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Young Joseph


Hey! Hey! Here I go!

Young Joseph! This is how Hermit Purple wielder and Jotaro's grandfather appeared in the previous series, now reappearing by way of convenient de-aging by Alessi! He has no stand yet, but he has a lot of tricks!

Unlike most of the cast, but similar to other passive stand characters, JoJo can attack more than once while airborne -- after attacking normally with A/B/C, the S button can be used to do its attack.

JoJo's biggest weaknesses are probably his lack of good anti-air and his lack of tandem - no 80% combos for Young Joseph! At the same time this keeps JoJo's execution fairly straightforward and simple, but you still have to play well and outthink your opponent...


  • Straightforward execution.
  • Good at causing headaches for defensive opponents who lack a full screen super or very fast projectile.
  • Solid air-to-air or air-to-ground game.
  • Several setups to make his unblockable difficult or impossible to avoid.
  • Fast running (sustained dashes)
  • Good crossup/autocorrect stand attack
  • Smack-talking victory phrases.
  • He's Joseph Joestar.


  • Poor Anti-Air options, no double-jump
  • Worst Guard Cancel in the game. (At least tied!)
  • Most of his combos only do about 25% lifebar.
  • No Tandem
  • Need to learn some minutiae for what is unsafe when comboing into his cracker rekka.
  • Loses half his combo options on especially short opponents. (e.g., Stand-off Kakyoin, Devo, Iggy, Khan, etc)
  • Can be hard to make full use of his (relatively easily) gained stocks of super bar.

Skills you'll want:

  • Good spacing, quickly transitioning between forward and backwards running and cancelling runs to block.
  • Mastery of all the jump heights - hops & hyper hops are very useful with Jojo, but floatier jumps are useful to cross up or bait attacks.
  • Taunting
  • Reading your opponent & guessing ahead. Particularly due to slow startup on projectiles. He's a zoning character of sorts, but with such slow startup on projectiles (like Mariah) that you need to create situations in which they are safe.



(This section needs a lot of work)

Short version is that Joseph has solid normals and good pokes, except his dashing attacks are much more limited than Old Joseph. Many are shared between the two.

5A: Decent standing jabbing punch. 2A is almost universally better, however.

2A: Very fast jabbing punch. Can lead into many of Jojo's combos.

5B: Strong, fairly fast standing punch. Can combo into other moves including overdrive.

2B: Decent poking kick.

5C: Jojo's GTFO kick. One of his longest-range pokes. Slightly slow startup, so benefits more than most of his pokes from good zoning and spacing. Can lead into combos (236+S or 236+A/B) depending on spacing. If an opponent is airborne and does not block, kicking them with this sends them flying (not wallbounce) across the screen, giving time to set up a projectile. Hence the name. IF you are close and can hit an opponent with this, you can combo into a knockdown 2S.

2C: Good damage, moderate (or just under) range downward chop while crouching. Can combo into 236+S or Overdrive (236+A/B)

It's worth noting as well that JoJo has a bug with his blocking such that if you execute his 2C by doing 1C instead, the move may cancel into blocking if your opponent threatens you. This can save you at times, but is not guaranteed to prevent you from being hit - and it may prevent you from making attacks that you would win or trade favorably, given 2C is a solid attack.

j.A: Like j.B, but weaker/faster (by about two frames) startup.

j.B: Aerial punch, shorter range (by far) than j.C but faster startup and the hitbox tends to do better against other jumping chars with GOOD aerial attacks.

j.C: One of joseph's best moves. If your opponent is going to jump before or at the same time as you, you may wish to use j.B instead, as it comes out faster - but this will vary by your opponent's jumping attacks. Follow up with S while still in the air. If you are far from your opponent and think you will both jump, you may want to superjump to raise the odds you will be above them in the air, where it will be more likely to win. Risky if they stay ground-based.

Command Normals

3B: Sliding kick, similar to his 2B ducking kick. Used in several decent combos. Relatively safe as a poke.

3C: Slower, heavier slide that is similar to 3B. Less safe, but knocks down / sweeps on hit.

6C: Overhead jumping kick, but extremely slow, and importantly, very unsafe. Unsafe on block, UNSAFE ON HIT.

6,6C: Dashing version of his 6C, it travels further but is just as slow and unsafe. However, it knocks down on hit - but if your opponent has a stand on, it is unsafe. Good way to end a round, dangerous to use midround.

