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Mariah stabs her dagger out at knee height. Hits low, can be done twice for two-hits or three times for overhead follow-up (see Command Normals)
Mariah twists her body to the left while poking the point of her dagger out at hip height. Hits mid, shortest range of her normals but comes out fast.
Mariah slashes straight forward with her dagger. Longest range and damage of her normals, good for punishing standing rush-ins and short hops as well as empty jump-ins. Longer recovery time though leaves her open to high and low hits.
Stabs low with the dagger. Fast up-close low poke, can combo into itself (see Basic Combos)
Mariah crouches and twirls her dagger forward. Slightly slower than her other crouching normals, but works well as a deceptive low poke and for dashing in.
Mariah sweeps at the opponent's ankles with her dagger. Knocks them off their feet. DOES NOT combo into 214+AA (will whiff).
Dashing A
Dashing B
Dashing C
(Jumping) A
Quick but short range stab where Mariah braces her knife and holds it in this pose until she lands or is hit.
(Jumping) B
Same as jumping A.
(Jumping) C
Mariah swings her dagger out at a low angle. Shorter duration than j.A/B but hits deeper, good for tagging standing opponents (or crouching if you do it after a short hop), or as a defensive attack when hopping away.

Command Normals
Upward swipe that launches an opponent. More specialized than her 5C, but invaluable in certain situations.
Mariah throws a knife upwards. After a second or so, it becomes 'live' and seeks towards the opponent. Not very useful at level 0 magnetism, but improves greatly (still large startup time) with further levels.
*Recovery animation can be cancelled into her cable wrap.
5A, 5A, (5A)
After stabbing the dagger twice, the third attack will be her 6B overhead slash. DOES NOT combo into first two 5As.
Overhead. Fairly slow and obvious. Best used on wakeups, when opponents are blocking projectiles or electric wire (watch out for guard cancels!) and other similar situations.
Special Moves
"movename" (translation) - 236+A/B/C (can be performed in air)
Mariah throws out several different pieces of cutlery which pause, and then home in on her opponent. Higher levels of magnetism improve their speed and tracking. Rather slow startup, generally only worth doing when an opponent is actually retreating or you are otherwise safe from them dashing in or doing a projectile super. Can also be done in the air.
"movename" (translation) - 623+A/B/C
Mariah throws a knife towards the ceiling, cutting an electrical wire which drops onto the playfield, and then the end of it moves towards the opponent. One of her best moves.
The button pressed determines the angle the knife is thrown at, which determines what parts of the screen the wire can reach.
The knife that Mariah throws to start the attack can hit the opponent if they are in the air. If this occurs, the wire portion of the attack will not occur.
Opponents can 'cut' the wire with certain attacks. Also, be wary of blocking opponents Guard Cancelling it.
The wire will also disappear if mariah is damaged or a throw/throw tech occurs.
"movename" (translation) - 214+A/B/C
Mariah poses, and if an opponent is in range, a set of cables flies from her body towards the opponent, wrapping them up if it hits. Can be blocked. Once wrapped, Mariah can set them up for free hits, if she acts quickly enough.
Range is incredibly short at 0 levels of magnetism, and nearly fullscreen at max range. If you are out of range, this move is almost automatically a free punish for your opponent.
The range is somewhat altered if this move is cancelled into, such as after hitting with 5C.
Stand Moves

Do to her passive stand,when Mariah presses the stand button, she summons an electrical outlet (often referred to as 'plug'. This lets her (to some extent) control the playfield. If this hits an opponent (can be blocked), it raises the level of her magnetism, which makes her supers and special moves - as well as her knife-throw command normal all better.

Plugs are not instantly active (a few frames before they can hit an opponent), and an opponent can remove them from the playing field with some moves.

Different directions let mariah summon her plug with different positioning, as follows:

TODO: Time startup on plug.

Place plug in front of Mariah.
Place plug in front of mariah, slightly different distance/height than 5S
Places on the floor, a similar distance from 5S. Still can be destroyed, but way fewer moves will make contact/destroy it. (ex: Joseph stand-on 3C will)
Places the plug above Mariah (to counter jump-ins or hit aerial opponents)

Plugs can also be used in the air, as well as in the air after another aerial attack, such as j.C, then hitting S. It can be useful not only on offense, but to change the timing of your jump arc, potentially saving you from a punish by your opponent if you are in a bad spot. (236+A will delay falling longer, but is more telegraphed and easier to punish if an opponent isn't committed to a move)

Places plug out in front of Mariah.
j.2C (?)
Places plug lower and in front of Mariah.

