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Hol Horse


Hol Horse, a hired assassin of DIO, wielder of the stand The Emperor is a reacurring character in the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure story.

Reasons to play Hol Horse

+Great zoning/keep away possibilties.
+Great mix ups and traps.
+Has UNBLOCKABLE super/combos.
+Nice looking combos.
+High stamina.
+Fastest Roll in the game.
+Likes to "Beat his bum."
+Likes to smoke as much as Dyne does.
+Many of his attacks (including normals) don't trigger Chaka//Khan/B. Pol 'counter' moves or do so safely.

Reasons to not play Hol Horse

-Limited in close.
-No active stand/tandems.
-Can become predictable.
-Doesn't speak Chinamanese.

Differences from Boingo Hol Horse

Hol Horse Glass shot much faster

Hol Horse jumps are more floaty, more time in the air

Hol Horse hangman allows for significant improvement in pressure

Can be comboed into often from glass to 4C (ground bullets) and anything really

Builds meter slowly unless ceiling glass hits and so on

Can easily infinite someone in the corner with glass shot if the opponent continously techs out on hit or blocks, must drop down if they want to avoid getting chipped to death.

Has a difficult to connect fullscreen super, a well placed hangman and timing can allow for one or even two connects. Not recommended

Slow Bullet super one of the best in the game [damage decreases incredibly when opponent's stand is enabled and will lower their stand meter bit by bit ]

No grab super

5C is much faster, opponent may tech

Cannot combo into machine gun off jumping C

Pressure game is relatively similar to Boingo, with a more reliable Hangman to lock the opponent compared to Boingo's risky stand bullet.

The reward of Boingo's stand bullet is if it connects, good meter, where Hol can have a safe hangman connect for more options.

Hol does not have any supers that disables opponents stand completely, must chip down.



5A - Short range low kick (Can be blocked standing).
5B - Short range low kick (Slightly more range than his 5A kick, can be blocked standing).
5C - A yakuza kick(medium range), knocks oponent away, bounces off wall if close enough.
j.A - Jumping knee attack.
j.B - Jumping Knee attack.
j.C - Jumping Kick.
2A - Throws sand, short range, decent to push blocking opponent away if more (2-3) are used in succession. Hits low.
2B - hits opponent with a brick o_0(Can be blocked standing).
2C - A sliding kick (Knocks opponent down. DON'T ABUSE).

Command Normals

4A - Puffs cigarette smoke at opponent.
4B - High enziguri style kick. Decent anti-air.
4C - Fire three shots diagonally downwards (Must be blocked low).
66C - Same as 5C except opponent launches slowly, no wall hit.
662C - Same as 2C except it can be cancelled on hit (DON'T ABUSE).

Special Moves

Hajika Da! - 236 + A

Fires a single shot from The Emperor, basically the Hadouken of the game (although the projectile is a hell of alot smaller). The C version does a crouching shot which is great for mix up/pressure games. Holding 8 or 2 will change the trajectory of the bullet.

J.Geil no Danha! - 623 + A

Fires a single shot upwards at the sky, if the shot is not obstructed glass falls from the sky dealing around 6 hits.

A = Glass falls over Hol.
B = Mid range.
C = Far.

Does good damage, builds decent meter on hit and has to be blocked standing. Excellent mix up/pressure potential.(Can be done in air)

The Hanged Man - 214 + A

After a quick taunt J.Geil's stand The Hanged Man comes up from the floor and stabs the opponent rendering them unable to move for a short time.

A = Just infront of Hol.
B = Mid range.
C = Far.

Excellent move for mix ups and even better for traps. Can be used in combos that lead to pretty decent damage.

The Emperor - S

Fires a single, delayed bullet from The Emperor which can have it's path determined by pressing directions while the bullet is still(Can be used in air). A direction + S will give the shot a different starting angle.

5S = Fires straight infront.
4S = Fires behind Hol.
2/8S = Fires straight up.
7/9S = Fires upwards in a 45 degree angle, either infront or behind depending on which direction is used.


Fuchimakeru! - 236 + AA

Fires 12 shots like a machinegun. If C is pressed (236 + AC/BC) Hol will do a crouching variation of the super. Can be used in the air, when used Hol will fire downwards at around a 45 degree angle but the bullets are spread further apart. Decent damage super, easily comboed into and the air version is great to avoid attacks.

Saikyo no Combi "Hanged Man" - 214 + AA

Hol fires 3 shots at the screen creating bullet holes, if the opponent is touching the bullet holes or cracks made by Hol the screen goes a little darker, time stops and The Hanged Man attacks the opponent. Good damage, can be comboed into and out of and looks awesome BUT don't use randomly make sure it's a hit if it's being used out of a combo.

