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Positives & Negatives

+Very strong offense
+Solid meter build
+High damage combos
+Solid moves all around
+Has oki game
+Has a 50/50 game
+Knife super with stand on is very good


-Weak defense
-Guard Cancel is bad
-Execution requirements are extremely high
-Very high learning curve
-Maximizing defense takes skilled usage of pushblocking
-His other supers are fairly weak
-s.623A/B/C is quite possibly the most terrible move in the game


8:2: Old Joseph, Mariah
7:3: Shadow Dio, Young Joseph, Khan
6:4: Midler, Devo, Chaka, Black Polnareff, Hol Horse, Hol Horse & Boingo, Rubber Soul
5:5: Polnareff
4:6: Alessi, Vanilla Ice, Pet Shop, New Kakyoin
3:7: Kakyoin, Iggy, Abdul
2:8: Jotaro


13, 37 and 28 stands for super jumping.

66 and 44 are the notation for dashing.

j. stands for jumping. It means you have to be in the air while doing the move.

s. means that this move is done with stand on.

d. stands for a dashing move.

Something like [2A]14A means that you have to negative edge the move. It means that you have to hold A until you have done the entire 214 motion.-> [2A], hold A, 14, release A then Blazing Strike comes out and combos with 2A.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: ALL of the notation will be using directions for the Player 1 side. Even for combos where Dio would move to the right side (Player 2 side), I will still use Player 1 side notation. Keep that in mind to avoid confusion.



5A- a quick jab. It can be a decent anti-air, especially if you follow it up with 236S.
2A- a low quick jab.
5B- a standing kick. It is a decent anti-air when used properly.
2B- an upwards swipe. It is a good anti-air against opponent's directly above Dio.
5C- a solid move. It can be used as an anti-air, it knocks opponents into the air and has decent control of space.
2C- a move where Dio plows his hand into the ground. It knocks down opponents who have their stand off.

Dashing Normals

d.5C- it is very similar to 5C except it does not knock opponents into the air. It is probably the best all around offensive move and has many different possibilities on offense.

Air Normals

j.A- a downwards thrust in the air. It is a decent air move and is solid for jump ins.
j.B- a downwards thrust in the air. It is a decent air move, does slightly more damage than j.A. It has slightly slower start up than j.A.
j.C- Dio swings his hand in the air. It is a solid air to air move and can control the air space fairly well.

Normals (Stand On)

s.5A- a standing jab from Dio's stand.
s.2A- a low fast kick from Dio's stand.
s.5B- an swipe from Dio's stand. It's hitbox covers a fairly solid area and has pretty good priority. It is a solid all-around move to throw out.
s.2B- a mid level punch.
s.5C- a large kick from Dio's stand.
s.2C- a low hitting punch from Dio's stand. It has a fairly large reach, knocks down opponent's who have stand off and has decent priority.

Dashing Normals (Stand on)

d.s.5A- a dashing punch. It has slower startup than standing s.5A and it can't be combo'ed.
d.s.2A- a solid dashing low kick. It is a fairly good move for rush down.
d.s.5B- an okay dashing punch. Looks the same as s.5A but comes out significantly slower.
d.s.2B- a solid dashing punch.
d.s.2C- a low hitting punch with good reach. It does not knock down.

Air Normals (Stand on)

j.s.A- an air jab.
j.s.B- an air jab.
j.s.C- a large punch.
j.s.236A/B/C- air muda.

Special Moves
Blazing Fist (Normal Mode) - 236 + A/B/C

The World unleashes a flurry of punches.
Without Stand ON, The World goes out to a distance depending on which attack button you use. The stronger the attack, the further The World goes. Without Stand ON, this move can't be done in the air.

An important thing to note about this move is that the A/B versions are inferior to the C version. For the A/B version, the Blazing Fist move does not move as far forward as the C version. This makes them weaker on the offense because it becomes significantly easier to pushblock and punish. They are also harder to combo with.

