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New Player Primer

Welcome to the game! Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has a whole grab-bag of systems, but is simple enough to sit down and play with just a bit of information. Consider this page something to refer back to every few games until you'd played for a couple days -- soon you'll making use of all the tools at your disposal.

This page is intended to introduce a player to the mechanics that exist, rather than going into every tiny little detail of them. Once you're ready for a deeper understanding of the mechanics, move on to other pages such as System DATA and System FAQ.

Lastly, if there's something you've learned that wasn't covered here and feel is important, let someone know! It's always under construction!

Basic controls

Jojo's bizarre adventure is a four-button game, most similar to most SNK games, or Blazblue. The standard arcade layout is:
abutton.png bbutton.png cbutton.png
abutton.png is a quick, weak jab (aka 'A1')
bbutton.png is a medium attack (aka 'A2')
cbutton.png is a strong attack. (aka 'A3')
When you do a special move with these buttons, the strength may determine the version (speed/power/range) of those moves, or they may be identical, depending on the character and move in question. In most cases, it does matter.
sbutton.png turns your stand on/off, or in the case of Passive Stand characters, will often execute their own attacks.

Throwing & Defending Throws

throw or be thrown.
Throwing in Jojo's is simple, yet mastering them is difficult. If you've played SF2 or Vampire Savior, the throw system should feel relatively natural, only they are harder to tech.

How to Throw
Be close to your opponent, then press fwd (or back) and cbutton.png
The only requirements are that you are close enough and that your opponent is not invincible (say, super startup) or in block/hitstun.
How to AVOID being thrown
If an opponent is going to throw you, you'll need to expect it (see above) - but the mechanical method of avoiding a throw is simply the same as throwing! Simply hold towards/away and press C at the same time as they do (if you did it early, but when it was a valid time to throw, you'll throw them instead of them throwing you, of course!)
I keep trying that, but I still get thrown!
The window of opportunity to tech a throw is very tiny, so you will not be able to tech a throw on reaction, but will need to anticipate it. The same goes for your opponent. In time, you'll learn to recognize many of their throw setups and invent a few of your own. Stay unpredictable!
You also cannot tech if you are thrown while rolling - after all, being thrown is the only true weakness of rolling!

More advanced information on throws (such as the fact you cannot throw right after rolling) is located on more advanced pages.

Air Recovery / Air Teching

If you've been hit while jumping, knocked back, and hit by some throws, you can recover sooner than if you simply waited to hit the ground and stand up automatically.

How to tech:
Merely hold any direction and press two attack buttons at once.
The direction held controls what direction you recover in.
How to tech RIGHT:
For a beginner, you will probably just want to hold a direction and mash two attack buttons to tech. This way you'll get a feel for when you can and cannot tech. When you get more experience, you can start learning to vary the timing as needed.
The direction you tech in is important, because if you always tech in the same direction (meaning you're predictable) your opponent will likely get free hits on you.
Some moves, especially those that cause a wall bounce cannot be teched until you hit the wall. You may be unable to air recover entirely from others, too, though this is rare.
If you wait until you are very close to hitting the ground to tech, your character will still tech but have a different animation (such as a handstand or other recovery in line with the ground), different spacing/movement, and somewhat limited options, though there are advanced ways to cancel the animation.


Every character can dash or run (or a mix).

How to dash/run:
Tap Forward or Back twice rapidly (optional: hold on second tap)

Depending on your character, you will get a dash or run. Many characters have a different set (or modified set) of normals when dashing. Subtly, some of the moves that look the same have different properties. (Blockstun, knockdown, etc)

Unlike some games (SFIV, Blazblue), backdashes are purely a movement option and do not give you any invulnerability.

The 'Stand' button

The way this applies to your character depends on the type of character you're playing. If you press the 'S' button and it toggles a mode, see the 'active/weapon stands section'. If it does an attack or projectile or similar, see the 'passive stands' section as different tricks apply to each.

Passive Stands
For all passive-stand characters, the stand button acts as an attack or special move (sometimes combined with normal special motions) but these vary by the character. Your stand never turns on or off, and is just an additional attack button for the most part: think of the 'drive' button in Blablue, and see your chosen character's page and movelist for details.
These characters lack Tandems (covered below).

