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A 360 degree rotation of the joystick from any starting direction. An entire circle. These usually activate grappling moves.
A specific scenario where the opponent can use a high or a low move unreactably, and then cause large amounts of damage to you.
Refers to your '50-50' chance of guessing which one is the right choice (Short of Reading your opponent, i.e, YOMI!!)
A 720 degree rotation of the joystick from any starting direction. Two circles! These typically activate grappling super moves.

BnB (Bread & Butter)
A staple combo, usually not the hardest but rather the most practical a character has.

Cancel, Canceling
Interrupting one move or movement with another.

Combos are an uninterruptable series of attacks. Typically these will raise the hit counter in games.
'Dropping a combo' will refer to someone missing one of the hits or doing it too late, so the opponent will be able to recover, start guarding, or counterattack.
A technique that counters an attack that has already begun.
The act of interrupting the end move with the crouch animation to improve its recovery time.
A move used while jumping overhead that looks like it will hit from the front, but then hits from behind.
The act of walking or dashing under a jump-in, and then using something from the other side.
Dash, Backdash
The act of pressing Forward, Forward or Back, Back to move or run faster than usual. These are quite common in fighting games.

Dragon Punch
An uppercut move, typically done using 623 motions. There is no 'dragon punch' move in JJBA, as the term originates with Street Fighter, but the term is used as a synonym for SRK/623+button moves.
Fuzzy guard
(TBD) - I may be mistaken in claiming this exists in jojos (/Fayk)
IAD or Instant Air Dash
An instant air dash is a an air dash used almost impossibly close to the start of a jump. These typically skirt the ground.

Link (1F Link, 2F Links)
A link is the act of comboing a second attack after the first one has completely recovered.
'1F Link' or '2F Link' are more detailed shorthand, expressing you have a one frame or two frames' window in which to time the follow-up hit if you want it to link properly.

To piano is to roll over all of the attacks sequentially while attempting to use a special move, increasing the odds of the move coming out as soon as possible.
A poke is a move used at a far range to interrupt the opponent's attacks or probe their defenses.

Certain moves have a property that will cause a Wall bounce, where the opponent will fly back, collide with the edge of the screen, and bounce off it. Typically, no air recovery can be done until after hitting the wall.
SRK (motion)
See Dragon Punch. 623. Forward, Down, Down-Forward.
SRK (website)
Tiers, Tierlist
Tiers or tier lists are a method of organizing a character based on strength. These are usually developed with information based on tournament results, and assume that players are equally skilled and that the characters are used to their full potential, irrespective of learning curves.
Tick throw
A tick throw is when you throw after placing the opponent in block stun. (Note that you cannot throw an opponent who is in block stun, but if you set things up correctly, you can put them in block stun, walk up to them, and throw them right as it ends)

A gimmick is an otherwise useless, but eye catching move or trick. Also used to describe something that will probably never work on your opponent past the first time, ever.

Zoning is the act of attempting to keep the opponent a in a specific area of the playing area by using long ranged or mid-ranged attacks. This usually refers to the back of the screen, using moves like fireballs.
214+S. QCB+S. Down, Down-Back, Back+Stand.
Tandem is a special move that allows your character and their stand to attack the opponent rapidly, at the same time, allowing for more customized combos.
The helper called to your side by using the S button.
Stand Crash
Causing the stand bar to drop to zero by attacking a stand mode character repeatedly, thereby breaking their guard.
A netplay client that boasts lagless gameplay over long distances for arcade games.
A netplay client based on Neo FinalBurn Alpha and the P2P Kaillera library. It allows for small amounts of lag over long distances and supports many games. Re-branded as 'Supercade'
"OTG" stands for On The Ground. It's usually used to refer to a person who has been knocked down by an attack, such as a sweep.
Please note that OTG is used differently in some games. In MvC2, it is often used as "Off the ground", probably due to the amount of aerial juggling in that game.
Negative Edge
When you press a button in, that is known as the positive edge of an input. Negative edge refers to releasing the button.
Teching refers to recovering from certain attacks. In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Charge moves
A move performed by holding down a direction for a period of time, and then releasing it and pressing the opposite direction and attack.
A move that needs to be blocked while standing (or in the air, potentially) - if a character is ducking they will be hit even if they are blocking. Can be a way to hit a very defensive player, but they tend to be slower than other attacks. Also, hits done while jumping are overheads as well, so you can do a quick hop and attack to overhead them.
The amount of time a move takes to activate and hit the opponent.
Attacking by jumping towards your opponent. As in, 'Don't jump in vs. Ryu, his dragon punch will beat anything your character has.'. [need better example]
A frame is an individual screen update. There are typically 60 of these in a single second of play in arcade games.
Instant Overhead
An overhead attack that starts up and hits so rapidly that it is considered unreactable by human means.
GC, Guard Crush
623+C, DP+C, Forward, Down, Down-Forward+C activated while blocking an attack. This will instantly interrupt your guard animation with a predetermined attack in an attempt to hit the opponent.

Inf, Infinite
A combo that never ends and can do 100% of the opponent's health with enough repetitions.
An infinite, but typically simple combo that the opponent can eventually escape from.
Interrupting a move with walking forward or backward to make it's recovery time faster.
A match between two specific characters.
A move or setup that cannot be blocked, such as a throw, or an overhead+low move scenario.