6,6B/6,6A: Same as C version.

4,4C: Backward running version of his 6C/6,6C, Joseph kicks while fleeing from the opponent. Of very limited use. Often won't hit an opponent unless they move forward while you are doing it. Can be used as weak Okizeme on some characters, timed to hit them right as they stand up from knockdown. If it contacts but is blocked, the blockstun and unconventional nature makes it SOMEWHAT safe. On hit, it will typically knock down if you timed it right. Whiffs are dangerous, but less so than a 6,6C.

4,4A/4,4B: Same as C version.

6,6,3B (and 3A): Dashing version of his 3B slide. If it hits deep, can combo into 236+AA super. Otherwise, 236+A (Overdrive) or 236+S crackers are probably your best bet. Can be punished [Accurate?] if you don't cancel it into something.

6,6,3C: Knocks down. At extremely close/deep range, can combo into 236+AA. Be careful against stand-on opponents as they will not be properly knocked down - overdrive is probably a safer option on them. Do not follow this with a complete Rekka (second part will not fully hit and they can tech) but the first part can potentially be safe.

5S (neutral)
Joseph does a basic attack with his crackers. Can be useful because of the spacing, and decent damage, but slow startup.
Cracker sweep
Medium speed, but very short range trip move with the crackers. Probably best to combo into from close 5C. Close hits tend to do an untechable knockdown. Probably one one of his worst S-based moves in general, as it is high risk, moderate reward, but it can be used to enable potential Hamon Beam setups.
Cracker Juggle/Cracker Upper
A relatively short range attack that hits from the waist up. Fairly fast. If it hits, it stand crashes instantly and juggles your opponent upwards. In some circumstances, they rocket to the top of the screen.
Despite its appearance, it's not a very good AA (if your opponent is attacking), and tends to trade.
Dashing Crackers
Jojo skids to a halt while spinning the crackers in front of him. Done close, does somewhat okay damage, but with slow startup. At longer range, not as many hits will make contact, as he's sliding forward.
Not good to 'trade' with, as the multi-hit nature of the move does not do much damage per hit.
Fun fact: If your timing is good enough that you press S at the right time (~1F or so after dash starts), your inertia/speed will be different - it is even possible to moonwalk, sliding backwards while doing this move.
Fun fact 2: The very edge of this move (at the end, at least) has one of Jojo's 'safer' hitboxes. If you barely brush Rubber Soul with it when he tries to counter, you won't take damage or be launched by him.
Aerial Crackers
S (while in air)
Very useful move, Joseph attacks with his crackers while in the air. Can be used after he's used an attack in the air (as long as he has not been hit/blocked a move)
Faces your opponent when you use it, so you can do a shallow jump and press S right after crossing over your opponent and you will attack in his direction.

Special Moves
Hamon Overdrive OVADRIVE!
Solid attack. Slow enough however that many characters can roll if they predict it coming and punish you.
Should generally be combo'd into rather than be done by itself. Can combo from any B/C hit.
C-version is considerably slower, but hits multiple times.
Hamon Cola
Jojo's (weak) anti-air due to a smallish hitbox and low damage. Requires a lot of precision to use.
Button strength determines the version. A version has fast startup/recovery, but few active frames. C version is much slower to start, but has more frames.
Hitting with Hamon Cola will knock your opponent upwards, allowing more juggling. They can air-tech though.
Iron Bow Gun
63214 + A/B/C
Jojo fires a projectile from a crossbow. Slow startup.
A version is fastest, firing a small, fairly weak projectile straight ahead.
B version is slightly slower, but does more damage. May (untested) absorb one more hit from opposing projectiles.
C version has slowest startup, but is much more interesting. Jojo turns before firing, shooting backwards. It will hit an opponent stupid enough to cross you up during move startup, but its real usage is that after it goes offscreen, it loops around the level, coming in from the other side of the screen, potentially hitting your opponent in the back. This is blockable, but allows for many setups. This version actually will hit stand-off Iggy.
Cracker Boomerang
214 + S
Slow startup, but excellent move when you have breathing room. If done when opponent is idle, they can punish it on reaction with many multi-shot projectile supers.
Projectile flies across screen, and will stop if it hits your opponent, blocking (for minor chip damage) or not. If they duck, it will hover behind them for a moment before flying back towards you.
As soon as you have one in the air, you can throw another, fire an Iron Bow Gun, do nothing, or attack normally. Used in conjunction with his other moves, it can allow for Hamon Beam setups or other shenanigans.
Cracker Volley
236 + S, S, [S / 6S / 2S]
A solid multi part attack. The third hit branches depending on what direction you hit while pressing S.
Can be combo'd into from B/C pokes in place of Overdrive.
Third Hit - 5S (neutral): Looks the same as normal 6S - auto stand crashes, can combo into it (most spacings) if the previous two hits hit fully.
Third Hit - 2S: Looks the same as normal 2S. Hits low. This is mostly useful if you are close in to your opponent (short range) and they blocked the previous hit, but are blocking high. Acts as sweep.
Third Hit - 6S: Looks like a short hop + S. Hits overhead. Does not combo from 2nd hit of cracker volley, but good to use on an opponent who blocks second hit and is blocking low.
If you're being blocked, you need to decide if you risk going for the high/low version of the third hit (you can be easily punished after the standard 'S' last hit) or if you stop early and hope to recover.
If you hit with the first part, you will usually be able to safely combo into the second/third parts (only S,S,S combos, not variants) except in certain spacings - or if your opponent was airborne.

