 214+A 6 N/A 12 N/A 4 0 N/A
[S] 236+A (1ST) 12 12 6 11 5 Ground
[S] 236+A (2ND) 6 12 6 7 3 Ground
[S] 236+A (3RD) 7 14 7 11 5 Low
[S] 236+B (3RD) 6 12 6 7 3 High
[S] 236+C (3RD) 6 12 6 6 3 Ground
[S] 623+A 12 24 12 11 5 Ground
236+AA 42 ALL 0 -104 -104 Ground
[S] 236+AA (46) *1 ALL 0 -104 -104 Any
[S] 214+AA *2 4+6 8+12 4+6 -204 -204 Ground

  • 1) [S] 236+AA: 17+3+2+2+2+10+2+2+6=46
  • 2) [S] 214+AA: -208 + 4 = -204

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos

Stand off:
A, A
A, 2A, S+A
A, 2A, B
2A, S+A
2A, B
2A, 2A
2A, 2A, 2B
2A, 2A, S+A

Stand on:

His basic stand off and stand on strings. You can mix and combine these, because he can combo into stand mode.

Intermediate Combos

C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->2B->236+A->236+A
You can omit the 2B after C if it's difficult. The additional hit only adds one puny point of damage, however, every point counts.

Average setups would be from 2A strings, and the like.

Advanced Combos

2B->214+S, A->B->C (1-hit)->B, (wait), 236+AA

Completed full chains. Example:
c.A, c.A, S+A, B, 214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->2B->236+A->236+A, S+A, B, C, 236+B, 236+B, 236+C

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC):

0:00 - 0:13:
Jump, S+C, A->B->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A, S+A->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C

0:18 - 0:30:
c.A, c.A, B->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A, S+A->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C

0:37 - 0:45:
c.A, c.A, S+A->B->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A, S+A->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C

0:53 - 1:02:
Dash, B->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A, S+A ->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C

1:09 - 1:19:
Dash, F+C->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A, S+A ->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C

1:20 - 1:25:
This features him punishing what appears to be a stand crash. Most people will attack on wake-up, which sets up the next section.

1:26 - 1:35:
GUARD CANCEL, S+C->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A , S+A ->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C

1:40 - 1:46:
A->B->C->B, 236+AA
The stand chain during the tandem is an untechable launcher.

1:52 - 2:00:
Dash c.C->236+AA
Opponents in stand mode can't be knocked down, instead they launch.

2:07 - 2:19:
Jump, S+C, 6A->B->C->A->214+S, C->236+A->236+A, A->A->A->B->C->c.B->236+A->236+A, S+A->B->C->236+B+C


General Strategy

Stand ON Cancel

Stand activation typically has an animation, which often takes up a fair bit of time. For Chaka, this is him pulling his sword from the sheath, and then dropping the sheath. This, however, can by bypassed by using 236+S to activate stand mode, or by pressing Stand an an Attack at the same time.

Stand OFF Cancel

Similar to stand ON, stand off also has an animation, which involves Chaka sheathing his sword. To remedy this, most people will disable stand mode while jumping, because it's a lot safer to be moving. There IS a better way to do this, however. Chaka's crouching animation has about four frames, before he reaches crouching state. If you deactivate stand during the crouch animation, the crouch animation will override the stand animation, and you'll be in normal mode semi-instantly!

Needless to say, this improves both safety and mobility, while preserving combat readiness.


In Jojo's Bizarre adventure, there are four kinds of jumps that follow the King of Fighters style. If you've ever played KoF, you'll know these instantly!

Activated by pressing any Up direction. Jumps are standard street fighter style jumps. They go up and come down in a predictable arc.

Short Hop:
Activated by tapping any up direction. Short Hops are like jumps, except they're much lower to the ground, and useful in pressure games.

Activated by tapping any down direction, then any up direction. Superjumps are much higher than normal jumps. Useful for changing sides.