In the case of offense, this move requires precision thinking to use to your advantage. The ideal situations to use Blazing Fist outside of combos is through mixup and oki. Mixup has three situations that come to mind. The first is pulling it out after doing a dashing move. The ideal dashing move to use for this is d.5C because the delay in when d.5C comes out allows you to pull out Blazing Fists while you are closer to the opponent. Immediately afterwards d.5C is blocked, you pull out Blazing Fist. This leads to a situation where you can do a 50/50 while the opponent is blocking the special. The problem here is that it is easy for the opponent to pushblock the special far away enough by the time you do your 50/50 that it decreases combo potential and puts you in a situation where you can be punished. The second situation is where you and the opponent are directly next to each other with no space inbetween. Here you can pull out Blazing fist by itself, which is ideal because you want to have that edge of surprise. Also, without any moves coming before the special, the opponent will be closer to you when you start doing mixup. The last and best situation to use this special is when the opponent is in the corner. Hopefully, you use this special randomly while you are standing next to the opponent. After it comes out the opponent is trapped in the corner. Since the corner acts like a wall, their pushblocking will not push them backwards. This makes it significantly harder for the opponent to punish Blazing Fists. Even better you can do mixup for a longer period of time because of this. If you are lucky, you will get a hit right away and be able to combo into a knockdown afterwards.

Blazing Fist can also be used as part of Dio's oki. Dio's oki is only used after two types of knockdown. Knockdown from s.2C, or knockdown from 5C at the end of a combo (for example Dio's BnB). These are the only two where Dio has enough time to set up his oki. His oki is where he uses s.5C as a meaty on wakeup then he cancels it into 236C for Blazing Fists. From here you can use his 50/50 mixup game. The problem with this is you can be punished fairly easily if the opponent blocks and it is hard to combo outside of a few stray hits that land.

The downside to Blazing Fist is that it is a highly punishable special. If it does not hit the opponent or if they block it, Dio is left in a highly vulnerable situation. While the move is active, Dio cannot block. This allows the opponent to punish with a super.

Blazing Fist (Stand Mode) - 236 + A/B/C

The World unleashes a flurry of punches.
During this period of time, Dio can't move independently and is tied close behind The World.
Depending on which attack button you use, The World will move a certain distance.
Tapping attack buttons makes this move last longer.
This move can be useful as a random attack to pull out every once in awhile. Just know that it is not as effective as a tool for controlling space as s.5B, but as a random thing to throw out every now and then it does its job. On prediction it can be used as an anti-air to knock someone out of jump start up. The best thing about this move is that it is extraordinarily good at whittling away at stand meter. One of the things you can do is a short hop into j.s.C. Then do 236A/B/C until it breaks the opponent's stand. From there, you land and do d.s.2A into tandem. For the j.s.C part it's going to take a bit of practice because you need to do the lowest possible jump and press C as soon as possible so it becomes the equivalent of an instant overhead. Something it is even more taxing execution wise would be jumping then turning stand-on to j.s.C. As a note this stand crash move is really only done against opponents whose crouching stands are tall enough that j.s.C will hit.

Blazing Strike (Normal Mode) - 214 + A/B/C

The World rushes forward with a punch to the gut. Using a stronger attack button will result in more range before The World punches.

On its own, it can be mildly useful. Again, the reason being that you cannot block until the move has recovered. It is a move that you throw out every once in a while as something random to trip up your opponent. It gets used the most as a standalone move when you are in a situation where you can use it to punish something. There are a couple throws where if you tech and do 214C fast enough, the Blazing Fist will hit fast enough where the opponent won't be able to block and you can combo after it hits. Another case is against Dio's own guard cancel. If another Dio guard cancels you can tech immediately, do a blazing fist and combo.

The move becomes more useful following dashing moves. The advantage this move provides is on block, it will hold the opponent in place because they are trapped in blockstun. The downside here is that if you do [2A]14A, it is very easy for the opponent to guard cancel the Blazing Strike and you lose your tactical advantage. Another problem with [2A]14A is if the opponent jumps as you are going to do it. They will literally jump over the 2A and you are stuck being vulnerable while the 214A is out there. Even worse, a very integral part of Dio's offensive strategy is also punishable, d.[5C]214C. The d.5C can be pushblocked and the opponent can super between the d.5C and the 214C coming out. This is something can only be done in anticipation, so you will have to vary your approach.

