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Rubber Soul


Rubber Soul, with his stand Yellow Temperance, may appear at first to be another palette swap for Kakyoin, but in truth plays almost nothing like him. He has several lookalike moves (projectile attack, jumping C, etc) but his actual playstyle varies heavily.

Rubber Soul has almost no combos, lacks a tandem, has no active stand, but still has a few tricks that work well against most opponents. Both of his supers are reliable, with one being a command throw (probably the best overall in the game, or tied with Joseph's non-super one) and the other being a high-hitcount ranged attack with several useful properties.

Rubber Soul's throw is of particular interest: it causes solid (most in the game?) damage, and also builds meter with every one of its multiple hits. (If the enemy has no/low life, you only get meter for the parts of the throw that 'hit').

Other (minor) noteworthy traits:

  • Faster (in duration) roll than 3/4 of the cast.
  • Stands up quicker (less time for okizeme) than most after knockdown

There is a glitch that, while rare, can cause Rubber Soul to temporarily lose access to his stand.


A rudimentary, short range (but fairly fast) jab. Can link into your 214+A wrap at point blank. Can link into 2A.
Excellent move, solid anti-air, works well of you cross under your opponent and use from behind them. Can combo into (?) 4S or 6S on a standing opponent. 4S can be out of range against a ducking character though.
Slowish two-hit short range move. Can combo into wrap on reaction or hit them with a stand-based move from here.

Quick little jab kick, good recovery. Can combo into 236+A at short range, or 214+A with proper timing. You can link two of these together at point blank with the right timing.
Two-hit low that does not knock down.
Two-hit low that can knock down. Mostly unremarkable.
Dashing 3A (2A)
Dashes forward and does a quick low kick.
Dashing A
Dashes forward and jabs.
Dashing B
Basically identical to his normal standing B attack, albeit with slightly different cancelable properties.
Dashing C
Basically identical to his normal standing C attack, albeit with slightly different cancelable properties.
(jumping) A
Rubber soul extends his hand down at a angel. Good for approaching. Can combo into 2A into wrap.
(jumping) C
Rubber soul's stand extends its hand out at about the same angle as jumping A. Good for approaching. Can combo into 2A into wrap.
Command Normals
Quick, but very short range hit at all angles. Launches. His Guard Cancel looks just like this move.
Low hit. Unremarkable. (Terrible, really)
One of your longest-range attacks. You are also free to move while it occurs. However, your stand stays around quite a while, leaving you open, and in some situations you may be punishable even on hit.
Mid-range move that launches. Can be very useful, and can combo from some other hits. However, the range is only moderate, but the angle is high, so some characters with a low hitbox when crouching (Kakyoin, Iggy) may be missed by this, leaving you open to a punish. Proceeed carefully.
(jumping) S
Attacks from the air. Can follow another aerial attack and can be used to cross up, but is quite slow. Of limited use, except when juggling an aerial opponent due to how easily blocked/punished it is. Sticks around too long.
Special Moves
236+A/B/C - Official name unknown. (Head Busa Hakina?)
Yellow temperance's projectile attack, imitates the properties of Hierophant green's stand-off emerald splash.
Multiple projectiles fly out at short range (3-4 character widths). Once it fires, you can control Rubber Soul again, and either attack, retreat, or roll.
Causes a solid amount of blockstun, and can be useful for pressuring. Relatively easy for a (good) player to Guard Cancel if you get predictable.
The move's properties do not vary by button pressed.
214+A/B/C - Shokutteyaru
Slow startup, HIGH RECOVERY on block. Can be linked into off of 2A (and some others in certain scenarios?). Extends to about half-screen, but is easily blocked on reaction, so only useful if you predict an enemy being committed to a move (and grounded) at that range.
Binds the enemy, causing damage and allowing you to hit them for more damage. Until you personally hit them once, they can wriggle free via rapid directional inputs, so make sure to follow up with at least one jab.
For meterless followups, just hit them repeatedly, and then follow up when they're about to get out naturally. Vary your followups to confuse your opponents. Depending how you hit them at this point, you can potentially reset them.
At the end of the duration, they are thrown backwards (based on original facing) towards the wall. They cannot do an air recovery/tech until they hit the wall.
As such, a common strategy (one super meter) when wrapping them is to jab them once, then dash/hyper hop past them so that you can intercept them on their arc towards the wall and hit them with your emerald splash-like super.
214+S - Jakuten wa Nai / Counter
R. Soul hides behind the protection of his stand, and baits an enemy attack: anyone who attacks him at his time will (mostly) get countered. If an enemy hits R. Soul like this, they'll be hit (normally, see below) and thrown up into the air.
Meterless followups:
Highest damage: Guaranteed opportunity for 236+AA super, if you want to spend the meter. Timing is a little odd, but easy enough.
Does not counter projectiles. In some cases, moves done at the very edge of its hitbox (with a good hitbox) may hit it and trigger it, but not be punished.
236+AA (Any two attack buttons) - Jam Nishitekureruzei
Almost an except replica of Kakyoin's emerald splash super. Once it begins, you cannot block, but you can move and attack.
If they air-block it, move in to hit them with an unblockable ground normal/stand attack for guaranteed (minor) damage.
If they block/roll iton the ground, you can force them (with proper timing and spacing) into a (nearly) unavoidable setup for a coconut backbreaker super.
If they block, watch out for GCs at the tail end of the super, though you can use this to your advantage.
If you hit them with this (standing) you can time a followup attack at the end of the super to knock them down/do extra damage or optimally, hit them with cr. A in a way that resets them and doesn't make them fall down, allowing a good (normal) throw opportunity.
360+A - Coconut Backbreaker
Command Throw super. Quick startup, solid active frames, and quick recovery on whiff. Solid damage.
Does not grab people out of rolls, but the duration of it is shorter than many rolls, so if you mash 4C or 6C at the end, you will often grab people who avoid it with a roll.
Can often tick into it very effectively with jumping C (blocked or not, unless they pushblock). If an enemy pushblocks late, you can drag them with you.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Rubber Soul has almost no combos to speak of, and the few he has are relatively tight (except by Jojos standards, perhaps) links.