"Movename" (translation) - 214+AA (any two attacks)
Mariah's short-range super. Despite looking like it arcs around her in a circle, it doesn't really hit behind her. Air-blockable. Best combo'd into (or off an electric wire or cable wrap) due to its short range, high vulnerability on whiff.
Can link into itself - time the second (or third) car super just when/after the 'car' drops onto the opponent.
"Movename" (translation) - 236+AA (any two attacks) - can be done in the air.
Mariah's projectile super. Hits multiple times, hits full screen. Number of projectiles thrown and the accuracy improve with magnetism levels. Has slow startup, though it also does a point-blank melee-range hit just before the projectile portion starts (similar to Abdul's supers). If hit by this, the opponent will often take the full brunt of the attack.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos
2A, 2A, 2A
2A combos into itself, and the third swing (hitting or not) will sweep. Careful when using against stand ON characters as they cannot be sweeped, but you may have other alternatives at that point.
2A, 5C
Basic combo, if you don't have any meter to do a super. The 5C can be canceled into either her Stand move or a special move in order to either retreat or create pressure.
2A, 2A, 5B

Same as the above combo, but the 5B will hit certain crouching characters (Kakyoin ect) where the 5C would whiff.

Intermediate Combos
(jumping) B/C, 2A, 2A, 2A
Basic jump-in pressure string. Can be mixed up by linking 1st or 2nd 2A into 5A/B or canceling into Cable Wrap.
5A/B/C xx 214+AA
Standing hit confirm into super. C version is easiest to cancel into due to length of animation but also easy to whiff if not done fast enough. B version may be safer since you'll have to be up-close to land it in the first place.
2A xx 214+AA
Crouching hit confirm version of above combo. If you end hitting 2A again, continue on into the sweep combo or follow up with Cable Wrap. Opponent will be too far away for 214+AA after 2nd hit.
6C xx 214+AA
6C doesn't combo into anything else aside from a missed tech recovery (unlikely against anyone halfway decent), so if you land it, use it!
Advanced Combos
2A, 5C xx 214+AA
(jumping) C, 2A, 5C xx 214+AA
Jump-in option of above combo. If you nail them with j.C while they're crouch, cancel 2A into super instead.
(jumping) C, 2A, 2A, 5C
Best done with a short hop to make sure you land in close enough to deliver all the hits. Best used for building meter. Don't try canceling into 214+AA after the 5C, you'll be too far away!
(jumping) A/B/C xx 236+AA
Tricky timing on this one. Do it too soon or too late after the hit confirm and they'll recover fast enough to block the projectiles. C version may be easier to land due to deeper hit.

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube
Basic Okizeme: Youtube
Infinites/Loops: 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9C4ucDJ06o
(Both these loops are soft banned in Japanese competition.)


General Strategy

Overview: As you can probably guess from looking at her move list, Mariah is primarily a zoning/keepaway character. However because of the nature of Jojo's system it makes zoning consistently rather difficult. There are many moves in this game that travel very fast across the screen and either have partial/full invincibility or very advantageous hitboxes. This presents a particular problem for Mariah as all of her projectiles disappear if she suffers a hit. Thus all of Mariah's zoning and strategy basically relies on zoning safely in order to set up her traps, before she can then move in and set up her mix-ups.


The cornerstone of Mariah's defence is her stand. The stand basically acts as a type of barrier between you and your opponent. Though it does very little damage it acts to disrupt your opponents attacks and make it difficult to cleanly hit Mariah. Her stand also acts as a tool, gradually increasing Mariah's potential offensive output as the match goes on. Thus it is quite important that you make sure to hit your opponent with the stand attack as many times as you can. Placing the stand out on the field safely is the most important part of Mariah's defence. 5C is also very important for keeping her spacing and for anti-air.

Here are some of Mariah's basic defensive tactics:

1. 5C(block or hit) xxS. If you opponent tries to punish the 5C they will hit the stand and if they try to roll under the stand , you get an easy throw.

2. Place stand > roll. Use this if your opponent is jumping at you a lot. They will land on the stand and it may set up an opportunity for you to hit them again with 5C. 3. Place stand, then back off. After they get by the stand and go to attack you, you can then push block them into the stand.


Most of Mariah's offence is simply setting up a wire and then running in and pressuring while the opponent is trapped in the block stun of the wire. There are several ways that you can get a wire up with relative safety:

1. After her 2A,2A,2A knockdown combo you can cancel the last 2A into 623 A/B/C. This is probably the safest way of setting up the wire again most characters. Some characters can still cut the wire with little effort, but there is little chance that you can actually be punished for this.

2. After a throw (not close to the corner). The throw should send them to the far side of the stage, allowing Mariah sufficient time to get up a wire. This can be unsafe against characters with long range fast projectiles such as Hol Horse, who can wake up and hit Mariah before she has recovered from the 623A/B/C.

3. After an anti-air strike with 5C. This can be effective providing the opponent air recovers in the wrong direction. The 623A/B/C can be cut by some characters after they air recover, but if they miss time the attack they will often be hit in mid air by the wire allowing you to combo to 214AA if they are low enough. The opponent may also try to air recover and then hit Mariah, thus nullifying the wire. To prevent this always remember to roll or simply block immediately after throwing the wire, and vary which version of the wire you use, so that it is more difficult for the opponent to time their air recovery and attack.