Hyper hop:
Activated by tapping down direction, tapping any up direction. Hyper hops are like short jumps, except they go much further and faster.

Chaka's jump speed is effected by the mode he's in. His jump speed is much, much slower in STAND mode. To remedy this, most people will play Chaka without his stand on, then, during a jump, or when you want to stand attack, S+Attack. This will preserve his jump speed, and allow him to keep all of his options open at all times.

It is recommended that you learn the speed and area of all jumps as well as how to activate Stand and attack during them with Chaka.


Chaka has several less-than-ideal anti-air attacks, and air to air attacks that help keep him safe. The following are just the ones I recommend:

Stand off:
9C -- Fast, very long, and will build you some good meter. This takes out most attacks air to air.
2C -- Another fast attack, angled upward at roughly a 45 degree angle. It's priority isn't as good as it seems, but it takes out early jumpers.
236+S -- His longest range poke takes priority against most airborne attacks. If punishing a jump, this is a good option.
236+AA -- This super move CANNOT be blocked by airborne opponents, and it's invincible to start with.

Stand on:
B -- Fast, hits forward and slightly above you.
623+A -- This CAN work, but it's unlikely.


Chaka should be rushing down quite a lot, especially in STAND mode. Here are a few useful techniques to assist in doing so:

236 chains:
The third 236+A hit is a low move, the third 236+B hit is an overhead. The B finisher has little recovery time but the A finisher does more damage. Additionally, if you're close, the B finisher will tend to cross up AND overhead, making it two mix-ups in one package.

Light attacks:
Chaka's light moves without stand on are all fast, and have good hit areas. These can be used for throw ticks, and more importantly, can be used to combo into your tandems and stand chains. Additionally, it's jumping hit area is very good for creating an ambiguous jump mix-up, whereby, you jump repeatedly using A in the air about half the time, switching it up with an empty jump and 2A, until you hit.

Chaka's counter learns the opponent's moves. After you've countered a move, when you block that move in the future, you can interrupt it when your character flashes for the rest of the match. While you shouldn't be in stand mode very much outside of combos, you can use this to show your opponent who's the boss and essentially ruin their pressure game for an entire match.

Stand off 236+AA:
Chaka's line slice super is, like all Anubis slice supers, very damaging, and unblockable versus airborne opponents. They also have good hit areas, and a lot of invincibility frames including ALL start-up frames. These can really psych an opponent out, but they're punishable if you become predictable with them.

Guard Cancel

Dragon punch motion. Forward, Down, Down-forward. 623+C while blocking.

When in normal (STAND OFF) mode, Chaka's guard cancel is outright one of the best in the game. It's very quick, and has enough hit stun to allow you to link a faster attack afterward.

GC, S+C, 214+S/236+AA
GC, S+C, 236+A->236+A->236+C
GC, S+B, 214+S/236+AA
GC, B, 214+S/236+S
GC, 6C, 214+S/236+S

Effective use of these will make your opponent think three times before using their blockstrings against you, because they won't want to lose a third of their life bar for the effort. While these are trickier links themselves, with a little effort, you can even use them to bolster your rushdown game!

Matchup-specific Strategies

Chaka's Matchups

   * 7:3: Mariah
   * 6:4: Joseph, D'bo, Shadow Dio, Hol Horse, Khan 
   * 5:5: Midler, Young Joseph, Anubis Polnareff 
   * 4:6: Polnareff, Iggi, Abdul, Alessi, Dio, Rubber Soul, Hol & Boingo, New Kakyoin
   * 3:7: Jotaro, Kakyoin, Vanilla Ice, Petshop

D'bo and Khan are much more annoying than their ranking would appear, while Vanilla Ice is much easier.

vs Abdul

Abdul's zoning games and anti-air priority are much stronger than yours. He's a stand character giving him a proper tandem and tandem-based mix-ups. Unlike most of the cast, he has street fighter style fireball zoning capability, due to his 236 moves and his supers.

