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Talk:Vanilla Ice


19216801, Feb 19, 2010:
Rouky threw the basics in, but there wasn't much of anything else, so, I chucked a little bit more information into the Vanilla section, as well as the formatting I've been abusing everywhere else.

Still need to get around to basic strategy, which I, myself, am still trying to grasp, as well as transcribing BBC's basic combos, as well as Rouky's video into number pad notation, and adding combos to the main list.

Also, would've been convenient to have this little plus button BEFORE manually editing a post into the page.

Air Strings, Combos and Framedata

I've used the frame advance function of FinalBurn Alpha to test the exact speed of each of Vanilla's air attacks as well as their hit stun and to visually see what combos are performable.

These need testing.

Especially recovery time on wiff/hit/block.


Almost deleted the entire Vanilla section accidentally, there...

Praise be to the wiki's undo functionality.