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Learning Resources

This page is intended to be linked to someone new and interested as a one-stop shop for how to get started, since resources for Jojos are scattered (as this wiki is trying to address and improve)

The Basics

Jojo's has lots of features (airblocking, rolling, hops, guard-cancels, etc!) but it's quite learnable:

  • Learn the basics, so you know what to how to do things like pushblock: New Player Primer - (in progress)
  • Pick and try out a character! Some recommendations here: Picking a Character, but you can also find a list of characters on the front page.
  • Learn your moves! Check the page for your chosen character here! (some pages not finished, see other links for those chars)
  • Playing on GGPO? Don't forget the savestate! Instructions

Other Jojos resources!

  • The rest of this wiki: HERE
  • The wiki on SRK: here
  • The german-language HardEdge site: here
  • SRK forums thread: here


YouTube is a great resource for tutorials but also to learn tricks from better players who play the same character as you. There are plenty of good youtube videos for Jojos -- if you can fine them. There are somegood videos on the following channels, though some are no longer updated.

Gostunv's Youtube Channel

HardEdgeOfficial Youtube Channel

TVRanbat Youtube Channel - GGPO ranbats and matches

DandyDLC's channel - no longer updated with Jojos, but some good old content.

Soh85's Youtube Channel

and so on... More videos at Videos page!