Mindless magicians:
New users with stand mode characters almost always play in stand mode. Abdul in stand mode has a decent fireball, good pokes, a proper dragon punch style move and a blockable command throw. His supers are great for zoning.

Air stand on setups really shine against this type of opponent. Hyper hop S+C, land, A->B->C->236+B->236+A->236+C will cause a stand crash. Abdul however falls to the ground after this. If you're quick, you can link in a super.

Muhammad marauders:
Advanced Abdul players are going to know how to anti-air and zone both in and out of stand mode, as well as how to switch between them fluidly. They'll probably know how to use the aforementioned tandem mix-ups, and they'll most certainly know how to use the ankh gimmicks.

Abdul's stand off 2B and 2C are quick and have very good priority. His combos have good damage, and his command throw, while blockable, doubles as a poke. Stand on Abdul has most of his good anti-air moves.

Abdul's remote control, where he uses the stand remotely, gives him many gimmicks to abuse in addition to his huge priority. Watch out for Magician's Red using triple jumps and comboable air dives! On top of that, he has most of the same moves that stand on Abdul does, giving him many good anti-airs and zoning games.

Chaka is at a disadvantage in nearly any zone. You should try to stick close enough so that you can abuse his quick jab games into tandem and pokes while rushing down. The guard cancel isn't the best option in the world against Abdul's projectiles and supers, however, up close, it can still do wonders.

vs Alessi

Alessi is the same type of character that you are. His goal is to poke, then confirm into his tandem combo for big damage. He, however, is more suited to zoning, and he does have some ranged attacks.

Child Abusers:
Most new players with Alessi don't have a clue what to do, but they'll find the high priority attacks pretty quickly. Watch out for his 2C (sweep), his jumping C, and any of his grounded attacks while he's in stand mode. If he pulls out the gun, and you're anywhere closer than full screen, stand off 236+AA super.

Convicted Felons:
Experienced Alessi players aren't much more threatening than newer ones. Alessi has dash links that most players ignore. His tandem, which is now a proper threat, leads Alessi into his Ax'n the little guy loops, which take big health.

If you're child morphed and have time to escape, jump either forward or back and attack. Chaka has a decent air attack while morphed, and this can mean the difference between taking another two damaging axe hits or getting away with some health left.

Air to air, he's stronger than you are, so, if he's jumping, try to stay at the maximum reach of 236+S, then poke him out with it.

vs Black Polnareff

Anubis Polnareff, or Black Polnareff, has basically a single level of skill. The only variables are if he knows about the 236->214 chain and how to spam the super. Punish any block string that you can with your guard cancel. Use your stand off 236+AA super once you see Anubis Polnareff's super come out to beat his super.

Try not to jump too much. Like your 236+AA super, his 214+AA super cannot be blocked in the air.

vs Chaka

See this entire section of the wiki for Chaka information.

vs Devo

D'bo, or, Devo, is quite possibly one of Chaka's most annoying matches, for the sole fact that your combos will not work on him properly.

Puppeteer trainees:
Almost any D'bo player you'll come across is new. D'bo's learning curve varies from moderate to extreme depending on how difficult it is for the person to grasp his options correctly.

Inexperienced D'bo players won't cover the puppet's attacks, and might even see him as a zoning character, thinking it's a good idea to push you out. The most prominent way of deal with this, is to sit on top of his stand, and wait for the very distinct activation noise. When he uses a special or turns it on, you can punish with whatever you wish.

Additionally, when a stand is being used or recovering, the main body cannot block. If you can't reach the stand, cut the body into ribbons.

Marionette masters:
D'bo is small, fast, and has quite a lot of priority. His AAA dodge is nearly unpunishable due to speed, and his ground recovery gives him all the room needed after a lofty exit. His height is such that, when crouching, almost none of your combos or normal moves can hit him.

Your main hope of victory in this match is to hit confirm jab strings into tandem while D'bo is standing. If he isn't standing, you should go into a stand string.