Dangan no Modou - 421 + AA

One of the best supers in the game due to it being unblockable! Hol fires a single shot and everything goes in slow motion, while this is happening the bullet is fully controllable and can be used in a variety of situations. If you get hit while controlloing the bullet, it (the bullet) will dissapear. Pressing AA after the super has activated will fire another shot but you will lose control of the previous bullet. Excellent super, good damage, can be comboed into, UNBLOCKABLE, is in slow motion and makes for a brilliant anti-air. Also of note because of the super-freeze and then slow motion nature of the super it can and most likely will mess with your opponents inputs causing their moves to come out wrong if at all.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos

(j.C) 2A, 5B, 236 + A/B

(j.C) 2A, 4B, 236 + A/B

(j.C) 5A, 5B, 236 + A/B

(j.C) 2A, 5B, 236 + AA (costs 1 meter)

(j.C) 5A, 5B, 236 + AA (costs 1 meter)

2B, 236 + AA (costs 1 meter)

j.C (air) 236 + AA (costs 1 meter)

Intermediate Combos

5C, (wait for wall hit) 214 + A/B, 214 + AA (costs 1 meter)

5C, (wait for wall hit) 214 + A/B, 214 + AA, 662C(no hit) xx 421 + AA (move the bullet straight down. 2nd part of the combo is unblockable) refer to BBC basic combo video 0.45 - 0.58). (costs 2 meter)

214 + A/B/C, 662C (wait for opponent to hit floor), 421 + AA (move the bullet up and then back down in a "n" shape), AA. (If done correctly the 2nd part of the combo will be unblockable and you will get 2 hits from the supers) refer to BBC basic combo video 1.00 - 1.10). (costs 2 meter)

close 214 + A/B, 214 + AA, (wait for opponent to be air born) 214 + AA, 662C xx 421 + AA (move the bullet straight down. 2nd part of the combo is unblockable) refer to BBC basic combo video 1.15 - 1.35). (costs 3 meter)

Advanced Combos

5C, (wall hit) 214 + A/B/C (distance dependant), 214 + AA (wait for flash to disapear) 214 + A/B/C (distance dependant), 5C (wall hit), 421 + AA, (on hit) 236 + AC/BC (move the bullet straight down. 2nd part of the combo is unblockable) refer to BBC basic combo video 1.40 - 1.58). (costs 3 meter)

(In corner) 5C, (wall hit) 214 + A/B, 214 + AA, (As soon as the flash disappears) 421 + AA (up and down in an "n" motion), AA (2nd part of the combo is unblockable) refer to BBC basic combo video 2.01 - 2.23). (costs 3 meter)

5C, (wall hit) 214 + A/B/C, 214 + AA, (wait for flash to disappear) 214 + A/B/C, 214 + AA, (wait for flash to disappear) 214 + A/B/C, 214 + AA... (Can be done as many times as you have meter).

5C, (wall hit) 214 + A/B/C, (wait for the hanged man to go) walk under opponent to the other side, 5B, 214 + AA (hanged man super), 214 + AA (hanged man super), 214 + C (hanged man) 214 + AA (hanged man super) (costs 3 meter) theoretically you could 66/442C xx slow motion bullet super after the opponent has hit the floor).

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube

Kakyoin (Dyne / sf2feilong) : Youtube


General Strategy


+Keep opponent at mid to far distances, Hol works best here.

+Use 623 + A/B/C or 421 + AA as an anti-air, use 4B as a late anti-air.

+Use 623 + A/B/C, especially over crouching opponents.

+5C on advancing/dashing opponents.

+236 + A/C on far opponents to keep them at bay.

+2A x 2/3 times to close opponent to give that little bit of distance.

+2B or 5B to hit confirm 236 + AA.


+Use S in a variety of patterns.

+Learn distances.


+Stands can be shot too.


-2C all day. (You will be punished.)

-Throw random 214 + AA.

-Use any special (unless confirmed into) when opponent is close.

-Be predictable, always change your game.

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi

Typical strings for Zoning Hol players : 4C to Hanged Man. 4C to 236+A or C. 2A once or twice - 5B - Hangman or 236+A or C. j.C or j.B to glass. When Alessi is down, you want to always make him wake up into glass, since the height of the stage with Alessi is actually pretty high since he's short, if he is knocked down by a sweep or by your glass, do not try to throw more glass if you're in close range, instead. Bait a throw and punish it with your own or poke him into a hang man or slow bullet super. Remember, sometimes forcing opponents to waste tandem or meter is a great way to make them even more vulnerable to your zoning with little risk.

