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JFL nov2011



Participants will be given one week to complete their matches. Once all matches have been complete the next round will start. If participants do not complete their matches in the given time they will be disqualified.

Round 1 BO3
Round 2 BO5
Round 3 BO5
Finals BO7

Once participants have begun their matches they must finish the entire set (you cannot play one match one day and the second one the next).

To verify the results of the matches, participants can either
1: Both verify the winner
2: Provide screenshots of wins.
3: Provide video.
If matches are completed but none of the previous verification methods are met, the matches will have to be re-done.

Remember this tournament is for fun. It would be great if all the matches could just be verified from the players.

Petshop is NOT banned.

No whining is allowed.

If possible, I would appreciate it if you could record your matches using FRAPS or whatever method, not only for verification, but to put the matches online.