If possible, try to punish the main body. D'bo players will not leave their stand alone for long enough periods of time while active for you to punish effectively.

D'bo's air attacks pale in comparison to your anti-air options and pokes, however, if directly overhead, his Zangiefesque splash attack is quite annoying.

vs Dio

Dio is basically the god of space control in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. He has punish options available from nearly any area on the screen, and can travel instantly with his teleport.

New Dio players often stay out of stand mode. You'll see a lot of his 236+A punch specials, as well as some of his teleport and 214+A punches. Players at this level seldom know about how to use his raging demon style grab, timestop, or stinging eyes.

As Chaka, you want to stay mobile, mostly using jumping C and 236+S. As always, chain into a tandem or super if you get the option, but mostly just don't stop moving, because even a mashing Dio can be deadly.

God incarnate:
Once a player's skill level includes his BnB, stinging eyes, knife supers, and proper meter gaining abilities, there is almost no safe area to sit around. He can punish anything effectively, and maintain mobility.

If you think he'll super, turn stand mode on to avoid the chip damage.

Try to stay out of poke range and let him come to you. Your ground game is about as strong as his jumping and dashing normals if he isn't on the offense, however, his stand mode knife supers will blow you out, so, be warned.

If you want to rushdown, hyper hopping S+C setups are recommended but don't use the 236 chain if it might be blocked. Dio can use his knife super through the string and punish you for free.

You'll need to be cautious about Dio's level of super meter. He can build it rather quickly and he can chain his knife supers together causing devastating damage. Additionally, when past three stocks, he can timestop, which has large start-up, but can lead to huge damage.

vs Hol Horse

Hol Horse is a bullet spamming, glass breaking trick shooting machine. He can cover almost the entire screen with projectile garbage, and he can even lock the game up when desired. He has unblockables (both in super, and in high+low form) and very damaging loops.

Melee Horse:
Hol Horse is a projectile character, however, he has good close range games, too, including strong pokes (2B, C) and a solid anti-air (4B). A Hol player like this stays within jumping range, and uses block strings to setup 623+B unblockables and 214+A/B lock down games with stand.

Your best bet to deal with this is to be quick and guard cancel Hol's normal block strings. You can push block the hanged man to get out quicker. For the most part, 236+S, as always, will be reliable when you get an opening.

Bullet Hol:
The most frequent type of Hol Horse player is one that will mix 623+A/B/C attacks with 236+C and dash 2C to create unblockable situations and then go into the unblockable bullet super. This Hol player tends to run away very frequently.

Hyper hopping strings and A rushdown is a good way to deal with projectile spam. Of course, Hol still has good close range strings, so be prepared to guard cancel and push block.

If Hol uses jumping 623+B/C often, consider punishing with stand off 236+AA super.

Glass Hol:
Hol Horse players that use almost exclusively 623+A/B/C are a special case. Hol Horse is viable enough to let this be a workable strategy alone. There aren't very many players who choose to use this style, however, you will find one occasionally.

The only way to deal with this is to be in close rushing down the entire time, using longer combos to take Hol Horse out quickly before you lose too much health to chip damage.

Grounded anti-air is risky, because he can delay his falling with air 623+A/B/C. Unless he frequently uses attacks during the glass, don't guard cancel against his 623 spam.

236+AA super will be your best friend if you can land it.

vs Hol & Boingo

Hol and Boingo is Hol Horse without J. Geil, his original partner, who was killed in an encounter with the Jojo protagonists. He teams up Boingo, master of Thoth, the stand which can accurately predict the future in his second attempt to murder the group.

Most of the information for Hol Horse is applicable to his hidden form. Hol in this mode loses access to his unblockable bullet and all of J. Giel's hanged man stand moves. He has slown down considerably, however, he gains more annoying defensive moves, and a new grappling super in return.

