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Vanilla Ice


Vanilla Ice, master of the stand Cream and Dio's right-hand man in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure plot line. In an act of loyalty, Vanilla Ice cut off his own head to provide blood for Dio who rejects and in turn heals Vanilla with his own blood, causing Vanilla to become a vampire himself, although he is not aware of this fact.

His stand powers include dimensional manipulation making his combat strength and movement speed (nearly instantaneous) more than a step above Dio's other minions, and such power is proven in his battle with Jotaro and company where he annihilates almost half of the group's combat strength.

Why use Vanilla Ice:
+Very high damage combos
+Stylish combos
+Nearly unblockable high/low games
+Overall high ranking
+Good stage theme
+Ice Cream is delicious

Why NOT to use Vanilla Ice:
+Requires a good understanding of both normal and stand modes to be effective
+Ineffective guard cancel
+Has some difficult links
+Large stature

Basic Information:
Stand Type: Active
Dash Type: Variable (Instant Cancel), Air
Hit Box: Larger than average
Best Match: 9:1 D'Bo
Worst Match: 4:6 Kakyoin



Normal Mode:
A - Vanilla Ice jabs in front of him in one of two locations.
2A - Vanilla Ice extends his hand toward the ground and jabs at the opponent's toes.
6A - Vanilla Ice kicks the opponent's shins with his toes.
8A - Vanilla Ice extends his arm downward at roughly a 55 degree angle.
B - Vanilla Ice kicks at the opponent's shins with his heel.
2B - Cream leaps upward from behind Vanilla, launching the opponent into the air.
Dash 2B - Cream leaps upward from behind Vanilla, but does not launch the opponent.
6B - Vanilla Ice delivers a high kick toward the opponent's upper-torso.
Dash B - Same as 6B, except, with a large amount of forward momentum.
8B - Vanilla Ice jabs his foot out as if he were trying to step forward.
Jump forward B - Same as 6B, except, in the air.
C - Cream appears from behind Vanilla Ice and makes a grabbing motion, which hits up to three times.
2C - Vanilla Ice and Cream perform a pulling sweep with their arms in unison, knocking down.
Dash 2C - Same as 2C, except that it will not knock the opponent down.
6C - Vanilla Ice lurches forward and punches toward the opponent's legs.
8C - Cream appears from behind Vanilla Ice, and they perform a swinging blow with their arms that hits up to three times.

Stand Mode:
A - Cream jabs downward, hitting the opponent's torso.
2A - Cream jabs forward, hitting the opponent's shins.
6A - Cream performs a quick kick to the opponent's shins.
8A - A, except, in the air.
B - An arcing swing upward and overhead with Cream's arm.
2B - B, except, crouching.
6B - A large blow with both of Cream's fists that overheads the opponent.
8B - B, except, in the air.
Air 6B - Cream swipes forward in the air.
C - Cream chops forward and in front starting overhead.
2C - Cream pokes upward from a crouching position.
6C - Cream pokes directly in front of him.
8C - C, except, in the air.
Air 4C - 2C, except, in the air.
Air 6C - Cream grabs forward, hitting up to three times.

Command Normals

Move Name: Throw/Tech Throw
Activated: Forward/Backward+C
Notes: Cream grabs the opponent and smacks them in the face a few times, then delivers a final smack which causes the opponent to bounce off of the ground. Can be recovered out of at it's highest point.

Move Name: Recovery (Teching)
Activated: AA (Two Attacks)
Notes: This is used when being knocked down or when hit into the air after a certain amount of time.

Move Name: Advancing Guard (Pushblock)
Activated: AAA (Three Attacks) while blocking
Notes: Pushes back the opponent a considerable amount more than normal after an attack is blocked. Does not work on projectiles. Can be punished by throw-classed moves.

Move Name: Evasion (Dodge)
Activated: AAA (Three Attacks)
Notes: This move can be used any time you're on the ground and OUT of stand mode. It's invincible from beginning to end, but you can be thrown out of it.

Special Moves

Stand off:
Move Name: Stand Activation Smash
Activated: 236+S (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Stand)
Notes: Activates stand mode and uses Vanilla's 6B quickly.

