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System DATA

Life Bar

Each and every character in the game has exactly 144 life.

A match ends when something takes your life from 0 to -1. Chip damage cannot kill you because it cannot trigger this.

Stand Bar

Each character has a certain amount of stand gauge. When in stand mode and this is depleted the stand crash state (guard crush) is triggered and you are unable to block for a certain period of time.

Abdul 80
Alessi 88
Chaka 72
D'Bo 88
Dio 80
Iggy 80
Joseph 80
Jotaro 72
Kakyoin 88
Midler 88
New Kakyoin 88
Polnareff 80
Vanilla Ice 72

Stand Activation Cool Down

When activating a stand you have a cool down phase where you can not deactivate the stand. This lasts for 39 frames. This is universal to all active stand users.

Super Meter

Super meter is defined by two parts. The bar which can contain up to 104 points, and the stock counter which can contain ten levels.

Super stock is increased when the meter reaches 105 points. The 105th point is not consumed in the process and as such 104+4 will result in you gaining one stock and your meter being at 4.

Damage Reduction

Remaining life and the number of hits in a combo play into damage reduction. There are three stages of life-based reduction and then number of hits in a combo can reduce damage until all hits do one.


Normal: 144-64
Low: 63-32
Critical: 31-0


Each character in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has the same (144) amount of life, but different defense causing damage to vary. These values were taken by blasting everybody with young Joseph's Stone of Asia super on Damage Level 4... Ouch.

1ST Hol Horse 78
1ST Hol and Boingo 78
3RD D'bo 78 89
4TH Joseph 81 81
5TH Mariah 84
5TH Rubber Soul 84
5TH Shadow Dio 84
8TH Anubis Polnareff 87
8TH Dio 87 76
10TH Jotaro 89 76
10TH Midler 89 76
12TH Abdul 89 78
12TH Kakyoin 89 78
12TH Vanilla Ice 89 78
15TH Polnareff 89 81
16TH Chaka 89 84
17TH Alessi 89
17TH Young Joseph 89
19TH Iggy 91 81
20TH New Kakyoin 94 89
21ST Khan 94
22ND Petshop 105


Dashes are activated by pressing forward-forward or back-back while on the ground. Additionally, some characters can air dash.

TODO: Chart


Jumping is activated by pressing any up-based direction. There are four types of jumps in addition to double and triple jumps.

Jump: Press Up
Short Jump: Tap Up
Superjump: Tap down, then press Up
Hyperhop: Tap down, then tap Up
Double Jump: When in Stand mode, jump, then press Up. This does not work for weapon types.
Triple Jump: When remote casting Abdul's stand, Jump, Press Up, then Press Up.


Rolling in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is triggered by pressing all three attacks without having the stand active. You are invincible during the roll state, but can be thrown.

1ST Hol Horse, Hol and Boingo 25
3RD D'Bo 28
4TH Petshop, Vanilla Ice 29
6TH Rubber Soul 32
7TH Mariah 33
8TH Kakyoin, New Kakyoin 34
10TH Jotaro, Khan 36
12TH Chaka 38
13TH Polnareff, Abdul, Joseph, Young Joseph, Anubis Polnareff 39
18TH Dio 41
19TH Iggy, Midler, Alessi 42
22ND Shadow Dio 47


The standard throw or grapple move is activated by pressing forward or back and C while being close to the opponent. These damages are tested on average defense characters (EX: Jotaro) and as such, they may do more or less based on the character's defense rank.

Abdul 17
Alessi 17
Anubis Polnareff 17
Chaka 17
D'bo 13
Dio 17
Hol Horse 17
Hol and Boingo 17
Iggy 17
Joseph 17
Jotaro 17
Kakyoin 1 × 8 (8)
Khan 1 × 3 +9 (12)
Mariah 17
Midler 6 +5 +6 (17)
New Kakyoin 1 × 8 (8)
Petshop 4 × 3 (12)
Polnareff 17
Rubber soul 3 × 8 (24)
Shadow Dio 17
Vanilla Ice 17
Young Joseph 17

Throwing (assuming all requirements are met) is instant: if P1 initiates a throw on the exact same frame that P2 presses 'up' to jump, they will be thrown.

The window in which to tech out of a throw is two frames: the same frame as the throw is initiated, and the following frame.

Rising Time

When a character is knocked down, they tend to stay there on the ground for a while. Some characters will rise quicker or slower than others.

1ST Petshop, Abdul
3RD Iggy, Vanilla Ice, Rubber Soul
6TH Polnareff, Anubis Polnareff
8TH Alessi
9TH Jotaro, D'bo + Khan
12TH Chaka
13TH Horse Hol, Hol and Boingo
15TH Midler
16TH Mariah
17TH Dio, Dio Shadow Dio
19TH Kakyoin, New Kakyoin
21ST Joseph, Young Joseph

Blazing Fists

A blazing fists match is triggered when specific stand mode moves clash. The person to mash out the most hits wins the blazing fists match and knocks the opponent back.

Neither player receives damage.

Abdul Guard Cancel, 623+A
Dio Guard Cancel, 236+A (air), 236+A
Iggy 4.6+A, 2.8+A, 236+AA
Joseph 214+A, 623+A, 236+AA
Jotaro A, 236+A, 623+A, 214+A, 236+AA
Kakyoin Guard cancel, 6B, 4C, Dash B, Dash C, First hit of 236+AA
New Kakyoin Guard cancel, 4C
Polnareff 4.6+A, Mash A, 236+A