236+AA: Reasonable damage super with a small amount of invincibility on startup. Very short range, however, and slightly unsafe on block. Air-blockable. Best used on predictable jump-ins (only once/as they attack) or in combos. See below.
Hamon Beam Feel the hamon beat!
214+AA: Extremely slow startup, very little invincibility, but good damage. UNBLOCKABLE.
Needs to be set up to hit anyone experienced. (More info forthcoming)
About half the cast can duck the beam outright.
Beam will end if you get hit. Can be jumped over or rolled through with proper timing.
Fast dashing characters (e.g, Kakyoin) can punish you from fullscreen. Most projectile supers will usually beat it if done on reaction.
Always Duckable Duckable w/ Stand OFF Never Duckable
Black Polnareff
Rubber Soul
New Kakyoin
Vanilla Ice
Hol Horse
Hol Horse & Boingo
Joseph (old)
Midler (both)
Shadow Dio

NOTE: Table is a purely a measure of a character's hitbox - this is not information on sweep/slide kick -> beam setups.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos

6, 6, 3B xx 236+A/B

Forward run into slide into overdrive. 

4,4,1B xx 236+A/B

Backwards run into forward slide into overdrive.

6, 6, 3B, 236+S, S, S

Forward run to slide to cracker Rekka. 

2A, 2A, 5B, 236+A

Crouching jabs, standing punch, overdrive. Solid and straight forward. Can omit one of the jabs.

2A, 2A, 5C, 236+S, S, S

 Crouching jabs, standing kick, rekka. Can omit one of the jabs.

(hop) j.B xx S, 5B, 236+A

Hit your opponent in the apex of your jump with B, then hit S for crackers while in air. As soon as you land, 5C, then 236+A.

(hop) j.C, 2A, 5C, 5S

Hit somewhat deep with the jumping C.

(hop) j.C, 2A, 5C, 236+S, S, S

Variant on the previous combo. If you're too far, the last hit of the rekka may miss(?)

Intermediate Combos

j.C, 2A, 3B, 236+AA

Jump in, jab, slide, super. Spacing and timing is tight.
Advanced Combos

63214+C, pause, 236+S, S, 2S

The wrap around shot can hit (when timed correctly) the opponent between the 2nd and 3rd parts of the rekka, enabling the 2S rekka to combo, giving you a knockdown. From there you can do his beam or oki. You can substitute a 5C instead of the pause. This is more of a setup than a combo, and slightly impractical... but fun.

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Here

Playlist of more Jojo matches: Here

Jojo okizeme: Here


General Strategy

Almost every one of Jojo's normals and pokes have a use somewhere - the key is to know when and where to use them.

6C (or dashing A/B/C) are his least useful - they're overheads, but very slow to start up and unsafe even on hit. The dashing version is slightly safer as it will knock down (if opponent has stand OFF) on hit.

Hamon cola should be used cautiously (even as GC) as it's generally poorly thought off, even if some players (Fayk) have a fondness for it.

If your opponent is often mashing jabs (or any attack) as you're hitting with blockstrings, you will need to be careful not to do a full rekka if they're blocking as you'll get hit at the end - unless they are mashing low and a 6S (jumping/overhead) rekka finisher will work. Adjust as you get to know your opponent's habits.