4. After landing a 214A/B/C web. If you are close and do it 623A right away you can actually combo the wire and get a free combo. Sidebar here about follow-ups for 214A/B/C After successfully webbing an opponent , if you have meter you should always do 5Cxx214AA. If you don't have meter and were too slow to do the aforementioned comboable 623A, I usually do the following: run up close and place a mine behind them then do 5Cxx623A/B/C. This way you are guaranteed at least to gain 1 level and do some damage from the web.

5. After a hitting the opponent/ forcing them to block 236AA. This sets up a situation similar to #2.

6.After a hit/blocked 236A/B/C (Full screen only). Also similar to #2. Don't try this if they are anywhere close to you as you'll just eat a dashing attack/ whatever they throw at you.

Now these are the "safe" setups for 623A/B/C. Feel free to throw up random wires whenever you think the opponent isn't paying attention, but note that you might end up eating a super/combo for doing this.

Now for the next part of Mariah's offence, the part where she actually can rush down and attempt to do damage. After you have caught your opponent in a wire and they are trapped in blockstun you have a few basic options in order to hit your opponent and do damage. Basically the idea here is that you want to break their guard, and then combo to 214AA anyway you can.

Your main tools to accomplish this will be the following:

1. 2A. This is your main poke. Use immediately if you see them standing, and cancel to super if it hits.

2. 8C. You can use this to act as an instant overhead after a blocked 2A. However ff you are at lower levels there may not be time for you to land and combo after this hits.

3. 6B. This is Mariah's command overhead. Its a fairly easy hitconfirm to super, but we wary of people who will switch to a standing block at the last second. Cancelling to Mariah's super on block is extremely hazardous to her health...

4. You may run into people who are adept at guard cancelling the wire. Depending on the character this can be difficult for Mariah to deal with. One simple way to deal with this is to simply roll behind your opponent. Most characters guard cancels are only front wards effecting, so if you are behind them you can actually punish the guard cancel. If you have a fairly good idea of when they are going to do the guard cancel you can also hit them with a 214C. As long as you are blocking / out of range when they do the guard cancel the web should hit them.

5.Throw. If you went through the whole time of the wire without getting a hit, you still have the option of tick throwing your opponent as soon as it ends. This works particularly well if you are behind them and they are facing the wrong way from blocking the wire.

Basically you just want to go wild with all these options and try to land a hit and combo to 214AA. There are some characters who just don't want to play fair, and have ways of cutting wires effectively/escaping setups, even during seemingly perfect meaty setups. There is usually a counter to all of these things however some counters require you to sacrifice some or all of your "wire mix-up" time, without knowing whether or not the opponent will actually attempt to cut the wire/ escape. In this section I will go over common escape techniques, and explain how to counter each one.

1. Opponent uses a jumping attack of some sort in order to cut the wire. This is easy to counter, as after the opponent has done a mid air attack they are vulnerable until they land. This means that if you do an early 236AA super you will usually hit them for free. You can also hit the opponent with a dashing C attack as well.

2. Opponent does a reversal Tandem. This is quite difficult to deal with effectively as tandems have complete start-up invincibility. Your reaction to a reversal tandem should all depend on what the tandem does. If the tandem doesn't actually cut the wire, as is often the case, you should simply block (so that your wire does not get nullified by you sustaining a hit) and they will get hit by the wire as soon at the tandem start-up invincibility runs out. If the wire is immediately cut its probably better to run away and try to setup another wire.

3. Opponent activates stand immediately and cuts the wire with normals. There is pretty much no counter to this, just run away and try again. This is particularly common if you are fighting against Iced as his stand is perfect for doing this, with almost no risk.

4. Roll on wakeup. They can't really escape by rolling so just follow them and keep mixing up.

5. Reversal super/Special. Beware of a reversal from anything with start-up invincibility. The opponent may use the attack to cut the wire, and you can usually punish this. They may also try to use a super to try and hit you as you are coming in to attack (Joseph/Young Jojo are bad for this). You can usually block this sort of thing on reaction then the opponent will get hit by the wire, but its good to be aware that this is something that your opponent may try.

Sometimes you'll just luck out though and catch the opponent in mid air with the wire. If this happens just do dash Cxx214AA. If the opponent is too high for the C to hit just hit them with the 236AA super instead.

Well this is how I play Mariah, but by no means is it the only way. Much of Mariah's strategy is simply reacting to what your opponent does, and if you do linear patterns you will end up getting destroyed. So just use these strategies as a sort of jumping off point and experiment and find out what works for you !

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

Abdul | Devo | Dio | Iggy | Jotaro | Kakyoin | Midler | New Kakyoin | Polnareff | Vanilla Ice Active Stand
Alessi | Chaka | Joseph Weapon Stand
Black Polnareff | Hol Horse | Hol Horse & Boingo | JoJo | Khan | Mariah | Petshop | Rubber Soul | Shadow Dio Passive Stand