Hol's anti-air options and poke strings are about the same as before, however, his melee-ranged game is bolstered considerably by his new grappling super. This can hit during block stun, giving Hol Horse free damage any time he lands a hit or blocked jab with super meter. Pushblock won't save you!

He can no longer combo his 236+AA super normally, however, he can combo his 236+AA air super from his jumping moves now.

Rushing this version of Hol down from poke range is a good idea. Ignore his new 214+AA super, because if you hit him even once, it vanishes. Poke him with 236+S if he tries something slow and punish air 623 attempts with stand off 236+AA. 2B to tandem is your best friend here and it reduces his grounded options considerably.

You can occasionally beat him out of his anti-air with hyper hop S+C gimmicks allowing for damaging super and tandem combos.

vs Iggy

Iggy is the most annoying match you can possibly play as Chaka. None of your combos will work naturally unless he has his stand on. Additionally, I have never played against a particularly good Iggy player to provide detailed information on this match! If you have, consider editing this section.

Watch out for Iggy's stand off C projectile and his throws. Iggy has the raging demon in both motion, damage, animation, and number of hits. In stand mode, Iggy has instant overheads, an even stronger throw game and interchangeable stand strings into his charge specials.

When Iggy is out of stand mode, you have to play his game. Block what you can, and throw any time you get close. Poke his jumping attacks, because they're rather slow.

If Iggy transitions to stand mode, all of your combos will work properly. Play normally, abusing ambiguous high/low games with his jumping and crouching A and combo them into tandems and stand chains. 236+S takes out most of his non-instant overhead low jump gimmicks.

Be careful if Iggy sets up a throw trap using his 88, A sand crapball. It is very hard to tech out of, or escape otherwise, so be prepared to guard cancel.

vs Jojo

Jojo, or, Young Joseph is a mid ranged character specializing in projectile, obscure cross-ups and resets against slower cast members. Most of his attacks hit multiple times, or are otherwise punishable and he has the worst guard cancel in the game.

As Chaka, you'll have an easier time if you keep the pressure on. Watch out for his bolas and his round-the-world crossbow shot. If he uses a close string, guard cancel it, because he has no punish options. Your usual jumping A/2A games are going to be effective, as will 236+S, even though overdrive can out-range it.

Chaka can use 2B to move under the bolas pressure, giving Young Joseph an extremely difficult time.

Using stand mode 236+A/B/C strings on Jojo is not recommended, because his super is ideal for punishing the finishers that don't combo.

The thing that will give you the most trouble in this match is Young Joseph's B->Overdrive combo. Try to stay close, so he has few chances to use it.

vs Joseph

Joseph is a slower, older version of Jojo who has received a stand due to Dio's awakening.

vs Jotaro
vs Khan

Khan has few combos and almost no pressure other than jumping games. He, however, is an annoying match, because he's short. Khan, like Anubis Polnareff, really only has a monotone level of skill. His combo is 2A, 2A, 4B, forward B charge, 623+C. Additionally, he can combo his jabs into his chop super, giving him an easy 33%.

Khan players often abuse the Anubis stand counter and Khan can flee very effectively using jumping S although most people will not do this.

Stay close to Khan and punish his counters when they end. Your ground game and air game are stronger than his so you'll be able to poke him out of just about anything.

Guard cancels against Khan are not recommended. They can miss.

vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah

Mariah is the overall worst character in the game. She's Chaka's best match by default, however, that doesn't make her a pushover.

Mariah Newbies:
Newer Mariah players will have difficulty zoning and rushing down effectively. They'll primarily throw cutlery and down (low level) power lines in an attempt to defeat you, forsaking any normal moves.

To win in this match is rather easy; use jumping C to take down Mariah and stop her air cutlery, use 236+S to cut the power lines before they move. Usually a new player won't, but, if Mariah is using plugs, hyper hop or superjump toward her, then throw.

Experienced Mariah:
More experienced Mariah players are going to use proper electrical plug games to try to keep you out, while chipping your health down with cutlery, wires and bolt supers, until they get the magnetism level and super meter required for her 50/50 games.