Blazing Strike (Stand Mode) - 214 + A/B/C

Same as before, except now Dio moves forward with The World. In stand mode you can link to another Blazing Strike where The World will follow up with a low punch that always knocks down on hit regardless of whether or not the opponent has stand on.

As a stand alone move, it has the same usefulness as the stand off version. It really is just something to throw out there completely randomly and hope that it catches the opponent by surprise.

This move gets most of its use as a follow up move. It can combo with d.s.2A/B/C, s.5A/B/C. Even better, on block you can use it as a follow up. The great thing about it is that it has an extraordinary high level of priority against an opponent who's trying to make a retort out of blockstun. The best thing is that you can vary when you are going to follow up after throwing out a stand on move. The best example of this is when you are going for the standard rekka combo that includes this move, s.5A(or s.2A)>s.5B>s.214A>s.214A. This short combo does a bit of damage and leads to knockdown. Obviously, every time you throw out s.5A or s.2A they are not going to hit. The great thing about that is by the time you throw out s.5B and realize that they are blocking, you can still go for s.214A. Even better, you can vary the time it takes for it significantly. This prevents the opponent from guard cancelling every time, and in fact many times it will catch them off guard completely. The best thing about this is that you can also pull out the follow up rekka to the first one AND you can vary the time that you pull that one out pretty significantly too!

The World (Normal Mode) - 623 + A/B/C

Dio will teleport to a specific location.
A = left side of the screen.
B = the center.
C = the right side.
This move is great as a mixup tool, and it is very helpful when you want to escape the corner. It is very punishable though. If they opponent predicts that you are going to teleport to a space next to them, they can easily throw you and there is nothing you can do about it. I would say as a mixup tool it does its job fairly well. This is as long as you are teleporting to a spot that is not near the opponent more often than you are teleporting to them. There are some characters where having a teleport is a godsend (Petshop for example). On top of this you can do Bloody Summoning right out of the teleport (buffer out) as a surprise attack. Since the super has invincible start up it will go past any of the normals that opponent tries to use. If the opponent blocks the super though, it is highly punishable, so use it as a surprise.

Die (Stand Mode) - 623 + A/B/C

In stand mode, The World will flash and float behind your enemy and throw a punch which will knock them down.
Dio cannot move for the duration of this attack. This move is highly punishable and if the opponent retaliates during the attack the first hit is one and a half times stronger. NEVER use this move, NEVER.

Even though I am trying to keep this page kid friendly. Quite honestly, this move is fucking terrible.

Stingy Eyes (Normal Mode) - 6, C, B, A, 6

Dio does a charge animation and fires an unblockable beam across the screen.

Again, this move gets treated like many other of Dio's specials. It is something you throw out completely randomly to catch the opponent off guard. The reason why you cannot use it very often is the slow start up. It starts up so slowly that you will more than likely get hit while using it if you are not smart about when you throw it out.

I am fairly confident that all characters can simply duck under the beam. Some characters with their stand on cannot, so they will either have to jump over the beam or turn it off before it comes out.

This cannot be used in stand mode.

Checkmate - 236 + AA

Dio throws a wall of knives at the enemy.

Never use the stand off version of this move. It does not have invincibility on start up, its start up is fairly slow, you cannot do it in the air and quite honestly, the stand on version is way better. The worst part about the stand off version is when you are unlucky and the opponent hits you out of start up and combos

The stand on version however is easily one of the best supers in the game if not the best super in the game. Its invincible on start up, its start up is fast and you can do it in the air. It is a super you can throw out damn near anytime and not have to worry about the consequences beyond losing a meter. The move does a lot of chip damage and on hit it does even more damage. You do not want to be throwing this move out all the time though. Opponents who are playing characters with a stand can turn their stand on, block and not lose any chip. Opponents playing characters without a stand can roll and avoid chip damage that way (they will leave themselves vulnerable to getting thrown out of their roll though). The move is great for punishing unsafe things that the opponent did. For example, Dio's Blazing Fists. You can punish a blocked Blazing Fist (or one that was thrown out too far away to block) easily with a stand on Checkmate. It is also good to throw out randomly to catch opponents who were not anticipating the Checkmate super.

