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Polnareff was injected with a parasite given to him by Dio after his encounter with him while searching for his sister's murderer. Dio told Polnareff that the man he's seeking has two right hands, and that he will help him find that man if he got rid of Jotaro and company. His desire to seek revenge caused him to be blinded by Dio's evil, and be tricked into attacking Jotaro and company. Luckily, Jotaro and his friends defeated Polnareff and safely removed the parasite that was controlling his mind. Polnareff joined Jotaro and company hoping to get revenge for his sister and Dio's manipulation. After a while they finally encountered the man with two right hands, J. Geil, who was working as one of Dio assassins alongside Hol Horse. Finally, Polnareff came face to face with the man who raped and murdered his sister. In a battle that almost cost Avdol's life, Polnareff finally got his revenge and killed J. Geil.

Along their journey, they encountered a swordsman named Chaka. After defeating Chaka, Polnareff picked up the Anubis sword that remained broken from the battle. He became possessed by the evil sword which turned out to be a Stand and he began to fight against his friends once again. Once again Polnareff was defeated and returned to normal. The Frenchman stuck with the Jojos and fought alongside them against Dio Brando hoping to right his wrongs. His stand, the Silver Chariot, is a knight with a fencing sword that moves incredibly fast. When it loses its armor it gains incredible speed. In Arc 5, Golden Whirlwind, Polnareff meets Giorno Giovanna and tells him of the mysterious arrows which grant people the ability to wield stands. In a confrontation with The Boss and King Crimson, Polnareff is forced to pierce his stand with the arrow and suffers a fatal blow. Silver Chariot Requiem is born and is even more powerful than its previous form and is cloaked in black. Since Polnareff's body has died, Silver Chariot Requiem went wild and took the arrow with it. Using its abilities, everyone fell asleep and their souls transferred to neighboring bodies. Polnareff's soul was able to occupy the body of a turtle and live for a short period of time before Silver Chariot Requiem was defeated and its effects were reversed. Jean Pierre Polnareff's soul passed on at the end of Arc 5.



5A and 2A:

Here are some pretty quick jabs, that do about little amounts of damage. Pretty nice short range pokes and they combo off of themselves too for two/three hits. 5A used against an airborne opponent can sometimes combo to 236 super if you can pull it off fast enough before the enemy can Air Tech. It’s best use in the air is for a whiff to grab, or a quick jab to get a quick hit on the opponent. Not too much use, but its there.

(In Stand Mode) 5A and 2A:

Fairly different from the standing quick jabs of 5A. When in close, 5A is a short ranged punch from Chariot. If you dash 5A you can combo into another 5A which is just the normal standing version. 2A has Chariot doing a very close range poke, and unlike the standing version, there is no variation to this. Normally 2A can combo into itself if you’re close, and if you dash 2A it can combo to 5A or 2A. A quick knee from Chariot if used in the air, possible to link dash hits from this but very difficult.

5B and 2B:

5B and 2B can be combo'd from a 2A after a jump-in or up close. 5B is a thrusting punch by Polnareff, while 2B is a very close range stab from Chariot (in normal mode if stand is out, this move resembles a 2A but the hit properties are different). Both aren’t preferred to be used on their own. Jumping B however is a whole different ball game. Air B has so much priority that it beats out most of the rosters normal moves, special moves, and sometimes super moves. This is the preferred jump-in because of its priority which is much safer than his C. The animation lasts until you touch the ground making it a great jump move. Abuse this jump-in often, but don't get predictable. If you learn to short hop with the quickness, you can do some great mixup games and crossups with 2A to short hop B. Dash in 2B can link from a 2A hit, while in normal mode (this allows you to repeat the combo infinitely until stand goes offscreen/returns).

(In Stand Mode) 5B and 2B:

There is some definite variety this time around. While 2B serves as a low poke no matter the location, there is much going on with standing B. An neutral B is a quick slash, 6B is a hopping overhead attack (opponent must block high), 4B is a great standing poke (use this to poke the heck out of your opponent and tell them to keep their distance). 4B has got so much reach that it reaches about 55% across the screen when the camera is zoomed in all the way.