A stock is a level of meter exchanged for the ability to use a super attack.
An attack superior to normal special moves that has a cost for activation.
A string or specific way of moving, used as a precursor for a combo or another technique.
The region around a character or attack that your attack must enter to hit the opponent.
Juggle, Juggling
A combo used on an airborne opponent.
Normal attacks that don't require any specific input except pressing a button.
Command Normal
Normal moves that require multiple buttons to be pressed at the same time, typically rolls or overheads.
Special, Special Move
A move using a series of movements. For example, Down, Down+Forward, Forward, Punch.
Command Throw
A special or super move where the opponent unblockably grabs the opponent, and then damages them.
The skill required to use specific movements and attacks properly.
Super Flash
The 'flash' on screen that occurs when an opponent does a super. It does not follow the completion of the motion at the same speed with all characters. For example, Black Polnareff's 214+AA super has a number of frames of startup (during which he is invincible) where there is no indication he's used a super.
Blazing Fists Match
When two specific moves collide with each other, an automated series of attacks happen. The person to input the most attacks during this wins the clash and damages the opponent.
The stun time an opponent is put into when a move hits them cleanly.
The stun time an opponent is put into when a move hits them while they hold back.

A category or attribute of a move, indicating that on hit, it will knock the opponent down. In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, characters with stands on are knocked up and back slightly unstead of down when swept.
1. To mash out a move, which is to say have lazy execution, hitting buttons or moving the stick hoping for the best. "Button Mashing."
2. Mash specials are special moves that are performed not from a directional movement+button combination, but frmo hitting the same button a specified number of times within a window. Polnareff has a mash special where Silver Chariot's will stab the air rapidly in succession if a player hits either A, B, or C (same button) several times in rapid succession.
Active Frames
The part of a character's move animation that counts as a 'hit' if it contacts your opponent. The first frames (if they aren't valid for 'hitting') are the Startup frames, followed by the active frames, followed by the non-active recovery frames, if any. If a move has a lot of active frames then it is probably easy to time for the purpose of a Meaty attack, unless it has high recovery. E.g, "Joseph's sliding C kick has like a million active frames."
1. How long after a move's active frames (the part that can hit an opponent) the move actually finishes, allowing the user to move, block, or do another move.
2. Also used to refer to the entire duration of some moves to express how risky they are if they whiff unintentionally.
Unsafe, Safe
1. Safe On Block describes whether a move leaves you open to an unavoidable counter attack if you perform it and it's blocked, due to blockstun. A move being safe on block only truly means they won't get a free hit (if block, no guarantees if you whiff) but does not automatically mean anything about whether you will have some minor frame disadvantage - or advantage.
2. Unsafe might be used to describe a move that leaves you open to attack. Some moves are unsafe on block. Some (rarely) moves are actually unsafe on hit. These are rare, and usually are this way because it is expected that the user will cancel out of the move after it hits into another move before the opponent recovers, or because the move has some other special property that makes the risk worth it.

Deep (attacks)
A move, such as a jump-in, that instead of hitting at the earliest point (when you are in range with the highest point of them, such as their head), hits them much 'deeper', being executed when you are nearer to the ground. This is done by waiting longer to attack. There is more risk in this, sometimes, but if your move occurs closer to the ground, they will typically still be in hitstun when you hit the ground, opening them up for a ground-based attack that leads into a combo.
All characters have a roll (stand off only, except Joseph), executed by pressing A+B+C. While in this roll state, all normal and special attacks will miss them, though they are vulnerable to throws and cannot tech out if thrown from the roll.
To knock someone down. Several moves (especially slides) have this property. A chracter with STAND ON status often is knocked back, rather than knocked down, though often can be juggled or combo'd from that knockdown in the right circumstances.
Term used to refer to the meta-game of tactics that emerge when you knock down an opponent. As their options are usually lower, you tend to have an advantage, where their time that they are knocked down allow you to start moves with exceptionally long startup or otherwise take advantage of their situation.
Term used to describe a character getting up from knockdown. May be used to describe either the character waking up, or one's best actions to take when an opponentt is waking up, depending on context.
From other fighting games, a mechanic where, on 'wake-up', you execute a move on the first possible frame you can. In some games these are given special properties such as invincibility or faster startup.
JJBA does not really have reversals.
Meaty, Meaties
Starting a move early, normally when a character has been knocked down, so that only the last part of the move hits them as they get up, rather than the beginning. This allows you to recover sooner, where they are stunned for as long as if they'd been hit with the earliest possible part of the move, giving you more frame advantage. Also tends to be relatively safe, done right, in any game with no reversals or a small reversal window.
Shorthand for super meter. For example, an attack that builds meter adds to the super meter.
A move that misses entirely (not blocked or hitting opponent.
Sometimes done on purpose to build meter or other reasons.
A style of gameplay characterized by constant, unrelenting attacks. Not necessarily risky by itself, it depends on the capabilities of the character as well as the player.
There are no dizzies or dazing of characters in JoJos.
Several characters (Jotaro, Dio, and Shadow Dio) have the ability to stop time. See the appropriate entry in character pages or in the Systems FAQ for more detailed information.