Alessi is not a particularly difficult match-up but when given the opportunity, can sweep and throw you very often with little to no risk. His guard cancel is somewhat useful but besides that and his sweeping, there is not much to fear. Most Alessi players tend to stay in the air making 236+A (Stand Shot) bullets come in handy or a lucky 5C to knock away. If you're an aggresive Hol player that likes to j.C into glass, be aware that his pillar super will always catch you even if glass is falling. Dashing empty short-hops or with j.B or j.C without shooting glass is occasionally useful to tick into a throw or to pressure.

This match-up requires that you GC accurately and as often as possible versus jump-ins, they are the easiest among many normals to Guard Cancel and is effective as Alessi has surprisingly long range with his j.B and if it connects (or is just blocked or Advance Guarded, he will almost always land with a 5C or 3C (Sweep) though on occasion is known to throw, tech when applicable. If you do connect the Guard Cancel, Alessi can, like most characters, tech immediately in mid-air in which you will need to block or run and glass frequently. If you are at fullscreen distance and Alessi happens to stay there, he may try to go for his machine gun, which is a great opportunity to roll and 236+C or run and glass, usually to force a roll in which you might be close enough to land a throw.

Like with most opponents, you will zone as furiously as possible. If Alessi is in the air, j.C into glass often (often with B or C glass) and block to be safe from a quick sweep from Alessi if in the corner. You also have the option of baiting a throw after he lands into the glass by short-hopping, giving you a chance to land off j.C and go for a throw or to 4C (Floor Bullets) and if you're in the corner, you can confirm those floor bullets into his crouch Machine Gun super, causing Alessi and all other characters in this situation to be able to tech in the air and get out of the corner, but this gives you more breathing room if they're desperate and you can even shoot glass while they're so far away.

Otherwise, typical strings into hang man are fine and if you're feeling lucky, doing slow bullet super off a blocked hang man is almost guaranteed to land. Alessi also does not have very much aggresion potential for high low mixups except short hopping with j.B usually, so with that in mind, AGing often is useful or GCing if you can manage it to glass or 236+A as they are in midair or to run for some breathing room. Alessi can occasionally combo into a tandem which will result in you shrinking, when that happens, try to keep distance as far as possible and jump to get hit the least amount of times, on recovery you will just block or jump away or the like.

Other than that, the only real threat from Alessi is the 3C. You will be knocked down, giving him an opportunity to tick with j.B and if connects, he can combo off 5C into tandem or throw. When you are standing or zoning, his j.C has surprisingly good priority so don't count on beating it too often. If possible, save all your bullets for the final round. If you are close to dying, maybe throwing one or two supers that are confirmed won't be too much trouble. Every time you connect a Hanged Man, keep your distance and jump or block or keep away as a quick recovery off AG means you might get sweeped. At most times when an opponent lands into glass, 4C will force him to eat hits if there's enough glass still hitting him, so you can end with a 236+C (Crouch Shot) and keep your distance. Since most of Alessi's supers are so unsafe on block and even on startup, be sure to block or punish from a distance. Finally, he is pretty fast, when you are shooting glass, anticipate with some close glass shots (usually B) and alternate with C and such to keep him from trying anything funny. If you manage to lock him in mid-air with glass with a B, you can 5C him or just keep throwing more glass to chip life away and build meter. Remember, off of throws, block or pressure. It depends on you and your opponents experience.

vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo

This match-up mostly depends on how well you adjust to the larger height of the stages, affecting the speed and effectiveness of 'J.Geil no Danha!' (referred to as glass from this point). You will want to keep your distance against Devo as many tend to approach with a jump+C or his forward+B, in which you can easily throw glass out often mid or full screen to condition the opponent to come to you while chipping his life away. One thing to remember is that Devo will almost always remain crouching for the entirety for the fight except for occasional throws or to execute a move, making it that much more likely that he will roll his way towards you which you can set up for a throw or poke. His supers are not particularly impressive as they are quite slow and easily blocked, although, his spear super can be charged and the entire time it is being charged, he and his stand are completely invincible, so just keep that in mind. A particularly effective Devo will often combo as well as they can and lock you in a block string with several attempts of a hopping jump+C and so on. His stand's diving spear is an overhead and is sometimes thrown in while Devo will try to sweep, you can usually just push block that sort of situation away or jump. As you read through, you are almost guaranteed to have 3-4 super gauge by the end of the first round. Give or take a few you may need to use in the first round.