C and 2C:

5C is the rushing boot to face served by Polnareff’s shoe, while 2C is one of Polnareff’s greatest pokes (best used with a dash, make sure to poke the enemy with this a good amount of times). Both are excellent links to Tandem. His 2C animation looks like a 2A animation when you are in normal mode and stand is out; except the properties are different, and his 5C looks like a 5B. When used in the air, C is a Chariot stab with decent priority (looks like a jumping B when stand is out in normal mode).

(In Stand Mode) 5C and 2C:

5C is a downward slash, while 2C is a good low poke. Both can link to Tandem, but 2C is best if your not really close up. His air C is really great at outprioritizing other jump-ins also works as a great jump-in giving you many combo options once you land the hit.

Command Normals
Special Moves

Million Pricks: A or B or C (press rapidly to active)

Chariot appears next to Polnareff and stabs the enemy multiple times. This move is not all that great, and not many high level Polnareff players use this move at all. If anything, its more of a sign of newbie-ness and button mashing if this move comes out while playing. But, it’s a move and has its uses, which can be used in select combos. Outside of combos, its only use is to just mash buttons while you're in a combo loop and hope that there is a break somewhere in the combo and when there is this move pops out. But you’d rather guard to guard cancel anyways. The reason its so bad is the fact it stays out so long, leaving yourself and Chariot open for enough time for your opponent to counter attack even if this move lands.

Ray Dart: (Hold) Back, 6A or 6B or 6C

Sends Chariot rushing forward with a thrusting stab. This move is something you’re going to have to get comfortable with, seeing it’s used in many combos and also used to keep an enemy back or add damage at the end of a string. Ray Dart has some pretty nice priority seeing as how the part that hits your opponent is the tip of the sword and in a sense not a part of Silver Chariots body. So there are no hit boxes on the tip of it which makes it great, but Chariot is still exposed to supers like the rest of the moves. But luckily after the hit connects, or is blocked, Chariot becomes untouchable and disappears shortly.

Shooting Star: (Hold) Down, 8A or 8B or 8C

Chariot goes to either end of the upper portion of the screen and bounces off the wall. Very unique move that Polnareff has, and if you hold the button down longer Chariot stays on the wall, and accumulates more hits towards your opponent the longer you’ve held the button down. Also, depending on the button you press, dictates which wall Chariot goes to. 8A has Chariot ricochet off of the wall behind you, and 8B/8C have Chariot bounce off of the wall in the direction your facing. This move is also used for unblockable setups, mixups, pressure strings, and combos. Learn and master this move, use it, use it, use it!.

Needle Pierce: (In Stand Mode) 214A or 214B or 214C

Chariot holds out its sparkling sword for an instant and then slashes immediately. If you hold the A button down you can stop Chariot from starting the attack but the moment you release he slashes immediately. This is a good five hits and at the very last hit you can Last Shot super if you do it fast enough you can combo the B + C version and possibly the A + C as well. It is possible to combo from Stand Mode Shooting Star A or B versions but the link is rather difficult and I’m still not too sure if Needle Pierce is button dependent to combo. I will update this as I learn new information, but it seems the Piano Method has helped me insure the link to succeed.

Remote Control: (In Stand Mode) 6AB or 6AC or 6BC

As the name implies, Chariot rushes forward and you can control it remotely. It gains a boost in speed and can move around much more freely while gaining a 3rd jump. A lot of moves can link more easily than when normally controlled by Polnareff. The down side to using this is the fact that Polnareff is wide open if your opponent manages to get in between Polnareff and Chariot. Although Chariot cannot be grabbed in this state but you will lose Stand Mode if Polnareff is grabbed. If your opponent is a little too close for comfort, you can always Tandem with/without inputting buttons. Chariot is still free to move/attack while Polnareff is taking damage, but certain moves that involve attacks with an opponents stand tend to knock you out of Remote Control instantly. There are some interesting combos with Remote Control which I have not explored yet. If I update, I’ll post it in the combos section.

