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Jotaro off-screen glitch

Symptom: Jotaro can hide offscreen for several seconds.
Execution: 214+A, 214+C, canceled into any 623 attack. Opponent must be far enough from the corner to fly a full screen away. (Only works with 214A then 214C, not two Cs, A then B, etc)

Trivia: Young Joseph's Hamon Beat (beam super) can hit Jotaro offscreen.

Sleepy Joseph

Symptom: Joseph is frozen until hit by his opponent.
Execution: Unknown. May have something to do with cancelling into tandem instantly from stand ON 2C.
Video(s): [YouTube]
Trivia: ...

Yellow Temperlessness

Symptom: Rubber Soul's stand stops working.
Execution: Occurs when Rubber Soul blocks an attack during the execution of 4S and possibly other stand moves.
Trivia: Your stand returns only after being hit and receiving your retribution.

Shadow Dio off-screen glitch

Symptom: Shadow Dio goes off-screen, similar to Jotaro, and stays there for a while.
Execution: Unknown. Undoubtedly involves SRK super followup.
Video(s): <video needed>
Trivia: Shadow Dio appears able to attack from offscreen using his stand.

Joseph stand-ON double-C cancel

Symptom: Joseph anomalously cancels his standing C into itself, which is normally not possible.
Execution: Partially unknown. Requires you to backdash and press C within the first ~4 frames of the backdash (otherwise you get his jumping kick) - additionally requires <unknown circumstances> to occur, that seem dependent on your opponent's state.
Video(s): [Youtube]

Dio timestop / auto-round win bug

Symptom: Dio stops time at round-end in a way that allows him to get free hits on his opponent in the next round that automatically kill them.
Execution: TODO
Video(s): [Youtube]

Dummied Characters

Symptom: Crashes or freezes the game
Execution: Highlight Abdul and hold Left, then press Up. Alternately, highlight Kakyoin and hold Right, then press Up.
Video(s): <video needed>
Trivia: This character is speculated to be "Grey Fly", the stand master who attacked Jotaro and company on their airplane trip. He is only usable in debug mode.

Video(s): <video needed>

Other glitch videos are here:
"JoJo - Various Versions Bug Video"
"Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Bugs"
Not all of these glitches are necessarily present in the arcade version of JoJo's.

…and much more to come.