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Picking a Character

No one else can tell you what character you'll enjoy playing most, and it might even change over time. However, a few guidelines:

Characters that are relatively straightforward to pick up and fairly strong
  • Shadow Dio hits like a truck, but relies on rushing down his opponent.
  • Anubis Polnareff has the game's most ridiculous super, which hits surprisingly often given that it isn't ever combo'd into.
Other Characters that still have fairly simple combos and movelists
  • Khan is just fun, but has very limited combos that are fairly unsafe on block. Decent pokes and movement options.
  • Mariah is a trap-based character with a few good pokes, easy to learn the basics of, but takes some work to get the most out of.
  • Young Joseph is decent, but has few matchups that favor him, and has poor anti-air.
  • Rubber Soul relies a bit heavily on a link due to his lack of combos.
Like charge characters?
  • Khan
  • Polnareff isn't easy, but he's very good. Good pokes, and (at the top end) very damaging combos.
  • Iggy
  • Vanilla Ice has a charge move, but it isn't very useful!
Like Grapplers?
Jojo's might not have any grapplers, depending on your definition. Not in the Zangief sense, anyways. Below are some candidates:
  • Iggy basically has Akuma's raging demon and a few nigh-unblockable throw setups.
  • Joseph has a command throw (special) 360 and a (mediocre) 720 super.
  • Rubber Soul has a great 360 super.
  • Shadow Dio has a command throw as well.
Like playing Keepaway/runaway games?
Like close range defense and poking?
  • Chaka has the best guard cancel in the game and an array of ways to shut an opponent down.
  • Rubber Soul has the best counter special
  • Avdol has great priority and anti-air game combined with the best sweep.
Like seeing a gigantic combo meter?
Want to confuse and bewilder your opponent into submission?
Want to have a lot of good matches?
  • Petshop is soft banned in tournaments because of his power.
  • Kakyoin is nearly the ultimate character in high level play.
  • Avdol has crazy priority.
  • Vanilla Ice has long and highly damaging combos.
  • Dio can attack anything with ease.
  • Jotaro simple but effective mix-ups.
  • Polnareff long combos and effective mix-ups.

See the Characters page or the front page for a complete list of characters.