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192 responds to some stuff!

Feel free to contribute where you have knowledge. I mostly only have the basic knowledge thereby displayed because of a buddy wanting me to "show" him the character. I never really got around to trolling the higher-level players on GGPO (with the exception of Geezer) using Petshop, so, my opinions are rather biased.

The match-up information is bound to be amiss, just because I'm an offensive player, and most people I've used him on have poor defensive gameplay. Additionally, I've doubtlessly missed a few moves that he avoids just by standing there.

The formatting for the combos and movelist could use improvement and standardization as well.

Fayk says some stuff

Ha, I'm glad you actually worked on the petshop page - I was actually going to write up some stuff on petshop out of boredom recently, but you're more knowledgeable about it.

I need to be on GGPO more (just moved, no ethernet to my PC yet so can't play much) but I can't when at work...


Everything newly added to the Petshop page can be considered valid as per 192's memory of last May. I haven't loaded up the emulator or even played my physical copy of Jojo's since around then. However, I'm back, for now!

People should get on GGPO and sit in the Jojo's room.

I couldn't find anybody, got bored, then wrote this shoddy semi-complete Petshop section without a spelling or grammar check.

News Post

I've linked to this page as an example of a random comment in the news post, as you can probably see. Be sure to check and make use of these!