Stand Attack: (In Normal Mode) 236S

Every character in the game that has an Active Stand has their own Stand Attack that switches them from Normal Mode to Stand Mode. For Polnareff this is a lunging attack that is pretty damaging and can link after a 2C or dash in 2C. Also, when the attack is launched, it not only puts Polnareff in Stand Mode but he also has his stand in Remote Control. This is pretty good for getting in and out of stand mode and adding that extra little chunk of damage after a 2C.


Armor Takeoff: 236A or 236B or 236C

Chariot comes out and does a wide vertical slash that hits opponents above, and directly in front of Polnareff. If they are hit, Chariot loses its armor temporarily to increase its speed to attack for a follow up of 9 more hits for a total of 10 hits, which shortly ends with Chariot returning to its original state. This move has great startup invincibility and beats most things out in priority, not to mention how incredibly fast this move comes out. You can catch someone jumping in and even sometimes on a stray 2A or 5A (not that I’m advising you to do so, but just saying how fast it is). This is the perfect punish move on an opponent who can’t guard or on a stand that’s out. This move also isn’t affected by damage scaling when you combo into it from a jump-in C to a 2C (I’m not sure why, but it just is), so if you can pull that off if you can guarantee that you’ll connect the first hit.

Laser Shot: 214AB or 214AC or 214BC

Chariot pulls out its sword and fires the tip of it in that direction instantly. Afterwards the tip of the sword ricochets off the sides of the screen multiple times before returning to Chariots sword. This move is very nice and has many defensive/offensive abilities especially with the speed of the move and amount of startup invincibility it has. Because of the nature of how the Laser Shot ricochets off the walls and how that varies on a blocking/non-blocking high/low opponent along with distance, it’s tough to have a definite for sure combo that works every time, even for each instance. A + B Laser Shot is a horizontal type of movement. It starts low then works its way up, and then back down again. I use this on dashing opponents far away or close up, and apply pressure with either a jump in 5B followed by 2A’s or dash in 2A, 2A, short hop forward B.

B + C Laser Shot is a vertical type of movement. It starts at the opposite end of the screen and works its way back after being shot diagonally upward (possibly hitting a jumping in opponent). This is a secondary anti-air measure (although the Armor Takeoff super is much better if you can guarantee a hit) and also great for hitting an opponent all the way on the other side of the field trying to escape or attacking from afar. Depending on how you use this, you can also use this super to drag your opponent towards you as it seems to do when they block it from afar. Don’t use it too upclose though, leaves Chariot open for a good while and if you use in the corner it goes off the screen.

Finally, A + C Laser Shot is random in a sense that it’s hard to tell how much combos and if it’ll connect. It moves in a diamond shape in a sense defending Chariot and even fires the initial shot seemingly behind itself. This move isn’t too bad after a Needle Pierce, or if you want to keep the enemy away for a moment (sometimes the diamond shape itself is confusing for some opponents). These supers need much experience and experimentation to be used properly. This is essentially Polnareff’s way of controlling the field and keeping your opponents movement/momentum in check. One thing to be cautious of is getting Chariot hit, so you want to your opponent to be in between you and Chariot or make sure they are a good distance away if they block or you whiff the first few hits. Remember to take advantage of the invincibility of this move and work with it, and watch out for those Guard Cancels.

*Secret Move* Silver Chariot Requiem: (Level 3 gauge) 63214AB or 63214AC or 63214BC

Silver Chariot is pierced in the head with the arrow mentioned in Arcs 4-5 of the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga. Afterwards, a “Za Warudo” affect happens and Silver Chariot becomes Silver Chariot Requiem. Your enemy, regardless of where they are on the field or what attack they are doing, they are instantly put to sleep and all attacks are null once Requiem is in effect. Although once the enemy is asleep Chariot returns to normal, so you never actually play as Requiem (sucks, I know). This move is rather tricky, and I have not come up with a setup for this move. If an enemy can hit you before they are put to sleep, then the animation stops and they can’t be put to sleep. The enemy sleeps for a brief period of time, despite the effects of sleeping being irreversible unlike where if you stop time with Jotaro/Dio you can unfreeze time. When using this move and thinking about the best way to punish the sleeping enemy, you have to keep in mind your playing field. If you are playing in an area that’s really huge and you are several seconds away from the edge of the playing field, your best method of punishment is jump-in C, 2C, Armor Takeoff super or one of the midscreen BBC Basic combos. But if you happen to be near an edge or on a small enough playing field, you can push your enemy to the corner by dashing and startup any juicy corner combo of your choice.