If Mariah manages to get to Lv5 magnetism, the match is pretty much over. Your goal is to avoid this situation with a solid throw game, and good pokes. As stated above, take down jumping cutlery with jumping C or 236+S, stay close, and throw to deal with the plugs.

When she has a plug behind you, try to throw instead of using normal attacks, because she'll pushblock you into the plugs. Some stand mode normals can take down the plugs, especially at torso level.

If you can predict her jumps, stand off 236+AA super.

vs Midler

Midler is a proper zoning character and one of Chaka's easier matches. She has numerous ways to knock you out of the sky and take your health down with projectiles.

Low Priestess:
Newer Midler players tend to use stand mode. They'll primarily spam random attacks, but most notably, the scissors once they see that it chains to itself. You will most likely see a lot of random stand on cars and projectiles.

Chaka has nothing to fear from gameplay like this. Rushdown with a lot of jab strings and high/low games into tandem will be effective. Stand off 236+AA supers will beat nearly any of her stand options. Within jumping C and 236+S range, you have a lot of options to punish almost anything Midler has to use.

Boastful Beauty:
Advanced Midler players, like almost any other stand character, will have learned that she can combo into stand mode from normal mode. Midler at this level will make proper use of stand off cars, stand on harpoons and her throw range which is beyond normal.

Most of the above strategy for new Midler players still applies. Try to stay close, within poke range and take out obvious attempts at attacks while comboing into tandem. Jab games are effective, because her defensive options are lacking and she has a weak guard cancel.

vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop


Versus Petshop, you want to stay so close that Petshop doesn't have time to breathe. Avoid low moves, especially in tandems, because they'll miss and you'll drop your combo. If Petshop uses 236+B/C (the ice charge forward) you can punish it with any fast normal attack after blocking.

When Petshop flies to the top of the screen, superjump at him and use S+C to knock him out of the sky. If Petshop air recovers, he cannot air block and he cannot use special moves until he lands. This allows you to juggle Petshop legitimately.

If you're far away, don't be slow. Petshop has full screen projectiles, supers, overheads and even a command grab type move that can hit you if you don't block low. The most important thing about this match, is that you don't give him a second to mount a counter attack. Petshop has 100% combos that are very simple to execute, and a very quick rushdown including unblockable strings.

vs Polnareff

Polnareff is one of the most dangerous match-ups in the game and is basic 50/50 high/low game at it's best. His combo strings are easier than that of many cast members, while he has many easy-enough links and quite solid priority. His tandem combos are almost as damaging as those from Vanilla.

Silly Stabber:
Polnareff at low levels isn't threatening at all. It often takes players a little while to realize that he has charge moves, and people will often play him in his less-than-perfect stand mode.

To most effectively deal with this Polnareff, you should stay close and use a lot of jump S+C into stand chain combos. The B finisher for the 236 string will cross Polnareff up, as well as overhead him, making it serve as an effective general purpose rushdown.

Serious Swordsman:
Higher level Polnareff players will have learned about his devastating damage and 50/50 games using his charge moves. They'll be able to use his stand mode links, as well as his projectile super to effectively take out and punish almost anything required.

As Chaka, your goal is to counter his overhead chariot with 214+A in stand mode, and to never, ever get close to Polnareff. His rushdown game is much stronger than your defensive options if you have yet to counter any of his moves.

Poke with 236+S, guard cancel at any available moment when not in stand mode. If possible, tandem when applicable, but other than guard cancels and the odd jab string, there are few openings.

vs Rubber Soul

Rubber Soul is one of the more difficult matches for Chaka. His poke range, projectiles and priority are quite good. He has a high damage counter setup and a powerful grappling super, making most pressure quite risky.

