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Shadow Dio


Shadow Dio, the immortal god who makes all attempt to resist useless.

Shadow Dio is Dio, shortly after being rescued from his watery grave. His ability to control his new body is reduced and his presence awakens the latent stand abilities of the of the Joestar family line. Later, he absorbs the life force of a large number of women, in return for which he becomes more used to the body.

Unlike his future counterpart, this form of Dio isn't quite as adaptable, however, he's still a worthy member of the cast.

Why use Shadow Dio:
+High damage combos
+Easy infinites
+Effective mix-ups
+Counter-style moves
+Low learning curve

Why NOT to use Shadow Dio:
+Lacks defensive options
+Passive stand



A - A pointed jab with the fingers. Extremely fast.
2A - A crouching jab similar to A, but slightly slower. Can link into 5C.
Dashing A -- A dashing uppercut. 8A - Dio jabs downward on a 45 degree angle.
B - A spinning roundhouse kick.
2B - An arcing uppercut.
8B - A spinning aerial kick.
C - A swinging blow toward the ground.
2C - Dio stabs the ground, at which point, dust flies upward.
3C - Dio slides along the ground with his arm extended.
8C - Same as C, except, in the air.

S - The World's silhouette thrusts forward.
2S - The World's silhouette strikes low along the ground.
4S - The World's silhouette shoots upward on a 45 degree angle.
8S - The World's silhouette thrusts forward while in the air.
8, 2S - The World's silhouette strikes downward on a 45 degree angle.
8, 4S - Noticing a pattern yet? The World's silhouette strikes upward on a 45 degree angle.

Command Normals

Move Name: Throw/Tech Throw
Activated: Forward/Backward+C
Notes: Grabs the opponent and flings them all the way across the screen. If they're close to the wall they'll bounce and land flat on the ground. This throw cannot be recovered out of.

Move Name: Recovery (Teching)
Activated: AA (Two Attacks)
Notes: This is used when being knocked down or when hit into the air after a certain amount of time.

Move Name: Advancing Guard (Pushblock)
Activated: AAA (Three Attacks) while blocking
Notes: Pushes back the opponent a considerable amount more than normal after an attack is blocked. Does not work on projectiles. Can be punished by throw-classed moves.

Move Name: Evasion (Dodge)
Activated: AAA (Three Attacks)
Notes: This move can be used any time you're on the ground. It's invincible from beginning to end, but you can be thrown out of it. Shadow Dio's is slower than most.

Special Moves

Move Name: Throwing Knives
Activated: 41236+A/B/C
Follow-up: 63214+A/B/C
Notes: Dio takes out and throws a fist full of knives. Using the follow up throws another hand. Each button yields a different knife throw.

Move Name: Kuretsu Ganshiha
English: Stinging Eyes (taken from Manga, not an actual translation)
Activated: 63214+A/B/C
Notes: Dio places his hands over his face, and then shoots an eye laser. Holding the button charges the laser increasing it's damage. When he flashes red, the laser is unblockable.

Move Name: Kyoufu no Henrin
English: Scale of Horror
Activated: 421+A/B/C
Notes: Dio pulls out a book to read. The button determines the length of time that the book is out for. If struck, Dio moves instantly behind the opponent and freezes them for a second.

Move Name: Nazimuzo!
English: [translation unknown]
Activated: 623+A/B/C
Notes: Dio charges his hand at his side, then grabs stabs the opponent's face, draining their blood. This is an unblockable command throw.

Move Name: World 21
Activated: 41236+S
Notes: The World's silhouette appears, dashes forward, strikes once to the chest, then the legs, and finishes by striking upward on a 45 degree angle.


Move Name: Punishment!
Activated: 236+AA
Notes: Dio pauses, and the world's silhouette flies forward. If the punch connects, the opponent is skewered from all sides by knives.

Move Name: Charisma!
Activated: 214+AA
Notes: Dio pauses, then releases vampiric spores in all directions, which home in on the opponent. This super consumes two levels of super meter. The initial hit itself as well as the spores are unblockable.

Move Name: WRRRYYY!
Activated: 623+AA
Follow-up: 623+AA
Notes: Dio makes a large, powerful arcing swing downward, which hits high. Using the follow-up causes Dio to kick afterward. You can charge the move by holding the button in, which causes both the swing and kick to move forward a great deal more, and is required for the follow-up to actually connect.