Active Stands and Weapon Stands
When you have your stand OFF, pressing the stand button will turn it on, with the following major effects: (varies by character)
  • Your normals will differ, and usually supers and special moves as well.
  • You can doublejump (except Alessi, Chaka, and Joseph)
  • You are vulnerable to a Stand Crash if you are hit by or block too many moves, or a few specific moves. This stuns you momentarily, potentially giving your opponent free hits - much like a guard crush from other games. Watch your stand-meter to see when it's close - and watch your opponent's!
Important but subtle secondary effects will exist as well:
  • Jump heights may be notably different as well as how 'floaty' they are
  • Damage and defense will change (often better)
  • Your hitbox for standing and crouching will be different.
  • Turning off your stand may leave your momentarily (a few frames) vulnerable, though there are advanced tricks to avoid this.

Important Input Trick: When your stand is OFF, pressing S+A (or S+B, or 2S+C, etc) will instantly turn on your stand and do the corresponding stand-attack! This makes it very easy to do some combos (required for some) or gain quick access to some characters' best anti-air attacks.

There are some other effects as well which are best reserved for later and are covered on other pages.

Magic Series

Similar to a Marvel game, many characters have a series of normals that will generally combo. This is typically in a weaker->stronger pattern, but is slightly different for each character.

The universal chain in stand mode: abutton.png bbutton.png cbutton.png

Experiment, try things such as A,A,A, A,B,C, A,A,B,C, mix in lows, et cetera! More data should be on the page for your character of choice.


How to initiate a tandem
214+S (Quarter-circle back + S)
All about Tandems
  • Use one bar of super.
  • Have a bit of invincibility on startup like most supers.
  • Their effect varies by character a bit (see below)

Active stand chars: Gameplay freezes momentarily as your character strikes a pose - during this moment, inputting moves with directions + A,B, or C will let you queue up moves to be executed when the freeze ends or until your stand gets hit. You can move during the time your tandem is ongoing, but cannot block.

Weapon stand chars:Think v-isms - your character rushes forward automatically, and you can perform moves a bit faster than normal, allowing for more combo opportunities than normal. However, if you don't combo into the tandem your opponent could easily roll - a single hit to you knocks you out of the tandem akin to a stand crash.

Passive stand chars: Passive stand chars do not have tandems.

More information about tandems can be found here: Tandems

Jumps & Jumping

In Jojo's Bizarre adventure, there are four kinds of jumps that follow the King of Fighters style. If you've ever played KoF, you'll know these instantly!

Short Hop:
Activated by briefly tapping any up direction. Short Hops are like jumps, except they're much lower to the ground, and useful in pressure games.

Activated by pressing any Up direction. Jumps are standard street fighter style jumps. They go up and come down in a predictable arc.

Hyper hop:
Activated by tapping down direction, tapping any up direction. Hyper hops are like short jumps, except they go much further and faster. Dashing hops produce these as well.

Activated by briefly tapping any down direction, then any up direction. Superjumps are much higher than normal jumps. Useful for changing sides.

Exceptions and Special rules:
Different characters have different hop and jump heights. In addition, when a character's stand is ON, it affects those properties of their jumps, changing the arcs.

Double jumps
Characters with active stands can double-jump when their stand is ON. These jumps can even change direction.

A useful, slightly more advanced technique is to remember that you can turn your stand on in the air and double jump instantly (press s+up as a shortcut for this) if you jumped with stand OFF and suddenly need that extra height.

Triple jumps
A stand in remote mode can triple jump.

Remote Stands

How do I make my stand go attack him across the screen?
If you're playing as a character with a Remote Stand - Kakyoin, Abdul, or Polnareff, you can send your stand after your opponent by pressing 6AA (forward and any two attacks) while the stand is out. With stand off, 236+S (quarter-circle forward+S) will do this as well.

Devo has something similar, but he is more heavily about controlling his stand, so it works a bit differently.

Defense: Rolling, Blocking, Airblocking, and Guard Cancels

Blocking: Hold back to block normal attacks, air attacks, or 'overhead' attacks. Hold down+back to block low attacks or non-overhead standing attacks.

Rolling: Press all three attacks (A + B + C) at the same time. This only works when your stand is OFF. (Exception: Joseph)

Airblocking: Hold back, as normal. You can block all other air-based attacks and projectiles. You cannot block ground-based normals (if they can reach you) or a select few ground-based special moves and supers.

Guard Cancelling: While you are in blockstun (frozen momentarily by the act of blocking an opponent's move), do a SRK motion (623) and hit a button. This costs no meter, but is not guaranteed. At high level play these may sometimes be baited. Learning to GC (and when to do so) is important in the long term with many characters, but there are more important skills for a new player to focus on.

Picking the right character for your tastes

Be it projectile spammers, combo fairy types, turtles or even grapplers, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure has a wide selection of characters available.

See Picking a Character for suggestions and details.


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