Basic Combos

Pretty much any of these can also be preceded with a (slightly deep) jump-in A or C.

2A, 241+A
Simple jab into wrap. From there, follow up how you please.
2A, 2A, 241+A
Same, with another link.

Intermediate Combos
6,6,3A, 2A, 2A, 241+A
Dashing jab, into jab-jab links, into wrap.
6,6,3A, 2A, 2A, 4S
Dashing jab, jab-jab links, knockdown with 4S.
Advanced Combos

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC): Youtube Okizeme - R. Soul starts at 0:47 Youtube Ultimate tick - Youtube


General Strategy

Tick into throws with dashing 2A or 2A, or with jump-ins.

On opponent's wakeup, mix low ticks with jump-ins. Bait pushblocks (which will turn into rolls) with 1-2 frame early jumping attacks that will terminate because you hit the ground before they were wake, then throw.

If an opponent is predictably jumping in, 214+S counter or 4B->minor juggle. Properly timed, you can use the short invincibility on your 360 super to avoid jumpins and throw them. You can even chain 360s on a telegraphed jumpin if you have meter to burn. This is stupid, but Fayk's brand of gimmickry.

After using your projectile attack, vary your followup or simultaneous attacks, since you can move while it's executing: roll, backdash, attack, and so on. It works surprisingly well to stuff long-distance jump-ins.

Your GC is half-decent, but very short range.

Get behind enemies and use 4B to keep juggling them. Fake them out with the range of your projectile (trickier) to make them roll if they habitually pushblock.

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff

Be especially mindful of moves that keep Yellow Temperance out and punishable, as this is just asking for being hit by Black Polnareff's 214+AA super.

vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

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