This is the worst super in the whole game. It does practically no damage for two stocks.

Move Name: Tokiyo Tomare!
English: Time stop
Activated: A, 6, C, 4, S
Notes: Raging demon style command string, requires three (or more) stocks to activate and consumes ALL stocks. If this move is activated, Dio stops time and the opponent can no longer block. You can also use this move to COUNTER time stop with your own, regardless of your remaining meter.

Movement Data


Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Important Note on his loop

It should be noted that the dash -> 2a in S. Dio's combos isn't a dashing 2A, but a dash then cancelled (downback) into a normal 2A. This can link into standing C.

So an input like 6,6,4,1A will achieve the goal.

Basic Combos

2A, 2A
2A, B
2A, 2A, 2A
2A, 2A, B
A, A
A, B
A, A, A
A, A, B
C, S

Should be obvious but, you can interchange any A for any 2A hit, because they chain into themselves.

Intermediate Combos

A, crouch cancel, C, S
A, A, crouch cancel, C, S
2A, C, S
2A, 2A, C, S
Dash 3C, S

[Dash, 2A, C, S]*n
This can be started from nearly any of the S hits above. Further away S setups will only work for corner infinites, whereas, closer ones will work anywhere.

Advanced Combos

Dio's only real advanced combos lay in his ability to reset with his unblockable 214+AA, and stand crush combos. The infinite is his primary combo and it's rather easy to utilize. Additionally, he can't really combo into supers outside of timestop and Charisma without using one of those two supers, or a stand crush.

View BBC's basic combo video below from 0:44 onward for an example of "advanced" reset combos and 50/50 games.

2A, 2A, 2A, dash 2A

41236+C, 63214+A (Stinging Eyes -- You can delay it and link the light eyes for a knockdown instead of using the follow-up knives)

41236+C, dash 3C, S, [dash, 2A, C, S]

2C, 214+AA, 236+AA

Videos & Matches

Basic combos (BBC):

0:00 - 0:07:
2A, C, S, dash (then cancel dash) 2A, C, S, 3C
(Note: to link the 5C, you need to be doing non-dashing 2A, not dashing 2A, so do an input to dash then cancel it right before the hit - such as 6,6,4,1A)

0:12 - 0:19:
8S, 2A, C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 3C

0:23 - 0:29:
Dash C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 3C

0:34 - 0:40:
Dash 3C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 3C

0:44 - 0:57:
8C, 2A, C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 2C, 214+AA, dash C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 3C

1:02 - 1:11:
41236+C 63214+C, 214+AA, dash C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 3C

1:16 - 1:23:
Throw, 214+AA

1:27 - 1:34:
Throw, 3C (wiff), 41236+S, 2A, 2A

1:38 - 1:44:
Throw, 3C (wiff), 41236+S, 8A, 2A

1:48 - 1:56:
Throw, 3C (wiff), 623+A

2:00 - 2:08:
Throw, 9S, 2A, C, S, dash, 2A, C, S, 3C

2:14 - 2:40:
623+A, Timestop begin (A 6 C 4 S), [4236+C 63214+C]x4, dash jump behind opponent, 214+AA, Timestop ends, S

Almost nobody ever has this much meter in a real match, unless they don't know how to use it, and they're playing 3/5 rounds. A showpiece at best.

Mix-up and Reset Video:

0:42 - 0:48:
3C, short jump S, land, 2A, C->S

0:50 - 0:57:
3C, short jump A, wait, S, land, 2A, C->S

1:00 - 1:04:
2A->41236+S, dash jump A, 2A

1:06 - 1:09:
Jump-in C, 2A, 9A

1:13 - 1:19:
3C, short jump A, wait, S, land, 2A, C->S

1:22 - 1:26:
Dash jump A, air 2S, land, 2A, C->S

1:28 - 1:31:
Dash jump A, air 2S, land, 2A, C->S

Shadow Dio's Infinite:
2:22 - 2:30:
[Dash, 2A, C->S]*6

2:31 - 2:36:
Showcases the infinite prevention mechanic which causes instant recovery in slow motion.

Infinite demonstration video with hand cam and sound: (Croma)

The Throw:
3:24 - 3:32:
Jump-in C, 2A, 2A, dash 2A, forward throw
Jump overhead C (wiff), A (wiff), forward throw
Jump forward C (wiff), A (wiff), walk forward, throw

3:34 - 3:41:
Showcases the speed and recovery of Dio's jab in slow motion.

