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Hol Horse & Boingo


Character: Hol Horse & Boingo
Stand: Emperor & Thoth
Stand type: Passive
Motto: Gun is mightier than the sword!

After defeat of J. Geil and escape from wrath of his mother, Hol Horse reappears along with his new partner - Boingo.
Hol Horse with fellow Boingo at his feet is considered just as slower and low damaging version of Hol Horse.
Even though this is partly true, Hol Horse & Boingo has few aces up in his sleeve and if he gamble them right - he is capable zoner with unreliable, but strong supers.

From now on Hol Horse & Boingo will be referred as Boingo, and Hol Horse & J. Geil as Hol.

Difference list

Detailed difference list between Boingo and Hol.

All Boingo and Hol moves was set to same buttons so they start on same possible frame.

Move Who wins at point blank Who wins at max distance Conclusion about the difference
5A Hol Hol Hol has faster start up. Hol has a bit less recovery
5B Trade Boingo Boingo has a bit more range
5C Hol Hol Hol has faster start up. Hol has MUCH less recovery! Boingo do more damage
66A Boingo Hol Boingo has faster start up. Hol has more range. Boingo has a bit less recovery
66B Boingo Trade Boingo has faster start up. Hol has more range or bit better hitbox. Boingo has a bit less recovery
66C Boingo Hol(hits on recovery!) Boingo has MUCH faster start up. Boingo has less recovery. (I can't precisely test distance because Hol is so slow)
2A Trade Hol Hol has a bit more range. Hol has a MUCH less recovery.
2B Boingo Trade(Boingo sometimes wins(too close?)) Boingo has faster start up. Hol has a tiny bit more range or a bit better hitbox. Hol has a tiny bit less recovery!
2C Trade Trade(Boingo rarely wins at specific distance) Boingo has more active frames or a bit better hitbox
4A Hol Hol Hol has faster start up. Hol has MUCH less recovery!
4B Hol Trade Hol has faster start up. Boingo has a tiny bit more range or a bit better hitbox. Hol has less recovery
4C Hol Mixed wins, without trades Hol has faster start up. Both has same recovery! (their second and third shots have random spread)
5S Boingo Boingo Boingo has MUCH faster start up
j.S Boingo Boingo Boingo has faster start up
j.A Trade Trade None
j.B Trade Trade None
j.C Boingo Hol Boingo has faster start up. Hol has a tiny bit more range
236A Boingo Mixed wins, without trades Boingo has faster start up. Hol has a bit better hurtbox or a bit faster bullet speed. Hol has MUCH less recovery!
236B Boingo Boingo Boingo has faster start up. Hol has MUCH less recovery!
236C Boingo Boingo Boingo has faster start up. Hol has MUCH less recovery!
623A Hol Hol(sometimes trades)(always Trade when both are crouched!) Same start up! Hol has better(random?) hitbox or Boingo has a bit higher hurtbox when standing neutral
623B Hol Hol Hol has faster start up
623C Hol Hol Hol has faster start up
j.623A\B\C Trade Trade(sometimes mixed(depends on jump direction)) Boingo falls faster after a shot
236AB Player 2 Mixed wins None
236BC\AC Trade Hol Hol has faster startup. Boingo has more invincibility
j.236AA Boingo Boingo(sometimes Trade) Boingo has faster start up. Hol has more invincibility

More differences:
-Boingo only has 5S and j.5S while Hol have 5\7\8\9S and j.5S.
-No 421A for Boingo.
-No 214AA super for Boingo.
-Boingo has 270° grab super.
-Pipe Maze super instead of Hol's 421+AA Bullet Mode super.
-Boingo has more longer taunt. :D
-Hol and Boingo S attacks do same damage, have same amount of hits and build same meter.
-Their jumps actually have same speed and height.



5A - Short kick to the shin. Hits mid. Cannot be ducked.
Primary combo started, it have good frame advantage even on block. Can be crouch- and walk-canceled.
5B - Front kick. Hits mid. Cannot be ducked.
Mediocrite range. But advantage on hit and block and early cancel window make it great for pressure.
5C - Back kick. Hits mid. Can be ducked.
Knocks opponent away, bounces off wall if close enough. Very slow, terrible recovery - useless.
j.A - Jumping knee attack.
Higher hitbox and a bit faster start up than j.C, can be useful because of that.
Can hit crouched opponent as fast overhead.
j.B - Jumping knee attack.
Completely same as j.A.
j.C - Jumping kick.
Downward angle and some range make it ok for jump-ins and air engagements.
2A - Sand throw. Hits low.
Short range. Can negate projectiles.
Mainly used in mixups and unblockable setups. Ok to throw it once to tick throw since it neutral on block, or as poke since it fast and lowers your hurtbox.
2B - Strike with a brick. Hits mid.
Same start up and better range than 5B, but have disadvantage on block\hit. Ok poke if you will use it seldom.
2C - Sliding kick. Hits low.
Knocks opponent down, lowers your hurtbox significantly and travels third of the screen. Not that big disadvantage on block as you might think, but since there is no Bullet Mode super for Boingo, it not worth risk most of the time.