Movement Data

How to read:
Damage = Damage done to life bar.
Damage (Chip) = Damage done to life bar on block (outside of stand mode).
Stand Bar Dmg = Damage done to the opponent's stand bar on hit.
Stand Bar Chip = Damage done to the opponent's stand bar while they block.
Meter Hit/Wiff/Enemy = The meter gained when hitting or missing with the specific move. "Enemy" refers to how much meter your OPPONENT receives when you hit them.

Life is out of 144.
Each stock (max 10) of meter is worth 105 points.

Move Name Damage Damage (Chip) Stand Bar Damage Stand Bar Chip Meter (Hit) Meter (Miss) Meter (Enemy) Guard Location
2A 4 0 2 0 4 0 2 Low
Dash 2A 4 0 2 0 7 3 2 Low
[SO] 2B 6 0 3 0 9 4 2 Low
2B 7 0 14 7 4 9 2 Low
[SO] 2C 8 0 4 0 11 5 3 Low
2C 9 0 18 9 11 5 3 Low
A 3 0 1 0 4 0 2 Ground
Dash A 5 0 2 0 7 3 2 Ground
B 5 0 2 0 4 9 2 Ground
Dash B 6 0 3 0 4 9 2 Ground
C 7 0 3 0 11 5 3 Ground
Dash C 8 0 4 0 11 5 3 Ground
Jumping A 4 0 2 0 7 3 2 High
Jumping B 6 0 3 0 4 9 2 High
[SO] Jumping C 8 0 4 0 11 5 3 High
Jumping C 9 0 18 9 7 3 2 High
[STAND] 2A 5 0 5 2 7 3 2 Low
[STAND] 2B 8 0 16 7 9 4 2 Low
[STAND] 2C 10 0 20 10 11 5 3 Ground
[STAND] A 2 0 4 2 7 3 2 Ground
[STAND] Far A 5 0 4 2 7 3 2 Ground
[STAND] B 8 0 16 8 4 9 2 Ground
[STAND] 6B 5 0 10 5 9 4 2 High
[STAND] 4B 7 0 14 7 9 4 2 Ground
[STAND] C 12 0 20 10 11 5 3 Ground
[STAND] 6C 9 0 18 9 11 5 3 Ground
[STAND] Dash C 7 0 14 7 11 5 3 Ground
[STAND] Jumping A 3 0 6 3 7 3 2 High
[STAND Jumping B 7 0 14 7 13 6 2 High
[STAND] Jumping C 10 0 20 10 11 5 3 High
Forward Chariot 10 3 20 10 11 5 3 Ground
[STAND] F Chariot 11 3 22 11 11 5 3 Ground
Back Wall Chariot *1 9 2 18 9 11 5 3 High
Front Wall Chariot *1 8 2 16 8 11 5 3 High
[STAND] Back Wall Chariot *2 9 2 18 9 11 5 3 High
[STAND] Front Wall Chariot *2 9 2 18 9 5 11 3 High
236+S 20 3 24 12 11 5 3 Ground
[STAND] 214+A *3 (21) 1 (26) 1 11 5 7 Ground
214+AA 3xHits 1xHits 0 0 -105 -105 1xHits Any Type
236+AA *4 (47) 1 OFF 0 -105 10 Any Type
63214+AA 0 0 OFF -210 0 Unblockable

  • 1) Hold adds D:3-2-1-1 S:6-4-2-2
  • 2) Hold adds D:4-2-2-2 S:8-4-4-4
  • 3) D:1-2-4-6-8=21 S:2-4-4-6-10=26
  • 4) 4-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-19=47

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos

Normal Mode Combos:

(In the Corner)Jump in B (start charging back), (land) 1A, 1A, 1C, (release back) 6C, run in (this is what i do because its easier than 2C) 3C, (slight pause) 3C ----> Tandem

(Midscreen combo) (charge down) ----> (release down) 8C (hold C) ----> dash in 2A (release C), after chariot hits link 2A, 2B ---> Tandem

this works anywhere......... jump in A or B or C, 2A + S, 2C ----> Tandem

Stand Mode Combos:

5A, 5B, 5C

5A, 2A, 2C

2A, 2B, 2C

2A, 5A, 2C

Jump in C, dash 5C ---> Tandem

Jump in C, dash 5A, 5A, 2B ----> Tandem

Jump in C, dash 2A, 2A, 2C ---> Tandem

Intermediate Combos

"BnB" Combos

"BnB" Combos are known as "Bread n' Butter" combos. This pretty much means that these are the simplest and most effective way of doing damage to your opponent. If you want to have an effective way of attacking your opponent, BnB's are the way to go. In this game, one of the greatest players to play the game has outlined the BnB's for each character. Here we have the BnB's to playing Polnareff effectively.

*BBC BASIC COMBOS*: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6qeVV0viIU&feature=PlayList&p=B6EFBA7EEE8F6AAA&index=18

This section is probably going to prove VERY helpful seeing as how you have a visual aid of what’s going on for each combo.


Ok this one is not that bad, and rather practical in combat assuming you’re the one putting on the pressure. The timing for the link to the Tandem is a little tricky but do-able with the right amount of practice. He starts out with a charged down 8C and holds C. He then dashes in with 3B, 3A. After the 3A, you want to let go of C, and proceed to dash start 3B or 3C, 2C. The 3B or 3C, 2C must hit after the Chariot hit or its probably not going to link to Tandem properly. The Tandem is the normal setup like most Tandem’s, so it follows the loop of 5A, 5B, 5C repeated up to about 4-5 times. Since he was using the DC version to do his Tandem’s, he has a little more time to pull it off than the arcade version because on the arcade they cut down the Tandem input time. I tend to use 3-4 loops because its easier to input those on the arcade version. Once the Tandem starts, you want to dash jump B and when you land on the other side proceed to press 5A repeatedly or you can also time in an easy 2A in between the loops where the stand goes from 5C back to 5A. Now to make this easy for yourself, you can memorize how many loops you did, and at the beginning of the last loop you can start your jump-in B to 2C to Armor Take-off super.


Alrighty, a Stand Mode combo that has an interesting starter. We start off by jumping in with B, then dash-in 2A, 2A, 2C to Tandem. The dash-in takes a little bit of getting used to, but if you can pull this off you can do some fancy stuff with this. What makes this easy for me is on the second forward motion of the dash I hold down and press 3A, also note that you have to input 3A fairly quickly into the dash or you won’t get that slide that you need to combo correctly. Also, holding forward while dashing insures that you do a full dash (sometimes letting go of forward too early in a dash can cause you to pause where you let go). Once again, the Tandem is the typical setup of 5A, 5B, 5C looped over 4-5 times. This time, you super jump B to cross-up your oponent. Input however many 5A's you need until the last part of the Tandem loop begins. Jump in B(while this is happening and your in the air, start charging back and hold it), 3A, 3C then release back and push 4C to do his Ray Dart. When the Ray Dart is in action, dash-in for a 1C, 1C, to Stand Attack (214S).


We start this combo in Stand Mode, and this combo is rather difficult to get the full number of hits, so practice practice practice! Very same starter like our previous combo except the jump-in is different. We start off by jumping in with A, then dash-in 2A, 2A, 2C to Tandem. Once again same loop as our previous two Tandems, 5A, 5B, 5C, about 4-5 times. The jump-in will be A2 (start charging back as soon as you start your jump-in), 3A, 3C, (release back) 4C. Once again dash-in to 1C (start charging back), but then we’re going to do 6A + S (this brings out your stand and does its standing 5A attack), 6B, 3C, (release back) 4A Ray Dart then link the Needle Pierce (A or B or C version). This is tricky because I have never been able to link all this into a complete combo but have tested them individually. There can be less limitations to the link for Ray Dart to Needle Pierce but I have had more success with A and then an B Needle Pierce occasionally. I have always used the Piano Method to get this to link, so good luck with getting this combo out because it does a good amount of damage.