Unblockable attacks:
3:58 - 4:10:
214+AA, 623+A/B/C, 63214+A/B/C (charged)

4:35 - 4:44:
623+A, Timestop (A 6 C 4 S), Taunt

4:47 - 4:54:
Jump B (opponent backward recovers), Timestop (A 6 C 4 S), Taunt

Short Useful Combos:
5:43 - 5:47:
Jump-in C, 2A, 2A, dash 2A, throw

5:51 - 5:54:
41236+C, 63214+A

5:57 - 6:03:
41236+C, dash 3C->S, [dash, 2A, C->S], 3C

Movement and Gameplay:
Note: Most of these don't *really* combo. These are examples of how resets and cross-ups would look in motion. The unblockable attacks themselves if timed or spaced even slightly incorrectly can be beaten by reversals or quick normals.

6:39 - 6:53:
2A, C->S, dash, 2A, C->S, 3C, 623+C, 2A (wiff), A (wiff), Forward Throw, jump overhead C (wiff), A (wiff), Forward throw, 41236+C, Dash 3C->S, dash jump B->S

6:57 - 7:16:
2A, C->S, Dash, 2A, 2A, C->S, [Dash, 2A, C->S], 3C, 214+AA, Dash C->S, [Dash, 2A, C->S], 3C, 623+C, walk forward, A (wiff), Forward Throw, jump overhead S, land, 2A, C->S, Dash, 2A

7:20 - 7:36:
Jump-in C, 2A, 2A, dash 2A, forward throw, jump overhead C (wiff)->S, land, 2A, C->S, dash jump A, air 2S, land, 2A, C->S, [dash, 2A, C->S], 3C, 214+AA, Dash C->S, dash, 2A, 2A, dash 2A, forward throw

7:38 - 7:56:
Jump-in C, 2A, 2A, dash 2A, forward throw, 623+C, 214+AA, 236+AA, dash, 623+C

8:00 - 8:12:
Backward throw, 41236+C, dash 3C->S, [Dash, 2A, C->S], Dash 3C (knockdown), 214+AA

8:14 - 8:26:
3C, Jump overhead, 2A, C->S, [Dash, 2A, C->S], 3C, Jump overhead S, 2A, 2A, dash 2A, Forward Throw, 41236+C, dash 3C->S

8:29 - 8:50:
Jump-in C, 2A, Jump overhead A, air 2S, 2A, C->S, [Dash, 2A, C->S], 3C, dash up close, 623+C, Timestop (A 6 C 4 S), Dash, AA evade, Taunt, Forward Throw, Taunt

8:51 - 9:07:
Jump-in C, Dash B->41236+S, A, jump-in C, step forward, 2A, C->S, [Dash, 2A, C->S], 3C, 623+C, 214+AA, 236+AA

This last one is an actual combo (not a mix-up) on any opponent slower than Polnareff.

B->41236+S, A is a one frame link, where the jab combos after B, then the stand hits afterward. The jump-in C must hit at exactly the same time as the final hit of 41236+S, or the opponent will launch. Then, you have to walk forward for about 5~ frames before using 2A, C, or the stand will still be unavailable for use when time comes to cancel.

623+C, 214+AA, 236+AA times itself perfectly for anybody who recovers a little slower than Polnareff's speed.


General Strategy


In Jojo's Bizarre adventure, there are four kinds of jumps that follow the King of Fighters style. If you've ever played KoF, you'll know these instantly!

Activated by pressing any Up direction. Jumps are standard street fighter style jumps. They go up and come down in a predictable arc.

Short Hop:
Activated by tapping any up direction. Short Hops are like jumps, except they're much lower to the ground and usually faster. Useful in pressure games.

Activated by tapping any down direction, then any up direction. Superjumps are much higher than normal jumps. Useful for changing sides.

Hyper hop:
Activated by tapping down direction, tapping any up direction. Hyper hops are like short jumps, except they go much further and faster.

Shadow Dio is a character with a multitude of different cross-up games. Memorizing his jump height and speed is essential if you don't wish to telegraph your next attack.