Command Normals

4A - Cigarette smoke puff. Hits mid. Can be ducked.
Can negate projectiles. Terrible start up and recovery, most time you will use it by accident.
4B - Jump kick. Hits mid. Can be ducked.
Good as anti-air because it cannot be airblocked and have high hitbox, but be careful with Active Stand users and neutral jumps.
4C - Three downward shots. Hits low.
Useful as meaty or just as ranged low attack. But don't forget to cancel it early because of its random spread and disadvantage even on hit.
66A - Dashing version of 5A. Hits mid. Cannot be ducked.
One frame faster than 5A, but with less range. Good when you want to punish someone with 270A super. 44A have HUGE push on hit\block.
66B - Dashing version of 5B. Hits mid.
Slower and with less frame advantage than 5B, with a bit longer range. Mostly worthless. 44B have HUGE push on hit\block.
66C - Dashing version of 5C. Hits mid. Can be ducked.
It knocks opponent up on hit instead of knocking back, so there no wall bounce. Since it not as slow as 5C it can be used as risky anti-air.
662C - Dashing version of 2C. Hits low.
It much slower than 2C. Useless since you can always do 1C for a normal sweep during the dash.
6C\4C - Throw. Unblockable.
Catches by the nose and shot them away. Be very cautious - it throws them off very little distance and have long recovery, so they can tech immediately after it and insta-punish you in corner (some can even mid screen).

Special Moves

Hajiki da! - 236 + A

Boingo fires a single shot from the Emperor.
Not as spammable as Hol version since it has much longer recovery, but still ok to use it in combos and mix ups. Even on hit all versions have frame disadvantage! Holding 8 or 2 will change vertical trajectory of the bullet.

A version - hits mid. Completely inferior to B version. Can be ducked.
B version - hits mid. Fastes bullet speed out of all versions, so it will combo from more further range than other versions. Can be ducked.
C version - hits low and made Boingo crouch, reducing his hurtbox. Good for mix ups. It has same disadvantage on block as A\B versions on hit(!), so that makes it a bit less punishable.

J.Geil no Danna! - 623 + A

Boingo fires a single shot upwards at the ceiling, if the shot is not obstructed, glass shards falls from the ceiling dealing multiple hits.
Does good damage and chip, builds decent meter on hit and has to be blocked standing. Excellent mix up\pressure potential. Good as anti-air.
Number of hit depends on height of opponent and his stance, and if he caught while jumping he will take additional hits.

A version - Glass falls over Boingo.
B version - Mid range.
C version - Far.
j.A\B\C versions - Depends on the height, i.e. lower Boingo are - further he will shoot.

The Emperor - S

Boingo fires a single, delayed bullet from the Emperor which can have its path programmed by pressing directions during start up (can be used in air).
Excellent zoning and pressure attack which can lock opponent down in place while dealing massive chip damage.
After dealing 10 hits (blocked or not) bullet will disappear.

Guard Cancel - 623 + A during block

Just a fastest version of 5C.
Mediocrite guard cancel with somewhat short range, but at least it hit all crouching characters in a game.


Buchimakeru! - 236 + AA

Boingo fires 10 shots rapidly.
AB version hit mid, can be comboed into, but can be crouched at close to mid range. With AC\BC Boingo will do a crouching variation of the super which slower and hits low. Super can be done in the air, when used Boingo will fire 12 downward shots at around 45° angle, but the bullets are spread further apart.
Decent damage super, but it scales badly, so if possible it's better to do it directly.

Pipe Maze - 421 + AA

Boingo shoots 7 bullets into a pipe, which then appear to one of three pipe ends (buttons determine where).
The bullets are unblockable. The initial shot in the pipe is untechable knockdown and cause stand crash. While the bullets fly through the pipes Boingo can move freely and continue to attack. It takes five seconds after super flash for bullets to reach the end and if Boingo is hit at any time during it, Pipe Maze will end prematurely, which makes it unreliable.
Low damage super, but it not scale Buchimakeru so together they can take around 50% of opponent health.

AB version - bullets come from the left end.
BC version - bullets come from the right end.
AC version - bullets come from the top end.

Yochi wa Zettai - 270° + A

Boingo sticks his fingers into opponent nose and holds him until he got hit by a truck.
Command grab with good range and damage, but slow start up and recovery. It can catch opponent even while he is in hit or block stun. Beacuse of this it can be easily integrated into Boingo mixups and setups.
You can start 270° from any direction and spin it counter or clockwise and use any attack button.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos

(j.C) 5A, 5B, 236 + B\C

(j.C) 5A, 2B, 236 + B\C

(j.C) 5A, 5A, 5B, 236 + B

(j.C) 4B, 236 + AA (costs 1 meter)

(j.C) 5A, 5B, 236 + AB (costs 1 meter)

(j.C) 5A, 2B, 236 + AB (costs 1 meter)

(j.C) 5A, 2A, 270° + A (costs 1 meter)

(j.C) 5A, 5A, 270° + A (costs 1 meter)

66A, 270° + A (costs 1 meter)

Intermediate Combos
Advanced Combos

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube


General Strategy

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
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vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
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vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

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