01:04-01: This combo is going to be tough to get used to (at least the starter) because of the relatively tight link for the dash, but if you could do the above combo then this should not be that bad. You begin this combo with a jump-in A2, land then cr. A1, here we do a cr. A1 + S

(Still under construction)

Advanced Combos

Note* The following combos are NOT beginner friendly in the slightest. They contain 1-4 frame links and multiple super bars. They may not be ideal for competitive play, but none the less it's good to know these combos to make use of their interesting links.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yALMB1cJ0Hc Uses 4 super bars Jump in 6B (hold back), 3A, 3A, 3C, 4C (charge move), dash in 1C, 1C, 236 + AB, dash in 1C, 1C, 236 + S (A, B, C) x 4, do any hits you feel inbetween the tandem loops 1-3, at the start of the last loop jump in B or C, 3A, 3A, 3C, 4C (charge move), dash in 1C, 1C, 236 + A + B, dash in 1C, 1C, 214 + A + B. - credit to Toki' for creating this random combo xD

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U40N8hTRvXw starts @ 0:16. Uses 2 super bars. Stand crush combo on Stand mode opponent. jump in 1C (hold back), 1A, 1C, (release back) 6C (charge move), dash in 3C (hold down), 3C, (stand crush occurs at this point), (release down) 8C (hold C), dash short hop in B or C, 5A, 2A, dash in 2B (release C), A+B+C (roll onto other side of opponent), dash in 1C, 1C, 236 + S (A, A, B, C), dash super jump over opponent, once Chariot performs the C hit in the tandem hit 5A, 2A+S, 2C, 236 + A + B.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KSeVfKkpBo starts @ 1:53. Uses 2 super bars. Stand crush combo on Stand mode opponent. jump in 4A (hold back), 1A, 4C, (release back) 6C (charge move), dash in 3C, jump C, (in air, immediately after jump C) 214 + A + B, (land), 2A, dash in 2B, 2A, 2A + S, dash in 5A, (hold back) 4A, 4B, 1C, (release back) 6C (charge move), (Stand crush occurs at this point), dash in 2C, 214 + S (????).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWqVKjf1iV8 starts @ 0:42. Uses 4 super bars. Stand crush combo on Stand mode opponent. jump in 4C (hold back), 1C, (release back) 6C (charge move), dash in 3C, 3C, 214 + A + B, short jump in B or C, (Stand crush occurs at this point), short hop in B or C, 2A + S, 2C, 214 + S (A, A, 4A, 4B, 4A, 4A, 214 + A + B), after the super flash you want to dash super jump in with B or C, 2A, 2A, 5A + S, 2C, 214 + A + B.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAQaZwuUSxM starts @ 1:01. Uses 2 super bars. *First Polnareff combo in the video* jump in 4C (hold back), 1A, 4C, (release back) 6C (charge move), dash in 3C, 214 + S (A, B, C), dash short jump in 4B (hold back), 1A, 4C, (release back) 6C (charge move), dash in 3C, 236 + A + B.

starts @ 2:40. Uses 1 super bar. Stand crush combo on Stand mode opponent. *Second Polnareff combo in the video* jump in 4C (hold back), 1A, 4C, (release back) 6C (charge move), dash in 5B, 214 + S (2A, B, C), jump in 2A (hold down), 2A, 2C, (release down) 8C (charge move, hold C), dash in 2B (release C), dash in 2C, 2A, 4B + S (hold back), 4A, 4B, 4C, (release back) 6C (charge move), 214 + A.

Videos & Matches


General Strategy

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

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  • Movement data provided by Stafos

Abdul | Devo | Dio | Iggy | Jotaro | Kakyoin | Midler | New Kakyoin | Polnareff | Vanilla Ice Active Stand
Alessi | Chaka | Joseph Weapon Stand
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