Shadow Dio has many anti-air options that are fairly quick and safe to use. Among his moves, I recommend:

2B -- A quick sweeping uppercut used from the crouching position. This can take out a lot of jump-in games.
Dash A -- This is the same as his 2B, except, it has forward momentum and more height. If 2B won't reach, this is a good choice.
4S -- This move has a lot of delay and you can be punished for it, but it also has a pretty large hit area and can take out super jumpers or double jumpers.
8B -- Air versus air, this move's speed and hit area is hard to beat.
8S -- This move can be canceled from any jumping move, hit or wiff, or used alone. It has good priority and can knock most jumpers back, even if used as a failsafe.

41236+A (63214+A) -- His A knife throws are a wide spread anti-air. The opponent can block them, but they won't be getting in after doing so.
63214+A -- The Stinging Eyes can be blocked in the air, however, if you predict a jump early enough, you can gain a red charge on the light version before they land and knock them back at any distance.
236+AA -- If the opponent uses an obvious attack rather early, you can probably out-prioritize it with this for large damage.
623+AA (623+AA) -- These often take jumpers out of the air because of their high invincibility and controllable mobility.


Shadow Dio lacks defensive gameplay. He, however, has basically never ending mix-up strings leading to high-damage loops.

This goes without saying, however, Shadow Dio has one of the best throws in the game. It ensures a clean knockdown and gives you ideal time to use cross mixups, reset into his command throw/unblockable super, or just go for a plain old jumpin/low starter.

You want to be using this quite a bit, especially if your opponent can't tech.

Shadow Dio has a total of six different knife throws, each of which have different hit areas. The initial 41236 throw grants large enough stun to allow you to combo into nearly anything afterward on hit, not just his 63214 follow-up.

The World:
Shadow Dio's stand The World, has the ability to stop time. If you anti-air an opponent and the backward recover, you can use this for free most of the time. Additionally, you can setup Shadow Dio's command throw and buffer the world at the end of it for an almost risk-free time stop.

The Book:
Shadow Dio can pull out a book (421+A), and, if hit during this, he teleports and freezes the opponent. This gives you an opportunity for a high-damage infinite loop or any other punisher that you wish.

As Shadow Dio, you only really have one primary combo option. You want to land it as much as possible, and, if successful, you'll do a lot of damage. The 214+AA, with a little timing, allows you to hit after a knockdown, and gives you time to combo right back into your infinite.

After a few of these, your opponent is going to run away a whole lot more.

Cross-up games:
Shadow Dio has the most cross-ups and fakes involving them in the game, thanks to his stand, which spawns behind him before hitting. Use of these is described in the next section.

Cross-up Games

The meat and potatoes of Shadow Dio's mix-up game is his cross-up. He has many ways to do so, thanks to a multitude of different jumps, and his slow stand.

Knock Downs:
2C/3C -- These can be comboed into from your infinite, and usually serve as the infinite's finisher, because of the potential for a 214+AA or 623+A hit following them.
2S -- This is slow and you won't be comboing it, however, if mixed in now and then, it can be unexpected.
Throw -- The most prominent and ideal setup, ensuring a non-cornered knockdown every time.

Short jump overhead, S, land behind.
Dash jump A, cancel into 2S, land behind.
Jump A, wait until other side, S, land behind.
Far dash jump A, cancel into 2S, land in front of opponent.

All of these can be mixed up with simply by not using S, and instead opting to wait and use a low move, or, jumping again. If you want to cross-up at longer distances, you'll need to use hyper hop, super jump, or dash jumps.

The S usage IS vulnerable to reversal supers.

Guard Cancel

Dragon punch motion. Forward, Down, Down-forward. 623+C while blocking.

Shadow Dio has one of the largest guard cancels in the game. It's rather quick, and has a good hit area, making it suitable to use against almost anything. That said, because it uses his stand, it's very vulnerable to a properly timed super.

Use frequently, but with caution!

Matchup-specific Strategies

vs Abdul
vs Alessi
vs Black Polnareff
vs Chaka
vs Devo
vs Dio
vs Hol Horse
vs Hol Horse (Boingo)
vs Iggy
vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro
vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop
vs Polnareff
vs Rubber Soul
vs Shadow Dio
vs Vanilla Ice

Abdul | Devo | Dio | Iggy | Jotaro | Kakyoin | Midler | New Kakyoin | Polnareff | Vanilla Ice Active Stand
Alessi | Chaka | Joseph Weapon Stand
Black Polnareff | Hol Horse | Hol Horse & Boingo | JoJo | Khan | Mariah | Petshop | Rubber Soul | Shadow Dio Passive Stand