Road Roller (Normal Mode) - 214 + AA

Dio jumps above the screen and lands on the opponent with a steam roller, then he punches it until it blows up.

A totally awesome move that will almost never hit unless your opponent whiffs something with a long animation.

The biggest problem with the super is that it has very very slow start up and you can be hit on recovery. You can even be hit immediately after you land for a combo. This makes this move fairly useless unless you combo into it in a tandem combo or you do Time Stop and do the Road Roller when you have a meter left to maximize damage. I would definitely save the meter for Checkmate.

Keep in mind you can do it in the air or after a double jump/air tech.
Cannot be used in stand mode.

Bloody Summoning - B, A, 6, A, C

The World comes out and hits your opponent with his shoulder. If they didn't block, Dio grabs his/her face and proceeds to suck your opponent's blood out with his hand.

This super is yet another move that you would throw out randomly when the opponent is least expecting it. Its invincible start up means it will go past any normal the opponent does, but it can be punished fairly easily if the opponent blocks it. This leaves a few times when the Bloody Summoning can be thrown out. Obviously it can be used as part of a tandem combo. Another time is after teleporting because you can buffer into this move during the recovery of the teleport. This is actually something really good to do to opponents who throw you after you teleport next to them because their throw will instead turn into a normal and you will do Bloody Summoning on them instead of getting thrown. Another situation is if you and the opponent are standing somewhat near each other and you think the opponent is going to go on the offense. Throwing this super out randomly at a time like that will lead to it hitting a decent amount of the time. The last one is after you go on the offensive. Say you do something like, j.C>2A>2A and it gets blocked. You can do Bloody Summoning after this to try and catch the opponent going on the offensive.

Time Stop - 6, C, A, 6, S

The legendary time stop, THE WORLD! This will freeze your opponent in their tracks. Costs 3 meter, which will run down quickly while you bash on them. You can perform other Supers in time stop if you have the meter to do so.

It has a long start-up animation, so it's hard to pull off. A falling, stand-crashed opponent will give you a window of opportunity. A non-ideal situation to do this in is after knocking the opponent in the air away from you. That may give you enough time to do the Time Stop. Honestly though, Time Stop is mostly used as a flashy super to show off your skills in the game.

Note: Dio, Jotaro and Shadow Dio can perform Time Stop during an opponent's time stop assuming they have the meter to do so. A counter Time Stop has zero start-up.

Frame Data Table

Note: this is all individual research done by AtTheGates.