The style you want to play in this match-up is that of rushdown and aggression, as with most match-ups, with occasional space to keep Devo from having any opportunities to interrupt. As in most fights you are in, any time you attempt to air glass, you want to make sure you did a jump+C first so that you cancel glass into it. You don't always have to combo or connect or confirm off it but it makes for nice safety, even better is if it hits an opponent in the air and you glass, they will often get hit by the glass! Something to watch out for is, on occasion, Devo players will have spaced their stand in such a way that every so often, they will summon and attempt to throw you or do a move, so keep that in mind when you are attacking him. You can usually punish the doll for free any time he is running at you or coming at you as a result of a move. If he is summoned, focus on attacking the doll until you find a chance to run and hop or jump+c into air glass forcing him to unsummon stand.

Additionally, his low crouch makes him about as tall as his stand so you will need to get used to throwing out glass more often than usual to have the same effect as it would on a character of normal height. Throwing out occasional 236+C and 236+A from afar makes for a little bonus to frustrate the opponent. Early jumping glass after connecting with an often blocked glass is exceptionally great and important as it locks the opponent in a good amount of block stun, but not only that, on the way down as the air glass typically connects, your opponent will almost always pushblock. Pushblocking at any point during Hol's glass or any move for that matter will allow him to throw the opponent, after connecting the throw you will want to throw out more glass and keep the pressure game.

Any time any character is blocking glass, 4C and 236+AA are unblockable. It is best and most easily done when you throw glass on an opponent waking up, and doing your 4C or super before the glass hits. The timing is not very strict as long as they hit at the same time. If you decided to 4C, be sure to get a B Hangman in there. If the opponent pushblocks it, he can immediately dash towards you but you should be able to handle that with a poke or throw.

Furthermore, to mix things up and keep the pressure even more, you may string in basic pokes which is usually 2A > 2B > 5C > (B/C) Hang man, and upon the blocked hangman, you can approach by throwing out glass immediately and a jumping glass and as you land, 4C after two or three bullets and connect another (B/C) hangman which will often be pushblocked, making for a nice chance to walk up and throw or anything else really. So as long as you are not hit and even block on the way down, your glass will usually yield results such as more chip or even punish an attempted use of his stand. Devo will either have to roll to get away and attempt to punish you on the way down, and by then, you will have landed and have another chance to pushblock or tech a throw and so on. Remember, anytime where the offense or pressure has to stop for a moment for whatever reason, patiently find a chance to run away as far as necessary to keep the control of the fight.

At any point you're in a corner, throw teching is very important and so is guard canceling, but usually a roll or throw of your own will manage or even glass above your head. Some Devo players often find themselves so desperate to keep pressure on Hol that you will sometimes have an opportunity to use the Dangan no Modou as an anti air, done early enough that they fly right into the bullet. Additionally, most characters that do throw out a normal in the air can be punished by Hol's 2C, which guarantee's the Dangan no Modou on the way down. Practice the timing as, mentioned before, Devo is quite small during crouch and he may just roll out of it. An effective way to pressure an opponent is glass upon hitting with the 2C, 4C to for unblockable hits and doing B Hangman once they're in range.

Players who tend to GC time to time take a little more planning against but should find it hard to do so as they will probably get locked in yet more glass. Some players are comfortable with running (or dash hopping) towards you to outrun the glass. For these types of players, an occasional 236+A/C to interrupt them and a midscreen or respective distance glass shot will keep things in your favor. If they enjoy throwing out normals somewhat at the peak of their hops or jumps, you will learn and eventually be able to know when you can 2C so that you may either glass, poke into hangman, or 421+AA. A note on doing the 421+AA on Devo, time it late enough so that the bullet will get him near the floor, as the player will stay crouched for maximum chance of evasion. If you're good enough, you can arch the bullet upward for a moment and back down, and throw out yet another 421+AA to connect two for devastating damage. With enough practice, you will eventually give the opponent no reason to come at you with a simple jumping normal as you can easily guard cancel him / her away.

Finally, at any given time that a Devo player does start doing some damage to you, that means you should interrupt roll away given the opportunity and be wary of a summoned Devo stand or stand on its way to attack you as a special move. And this fight does take some time, meaning you should be mindful of not getting carried away to end the fight sooner, it's just the way it is.

vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

Abdul | Devo | Dio | Iggy | Jotaro | Kakyoin | Midler | New Kakyoin | Polnareff | Vanilla Ice Active Stand
Alessi | Chaka | Joseph Weapon Stand
Black Polnareff | Hol Horse | Hol Horse & Boingo | JoJo | Khan | Mariah | Petshop | Rubber Soul | Shadow Dio Passive Stand