2B is one of your safer/better meter-building moves. Almost any of your projectiles can be kara-cancelled into (ex: just hit C-> HCB very quickly) if you can afford the slower (several frames) of startup) to build a little extra meter. Don't bother with this if you aren't good at making use of your super meter as it will generally just leave you open.

5S and 6S are some of his harder to use moves. Try them and get a feel for them, but 5S is quite slow to start up by itself (it is better when cancelled into) and 6S has a worse hitbox than it appears at first.

If you are predictable with overdrives you can be punished with the proper spacing on a jump-in or if they roll during your startup - they'll have enough time to punish you with most characters.

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy

Annoying matchup when Iggy has his stand off due to many of your basic combos missing his miniature hitbox. The first part of 236+S will also miss Iggy in many situations, making it stupidly unsafe.

If Iggy's stand is OFF, you should almost never overdrive (even if Iggy is in the air, you probably have better options) and should instead do nothing, or on moves that are unsafe if not cancelled you should cancel into a stand based move. (2S, 6S, S, or 236+S

Despite the height it normally flies at, the C version of Jojo's Iron Bowgun - which hits the opponent from behind - will actually be lower by the time it gets to Iggy, so it will hit a stand-off Iggy if he does not dodge.

Hamon Beat/Beam super is nearly useless, except if Iggy is juggled into it or airborne - any smart Iggy will otherwise turn his stand OFF. Best used for bragging rights only.

vs Jojo

A heavily momentum-based match, where one Jojo can often control the flow of a round once he begins. If you predict your opponent will throw a cracker boomerang, the bowgun can punish him before he launches it.

Watch out for the hamon beam setups if they get some cracker boomerangs set, as you won't be able to duck it.

vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin

With stand off, Kakyoin's crouch is so low he'll avoid many of your attacks, including overdrive. This will cause your combos to whiff in an extremely punishable way.

Full-screen cracker throw can be super'd on reaction by Kakyoin at no real risk to him.

vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff

Polnareff has very good pokes and attacks, so much so that if he properly guesses how you'll attack, he can counter just about any of your pokes or jump-ins with attacks that will trade or (as often as not), win outright.

Polnareff can cross the screen to hit you in time to punish a full-screen bola boomerang, so be careful in your usage of projectiles in this matchup.

A good polnareff will likely be able to abuse Shooting Star (Chariot's wall-dive move) against you. Joseph has almost no recourse against this move (which hits OH, and is used by a stand-off Polnareff to set up 50/50 near-unblockable setups where you need to guess whether you'll be hit low or high first. Rolls are a decent option here, but only if you can predict the timing, or roll at the end of its charge (how long Polnareff can hold it at the wall is limited).

Shooting Star has ridiculous invincibility while going to the wall, so you'll only be able to punish it with a jump-back j.C if you hit it near the wall - possibly only when the camera is zoomed out (since it takes longer to hit the wall) [Accurate?]. Polnareff can attack during Shooting Star's attack or while it's sitting on the wall. He can only roll by releasing it, so either at the beginning of the move or right as it attacks, since he has to hold a key to charge it. Watch out for consecutive shooting stars being used in a tandem, especially when you're at zero health looking for that one hit.

Shooting stars that are directed at the wall opposite you (rather than behind) are much less deadly to Jojo.

Polnareff has very good air-to-ground attacks as well (that hit behind him to some extent), so be careful when you juggle him or win an air battle, it can be risky to try to maximize your damage by catching him on the way down - unless you hit him with a super, the damage from a hamon cola or similar is not worth the 30%+ combo he'll hit you with in return if you botch it.

vs Rubber Soul

Don't full-screen cracker if they aren't preoccupied, you'll get super'd.

vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice


(Other tidbits that don't have their own section)

Like many characters, you can cancel out of a jump during the pre-jump frames (even when it looks like he's just left the ground) with many specials, including any of the Stand button based attacks. This isn't very useful, but worth noting.

Joseph's close hop/hyper hop j.a is useful for pressure and combos, but if you hit A too early (esp. the first frame after pressing up+towards), the effect of hitting them will make your jump keep carrying you upwards, defeating the quick, low arc of the hop and leaving you open. For comparison, doing this and cancelling to S will make joseph go so high his hair almost touches the lifebars, where his hop should be nearly half that.

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