Scrubber Soul:
New players to Rubber Soul aren't that infrequent. Commonly their gameplay involves spamming all of his normal special moves, but most will focus on the counter special. The counter is much faster than that of Shadow Dio, and about the same as that of the Anubis characters, however, it allows him to combo directly to his projectile super taking roughly 50% of the opponent's health.

Needless to say, rushdown is risky, but against a newbie Rubber Soul, your best bet is to take them down as quickly as possible. Try to stay within jumping C's reach and combo into tandem frequently. If the opponent uses the stand a lot, 236+AA super in stand off mode will likely stop them.

Stretchy Striker:
Experienced players of Rubber Soul are going to include many throw games, but will often retreat and poke when it seems more applicable. This makes zoning very difficult. Additionally, predictable setups will almost always be met with counter attacks.

I would actually advise trying to zone a Rubber Soul, as dangerous as that is. Punish obvious jumping attempts and stand attacks with 236+AA super, poke anything else with 236+S setups. If you rushdown, keep it random, or you'll likely lose 50% to Rubber Soul's counter.

vs Shadow Dio

Shadow Dio is a tougher match for most people. He's a pressure character who can take half of your life with an infinite and then reset you with an unblockable super. He has highly effective throws, ticks, cross-ups, and rushdown games involving those aforementioned strengths.

Dio Shadows:
Newer Shadow Dio players are few and far between. Shadow Dio's learning curve is basically zero for any experienced fighting game player. Shadow Dio, in this scenario, will likely just be mashing on jabs and stand, with some poor command throw setups mixed in. To counter, well, use the counter in stand mode. Once you've shut down either Shadow Dio's 2A, or his S, he has few options.

Shadow Gods:
Shadow Dio players tend to mix constant rushdown up with his counter special. This makes attacking Shadow Dio risky, but not as bad as it could be, because it has poor start-up time. His infinite is easy, and works mid-ground. As such, the very worst situation is to be thrown by him, which gives him command throw/cross-up/fake/high/low options.

To deal with this match, your primary offense is going to be stand off 2A, jumping A, jumping C, 236+AA super and of course, your pokes. You want to be inside your offensive poke range, never giving Shadow Dio enough space to use his projectiles or counter safely. On the other hand, you want to be outside of throw range, rejecting Dio's strongest mix-up scenario.

If possible, counter one of the attacks in his infinite ([2A, C, S, dash]*n) so that his pressure game is lacking. Ideally, 2A, because it sets up his nearly foolproof throw tick.

vs Vanilla Ice

Vanilla players are categorized roughly into two groups, based on experience. While both can be difficult, these are by no means truly "hard" matches for Chaka. Vanilla is listed (statistically) as his worst match, but only because of his quite crazy damage output.

Vanilla Scrubs:
These players are almost exclusively going to try spamming Vanilla's supers and his flying orb moves, as these players have yet to get a real idea of his priority, but can see that his orbs give him easy chain combos. Vanilla players falling into this stereotype commonly do not know how to use his guard cancel, or his unblockable setups yet.

To defeat this Vanilla, all you should need to do is zone with jumping C, as well as 236+S. Ideally, you should also aim to use the counter against his orb at least once. When he's been knocked down by something, go in for a high/low jumping mix-up, take some of his health away, back off, and repeat.

You probably won't need to use the guard cancel much in this match.

Vanilla Players:
The deciding level between most Vanilla players is the level where they discover his unblockable setups and how much damage his tandem will lead to. This tends to make Vanilla much, much more intimidating close up, especially when you're waking from a knockdown.

To mitigate the effects of this, you'll need to be very quick with guard canceling. You can get out of many unblockable situations just because of the 1-3 frames you'll get because most people mistime wake up. Jumping C zoning as well as 236+S pokes are still good.

If Vanilla likes the orbs, consider poking more than rushing down. If he doesn't use it often, go for your rushdown game.

Keep your offense up, stay close and try not to let him score a knockdown, because it'll almost always end in an unblockable, 2A, 2A, 6C->Tandem super taking 70+% of your life bar away.

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