  • Block? = H(igh), L(ow), M(iddle)
  • Cancel = S(pecial), W(alk), cc = Chain, sc = Stand-Chain
Move Startup Active On Block On Hit Block? Cancel Comments
Dash/BD 2
Sprung 1
5A 3 3 +2 +3 M* S/cc/W *Whiffs on most crouching characters.
5B 6* 2 -3 -2 M S *Startup is 5F on hit and 6F on block.
5C 7 2 +0 launch M S Launches on hit.
2A 3 2 +7* +8* L S/cc/W *Can be walk-canceled.
2B 10 4 +1 +2 M S -
2C 12 3? -10 knockdown L S knockdown
d.5A 2 2 +0 +1 M* S *It can be crouched under.
d.5B 7 2 -11 -10 M S -
d.5C 7 3 -9 -8 M S It does not cause knockdown.
d.2A 3 3 -1 +1 L S -
d.2B 10 4 -6 -5 M S -
d.2C 12 3? -10 knockdown L S -
j.A 4 6 +12* +13* H - *Recovery for the opponent.
j.B 7 6 +12* +13* H - *Recovery for the opponent.
j.C 6 2 +12* +13* H - *Recovery for the opponent.
s.5A 5 2? +9 +10 M S/sc -
s.5B 7 2? +1 +1 M S *
s.5C 9 6 -12 +0 M S
s.[A,A,B,B]  ?  ?  ?  ? H - Data for the last example.
s.2A 5 4 +3 +8 L S/sc
s.2B 6 3?13? +0 +0 M S
s.2C 8 +2 +0 knockdown L S* *It can only be canceled after a chain combo.
d.s.5A 6 9? -2 -1 M It cannot be canceled.
d.s.5B 11 9/10? -2 -1 M It cannot be canceled.
d.s.5C 9 4? +1 +2 M It cannot be canceled.
d.s.2A 4 4 -2 -3 L S
d.s.2B 7 4 +6 +7 M S
d.s.2C 9 2 +4 +5 M S Not a low hit.
j.s.A 4 - +12* +16* H S *Recovery for the opponent.
j.s.B 5 - +12* +16* H S *Recovery for the opponent.
j.s.C 7 - +12* +16* H S *Recovery for the opponent.
236S 2 +2 +3 M * *This can be canceled into s.214A/B/C x2. The first hit cancels into s.214A/B/C but not into tandem.
236A/B/C 7 M - Dio recovers after 10F, but cannot recover his state until 52F.
214A 18 +38 +31 M - Dio recovers after 10F and his state after 67F.
214B 17 +30 +30 M - Dio recovers after 10F and his state after 67F.
214C 18 +30 +31 M - Dio recovers after 10F and his state after 67F.
623A/B/C 23* 2* 23F of throwing, 2F completely gone, recovery 14F (invulnerable). Total time: 39F
6,C,B,A,6 38 2* launch UB Unblockable, launches on hit.
s.236A/B/C 7 -12 KD* M ** *25F advantage with A, 26F with B / C. = ** Can be canceled into 214A/BC x 2. Data was obtained without mashing.
j.s.236A/B/C 10 M Data was obtained with out mashing.
s.214A 12 -13 -12 M/L * *Cancels into s.214A/B/C. s.214A,s.214A = -5 on block.
s.214B 13 -13 -12 M/L * *Cancels into s.214A/B/C. s.214B,s.214B = -6 on block.
s.214C 16 -13 -12 M/L * *Cancels into s.214A/B/C. s.214C,s.214C = -5 on block.
s.623A/B/C 66 -6 knockdown M 66F from anywhere, 54F advantage on hit, if not enemies recovers.
214S 4 80/81 4F invulnerable startup, according to Freeze +? invulnerable, 80/81F time to program.
236XX 26 +2 launch M Freeze before startup 26F, 31F Freeze, 15F after startup. +2 To block point blank.
s.236XX 8 +15? launch M Freeze before startup 8F, 31F Freeze, 7F after startup. +15 Is at point blank block.
214XX 64 -X knockdown M Freeze before startup 64F, 31F Freeze, 4F after startup.
B,A,6,A,C  ?  ? -? knockdown M
6,C,A,6,S 127* UB *It includes the Super Freeze for Time Stop
Move Startup Active On Block On Hit Block? Cancel Comments


Basic Combos

The combos at the top are the easiest combos and as you go down they get harder (a lot harder :( ).


This is one of the most useful and easiest combos Dio has. To do this combo, you have to negative edge the 214C. Essentially what you are going to be doing is 66 (dash), hold 6 while pressing C, hold C, roll the stick backwards (3214), then release C at 4. Afterwards you dash and do 5C. You can also do 2C for a knockdown, but you only do this against opponents whose stands are off or else they will land after getting hit by 2C and essentially get a free combo.


This combo is pretty straight forward combo. There are many different starters of this basic combo. From air moves there is s.5A, s.5B, and s.5C. From ground moves you can do d.s.3B to the rest of the combo. Just know that d.s.3B>s.5A is a 2 frame link. You can also do s.5A>s.5A. The last thing to note about this combo is that you can do s.2A instead of s.5A. It is a low that can be thrown in there as a mix up option.


This combo is pretty easy. The only thing to note about this one is that you have to do the rekkas immediately after d.s.2C hits or it will not combo. Also, instead of doing d.s.2C, you can do d.s.2A, s.5A>s.5B>combo, d.s.2B, d.s.2B>s.5A>s.5B>combo, s.2A>s.5B>combo, and s.5B.


