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System FAQ

You might as well not read this. It has some misinformation and the System DATA page is much more informative.

Damage Reduction
Dash, Backdash & Running

Jumping (also see Double-Jumps and Triple Jump)
Hop/Short Jump
Standard Jump
Hyper Hop (tap 1 then 9)
Super jump (any down, any up)
And running/dashing jumps / or Hops
Double-Jumps (see also "Jumping" section)
Rolls / Rolling
Triple-Jump (Avdol's & Kakyoin's stands, only when remote)
Teching (Air Recovery)
Teching (Throws)
There are no air-throws in Jojo's.
GC/Guard Cancelling
While in blockstun, hitting all three attack buttons will push your opponent away, similar to games like MvC2 or Darkstalkers.
You can pushblock more than once per attack, assuming you are still in blockstun long enough to do the input(s).
While you can pushblock when in blockstun due to projectiles, there is typically little to no effect.
Rarely, a clever opponent will lure you into a situation (mostly via their stand and tandem) where it's somewhat desirable to them for you to pushblock
All characters can airblock in JJBA. Once you've blocked a move in the air, however, you won't be able to initiate any other attacks until you land.
Exceptions: Ground normals cannot be airblocked, and a few supers, particularly the Anubis characters, cannot be airblocked.
Stands - mechanics of turning them on/off
Turning on a stand is instant[Accurate?]? (or close)
Turning off a stand is non-instant, but in some cases can be mitigated, such as crouching+turning off (Chaka).
You can turn on your stand + attack with a stand attack (normals) in one input. With your stand OFF, pressing A+S will result in your stand turning on and executing your stand-on A normal.
Similarly, if you jump, then press S+Up, you will instantly do your double-jump. (except Weapon stands)
Side-effects of Stand On/Off
(Damage resistance)
Jump heights
Hitbox size
Cancelling, but versus style - no need to hit/be blocked by opponent to cancel most moves.
Yes the stages have an effect to the game play to a point where a match-up can change. There is only two sizes when it comes to the stages the hotel rooms and every where else.Stages are selected randomly with weight. So no fight really gets out of the story (an example would be Dio and Vanilla Ice in a stage that is in middle of the day).