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Khan is a relatively straightforward, simple character. Lacking tandems of any sort, his gameplay is fairly limited to his few, simple combos, but he has a few decent pokes, a low standing hitbox (not as small as Iggy) and relatively decent damage. Khan should probably be played as a bit of a mix-up character, combining a bit of rushdown while throwing your opponent off with the threat of learning their moves with his counter.

Khan has the third shortest (Almost tied with Alessi for #2) standing hitbox unless you count Devo's remote-stand version, and his crouching version is roughly equal with a number of other characters.

Khan also has an excellent backdash, though his forward dashes are only so-so and can't be stopped instantly. Stop his forward dash with an attack or by pressing down-back.



A - Khan does a quick jab with his sword, but not as solid as his 2A.
2A - Quick, rather safe if short-ranged poke. If you're careful not to spam it, it can often recover in time to not get hit by a super if an opponent uses a super to counter your pokes with it.
5B/6B - Half-decent anti-air, with slightly slow startup.
2B -
4B - Decent poke. Can combo into his Kikouzan. If an opponent jumps in, but their jump is too short, this can be a good, safe poke due to the hitbox.
C - Khan swings for the fences, hitting for decent damage. Not especially safe, but can be cancelled into his stand attack to lessen your risk against your opponent rolling through it. If it hits (or not) you can hit C again, and it will combo. Follow up with another move (see combos section). You can cancel out of this into several moves, including his stand. If you whiff, using stand can be a good defensive measure.
2C - Sweep move. Not especially noteworthy.

Dashing 2B - solid poke, can be used as a hitconfirm into his 214+AA super.

Stand Moves

S - Khan holds his sword at arm's length and spins in a circle. Khan continues to spin for as long as the S button is held, up until a few seconds, at which point he gets dizzy and falls. The longer it is held, the less safe it becomes. Low damage per hit, but can be a useful poke.

(jumping) S - Khan spins, as with his ground move. This changes the rate he falls at, with the rate of descent based on his vertical speed at the time it is initiated. Also usable after he's already used another attack (A/B/C) in the air. Controllable in the air, but only modifies his speed partially. Difficult to hit ground based opponents with the aerial version.
It is worth noting that, like other passive stand users, Khan can do a jumping attack (such as jumping C) and then follow up with a few more hits from his S attack.

Special Moves
Kikouzan (Kill Devil Steel) - Charge 4, 6+A/B/C
C version hits low and knocks down (if their stand is off).
Can combo from some pokes into Kikouzan.
Can cancel from Kikouzan into Kinuizan.
As you do not need to hit with Kikouzan to cancel into Kinuizan, be careful not to cancel early. However, if a opponent rolls past you, a risky (but often unexpected) response can be to cancel into Kinuizan as soon as they cross you up. Despite the risk, depending on your opponent this may be worth it as they may be ready to punish your Kikouzan already.
Kinuizan (Kill Life Already) - 623+{A/B/C]
Khan flies upwards, slashing on the way, hitting in front of him. Fairly short range (about one character length. B/C versions hit multiple times. Relatively safe on hit or if blocked in the air. Not safe if blocked on the ground.
Much like a dragon punch, though sadly without the invincibility of one. Best used when combo'd from other moves. (Todo: Stand Crashes?)
Oboeta - 214+[A/B/C]
Khan assumes a defensive stance and flashes briefly. If an enemy hits you with a (non projectile) attack during this time, Khan will counter it, avoiding the damage, and 'learn' the attack.
From that point on, if an opponent uses that attack on you and you block, Khan will briefly flash and hitting any buttons will allow you to perform that move, even (circumstances allowing) doing a full combo.
Khan can learn all of the moves of an opponent. Using Oboeta a 2nd time on the same move will not 'learn' it again, but will still counter it.
Does not work on projectiles. Some moves will not be punished by the initial Oboeta counter-hit due to being at the extreme of their range.
Note: Some moves that do not look counter-able, are: Khan can 'learn' Midler's Cadillac attack, and learning the normal version counts against the same attack that appears in her Motor Show / Cadillac Graveyard super. Khan can additionally "learn" Dio's road roller.

Zangaizan (Kill Wreckage) - 236+AA (any two attack buttons)
Khan rushes forward for about half the screen, slicing in front of him, ending in a move resembling his Kinuizan.
Modest invincibility at the beginning, but no other real special properties. Moderate damage.
Ichitachi (One Sword) - 214+AA (any two attack buttons)
Khan swipes in front of him, and if the hit connects, swings into a Kinuizan. High damage.
NOTE: If is possible in some situations to hit with only the first hit, leaving you open to retribution.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos
5C, 5C, Kikouzan(C)
Charge his Kikouzan ([4],6+A) while doing the standing C attacks, and then charge in with his Kikouzan to sweep the opponent. Not necessarily safe if your opponent has a stand on due to sweep properties when stands are on. The second hit has the tiniest bit more range than the first hit.
Dashing 2B, 214+AA (Ichitachi, costs one super bar)
Fairly quick, midrange dash. If it hits, you have a small window to do the super in. Moderate damage. If you do it from too far (extreme range of the 2B, the super will miss). Be careful of negative edging from 2B when you do the 214AA.
j.C, 423+C
Simple jump-in hit with C, which can be combo'd into his SRK (and plenty else).
Intermediate Combos
2A, 2A, 2A, 4B, Kikouzan (C)
Simpler version of his best combo, ending in a knockdown. Be careful as well not to cause an accidental Oboeta when going from 2A to 4B. Not nearly as useful if your opponent's stand is on.
(small jump) j.C, 2A, 2A, 4B, Kikouzan(A/B), Kinuizan(A/B/C)
Solid, fairly practical combo.
[Not noted right yet] 2A, 4B, Kikouzan(A/B), Kinuizan(A/B/C)
Khan's ultimate combo. Actually decent damage, but the timing is actually fairly tight between the last three parts (and especially the last two) and a bit spacing dependent.
Advanced Combos

Khan does not have advanced combos.

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): YouTube

0:00 - 0:09: Dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 4B, charge special

0:12 - 0:23: Dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 214+AA

0:26 - 0:35: Dash 2B, 214+AA

0:38 - 0:47: j.C, 2A, 2A, 4B, charge special, 623+C

0:52 - 1:08: 214+AA, 214+AA


General Strategy

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse

Some of his normals cannot be learned with Oboeta.

vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

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