If you are starting out with Dio, this is going to be one of the first combos you learn. It is somewhat difficult, but not THAT difficult. In this combo you start learning some things about how Dio moves, negative edging and one of his most important links, 1A>s.5A. The first thing you have to learn in this combo is how to negative edge 2A into 214A. What you do is start from nuetral (5), go to 2, press A as you hit 2, hold A, roll back (do 14), then release A. If you do this fast enough it should combo. The it should take to do this is equivalent to a tap of A or about 3-6 frames worth of time. You dash immediately after his Blazing Fist comes out and you reach the next quirk of Dio. His dash can be cancelled as soon as it comes out. Now you do not want to cancel the dash right away. If you do, you will be to far away by the time it comes to do s.5A and it will either whiff or be blocked as the hitbox of s.5A moves towards the opponent. Even worse, s.5A will not even come out because you did not allot even time for the Blazing Strike to recover. The next part is doing s.5A. This is the third unique part of Dio that takes place in this combo. Dio's 2A can be walk cancelled. Essentially, after you do 1A>1A, you press 6 to walk cancel the recovery of 2A and then press S+A. What you do exactly is 6 then immediately afterwards (like 1 frame afterwards) while holding 6 press S+A. The last part of the combo is fairly easy. Immediately after s.5A comes out, you press B, then do 214A (or B or C), then do 214A (or B or C). One thing to note about the rekkas is that you have to do them really fast or they will not combo.


The beginning of this combo is the hardest part.

[2A]14A>66>1A>1A>6S+A>63>3A>214S>[ABC]X5>66>j.C>[2A]XN>5B>236C(blazing fists)>19>j.C>66>d.5A>[2A]XN Damage: 83
[d.5C]214C>66>1A>66>d.5A>236C>19>j.C>66>d.5A>[2A]XN>5C Damage: 70

Dio's Stand Crash Combo:
[2A]14A>66>1A>1A>6S+A>66>3A>214S>[ABC]x1>j.B>S+5A>s.5B>s.6C>A>6>S the last part activates The World if done properly

2A or j.A/B/C>2A>63>[3A]214A>66>1A>1A>6S+A>63>3A>214S>[ABC]X5>66>j.C>[2A]XN>5B>236C(blazing fists)>19>j.C>66>d.5A>[2A]XN>5C


Advanced Combos

These are going to be combos that are flashy or ones that have a diminishing return on time invested. Shit, some of them are so hard, I cannot even do them.


The links at the top are going to be your most useful ones. The ones at the bottom are going to be the least useful.

-for this link it is important to note that you do 6 in 6S+A to walk cancel the 1A

-for this link you should know that the s.2A comes immediately after the dash starts. What you do is buffer that dash during s.5A's recovery and within 2 frames of the dash coming out, do s.2A. For the sake of ease, it would be best to do s.3A instead of s.2A

-this link is important because it can allow you to combo off of one of Dio's pokes. In order to do this link, you need to do 5A immediately after d.s.2B has recovered.

These are links you should definitely be able to do, but are not necessarily the first ones you should learn.

-this link allows the player to go into muda. It is important because this link provides a way to combo without meter.

-this link is important to ensure that you can get Dio's bnb to connect. If you do two 2A's and you end up hitting the opponent too far away from you to connect the bnb, you can do 66>[3A]>214A>bnb. It is important to note that the timing for this link is even stricter than that of s.5A>66>s.3A because the recovery of 2A is much less than that of s.5A, so you have less time to buffer the dash.

-to do this link you have to hit S then A within the same frame immediately after d.s.2B has finished recovery

-This link is a lot like the s.5A>66>s.3A link, but the timing is even stricter

Videos & Matches

Combo Videos

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube

AtTheGates explains how to do Dio's Bread and Butter: [1]

AtTheGates does Dio's Bread and Butter combo: [2]

Match Videos

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Ground/Air to Air Defense

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
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vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
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vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

Abdul | Devo | Dio | Iggy | Jotaro | Kakyoin | Midler | New Kakyoin | Polnareff | Vanilla Ice Active Stand
Alessi | Chaka | Joseph Weapon Stand
Black Polnareff | Hol Horse | Hol Horse & Boingo | JoJo | Khan | Mariah | Petshop | Rubber Soul | Shadow Dio Passive Stand