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2:30, 16 March 2011 (PST) (Fayk)

Quiet lately. Unfortunately my main machine is busted temporarily and I'm in the process of moving. More updates soon.

09:33, 13 January 2011 (PST) (Fayk)

Happy birthday to Standcrash! Today marks the one year anniversary of the site being up, running, and anyone being pointed to it.

Where we are now
We've come a long ways, but there's still more to do. Several character pages still are almost completely empty:
- Hol & Boingo
- New Kakyoin
- Devo
...but a few of the pages are filled with quite a bit of good information.
What else might happen this coming year?
1. Both myself and Geezer are likely to put together (working together or otherwise) some tutorial vids and otherwise.
2. Better community and communication, maybe?
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/StandCrash
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/StandCrashOfficial
...have been established, but aren't being made use of. Yet.
What else might the new year bring? It wouldn't be surprising if we finally get some way to see hitboxes, whether from Dammit's work (http://dammit.typepad.com/) or some other mechanism, such as the developer mode and CPS-3 emulation bugs being fixed. Who knows!

03:56, 10 September 2010 (MST) (19216801)
Very quiet, as far as the news page is concerned! I took a little vacation and haven't been around much.

A few updates around the wiki. Notably, we've got the new System DATA page, shedding a little bit more light on some of the stuff your eyes can't quite see and some stuff that they can. The Broken Buzzard got an update to his page, too, as if he even needed a page to begin with! That said, various other characters such as Anubis Polnareff, Midler and Joseph, as well as some pages have received updates. Feel free to check them out and know that more complete data is on the way in future updates.

Additionally, don't forget to use the Discussion Pages such as this one to communicate! Comments using the specified tags can be added to pages, sure, but we've got discussion pages specifically for storing unrelated comments and notes of lesser importance for future editors.

We could definitely use more people contributing and correcting where applicable.

Please, guys, Register for an account with us!

18:40, 2 July 2010 (PST) (Fayk)

Been quiet lately - 127, we need you!

Slowly, progress still is being made on various character pages. Still a few blank, still a few with no more than a movelist, but some have incredibly solid information.

Many of the community have been busy lately - Geezer moving (I think), people out of country on vacation, myself moving soon (likely). Still, though, we'll persevere. Interest levels continue to stay consistent - some join, some leave. Maybe a sloow increase overall, though fewer regulars idling on GGPO makes people less likely to stick around.

12:21, 22 February 2010 (MST) (19216801)
Hey, guys~ Been a while since a post was made here, so, I figured I'd throw one out!

The Wiki is coming along slowly but surely but we could still use information on a lot of the pages. I've personally chucked most of the information into Chaka, Shadow Dio and have been expanding on Roukyou's Vanilla Ice shell, while others have greatly contributed to Polnareff and Jotaro. Fayk, as mentioned below, has thrown basic movelist information information into the Joseph and JoJo pair, as well as some gameplay information for Khan, so, we've got a good chunk of the cast with some info listed.

There's a lot of redundant text in some articles (which I'm partly guilty of creating) that could use a bit of rewriting, summarization, clarification, or even removal. So, be sure to check a few of those pages out!

I've created a Secrets page, just in case we needed a small consolidated resource/link for anything that may be considered hidden, while not really being a bug. So far, it has the character code, the hidden crash characters, and how to access debug mode (as well as debug mode commands). It may be redundant, but I didn't see the stuff listed elsewhere, and the information can always be relocated or removed if needed.

The learning curves on the Characters page have been modified from their "loltandems" silly filler predecessors. These are just my opinions as somebody who's dabbled a bit with most of the cast, so, they might not be quite correct because I haven't gone in-depth with many of them. If you happen to use a couple of the characters and can make a good judgement, be sure to edit those a bit so that we can have less biased difficulty ratings!

Also, just a little reminder because I've already been kicked at once for this: We're just players, ourselves, contributing to the Wiki's knowledge pool! We didn't make the game and we're not super geniuses, so, at times, our information may be flawed, off, or even non-existent because we don't use every character. If you feel that you can improve the Wiki, know things that got left out, or just have a lot of experience with particular matches, be sure to register for an account and make some edits!

15:07, 14 January 2010 (PST) (Fayk)
Made some contributions to the Jojo (Young Joseph) and Joseph pages last night and this morning. Really rough and nothing on the level of the Chaca/Pol stuff. Continued to add skeleton information to glossary, newbie and mechanics faq pages. Still light on info and organization.

Also added some UI to the main page - please give me feedback, and please feel free to tweak the numbers and colors for your character's entry! I should re-format things so the competion bars look more tied to the character name/link, but I think they will serve as an indicator for whether a page is full of information for noobs or whether it needs help and love.

04:07, 14 January 2010 (PST) (Gamegeezer)
Polnareff and Chaka character pages are now lined with information for beginners to look through. Still not 100% but it's a start in the right direction. More information to come, so keep your eyes open for new additions. Contact Fayk for any particular character section you want to see covered. Cheers!

02:43, 13 January 2010 (PST) (Fayk)
The last two major stumbling blocks (from my perspective) have been figured out. There's an account queue now, so feel free to apply / hit me up in AIM/GGPO if I don't approve you fast enough.

I think the wiki is 'ready' (I should continue to tweak and polish the appearance, too) but needs content before it gets any publicity. Thanks to everyone who is helping!

05:29, 11 January 2010 (UTC) (Fayk)
No news yet - site is almost to the point where I feel like I can start asking people to contribute...