Both Modes:
Move Name: Dark Space
Activated: 236+A/B/C (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Any Attack)
Follow-up: Any Direction + Attack (STAND MODE ONLY)
Notes: Cream forms an energy ball and moves towards the opponent. This move has a very large amount of untechable air time after it hits, so, in stand mode you have a good combo opportunity after the follow-up.

Move Name: Cream!
Activated: 214+A/B/C (Down, Down-Back, Back + Any Attack)
Notes: Cream leaps forward and strikes the opponent from above. This move hits high, and you can combo into and after it.

Move Name: Guard Cancel
Activated: 623+C while blocking (Forward, Down, Down+Forward + C while blocking an attack)
Notes: Vanilla's guard cancel is essentially a faster Cream! hit. It has a longer start-up than most guard cancels and lacks invincibility. This makes it very punishable with counter specials and unreliable against faster strings of attacks.

Stand on:
Move Name: Bara Maiteyoru
English: N/A
Activated: 421+A/B/C (Back, Down, Down+Back + Any Attack)
Notes: Cream drops underground then explodes up into the air. The button determines the location where Cream emerges from.

Move Name: Futto Bashiyaru
English: Blow Fly
Activated: Charge 2, 8+A/B/C (Hold down for two seconds, Up + Any Attack)
Notes: Cream leaps up then slams into the ground. This move is nearly useless.


Both Modes:
Move Name: Tandem Combo
Activated: 214+S (Down, Down+Back, Back + Stand)
Notes: Activates Vanilla's all-powerful tandem combo, where he and cream attack the opponent in unison.

Move Name: Do Chikashou Ga!
English: N/A
Activated: 236+AA (Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Two Attacks)
Notes: Vanilla Ice rushes forward with a punch, and if he connects, follows up automatically with a barrage of kicks. This move can be held to increase the time before the punch is released.

Move Name: Madness Sorrow
Activated: 214+AA (Down, Down+Back, Back + Two Attacks)
Notes: Vanilla uses Cream's dimensional powers to disappear, then emerges from the background in several locations in energy ball form. The button combination used determines which of the three patterns he uses.

Anybody who has ever seen this move before will not be hit by it and many opponents who have not, but are familiar with projectiles will still evade it.

Stand on:
Move Name: Circle Locust
Activated: 623+AA (Foward, Down, Down+Forward + Two Attacks)
Notes: Cream swipes upward with his arm, and, if he connects, he hits the opponent five more times with his energy ball form.

Frame Data Table
Move Start Up Active Cool Down On Hit On Block


Basic Combos

2A,2A,6B~tandem or 236A+B

2A,2A,6C~tandem or 236A+B

(Stand mode) A,B,C

(Stand mode) 6A,6B,6C,6C

(Stand mode) A,B,2C

Intermediate Combos


2A,5C~tandem (cancel after first hit of 5C)

dashing 5C~236A+B

dashing 5C~tandem

dashing 2A~S+A,B,C~236A+B

J.C,2A,2A,6B~tandem or 236A+B

J.C,2A,2A,6C~tandem or 236A+B

j.A,2A,2A,6B~tandem or 236A+B

j.A,2A,2A,6C~tandem or 236A+B

Advanced Combos


dash C.2A,2A,2A,6B~tandem,6C,236A+B

dash C.2A,2A,2A,6C~tandem,6C,236A+B



Videos & Matches

(really) Basic combos (Roukyou):
Part #1:
2A, 2A, 6B, 214+S, [tandem combo]

Part #2:
2A, 2A, 6C, 214+S, [tandem combo]

Part #3:
Dash C (2-hit), 214+S, [tandem combo]

Basic combos (BBC):

0:00 - 0:21:
Dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6B, 214+S, [tandem combo], 2A, 2A, 6C, 236+AA

0:24 - 0:44:
Dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+C, Dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+S, [tandem combo], dash A, S+A, B, C, 236+AA

0:49 - 1:10:
[stand on] 2B, 2C, S, 6B, 214+S, [tandem combo], dash A, S+A, B, C, 236+AA

1:13 - 1:38:
Dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+C, dash A, S+6A, 6B, 6C, S, 6C, 214+S, [tandem combo], dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+C, dash A, S+A, B, C, 236+AA

1:43 - 1:55:
[stand on] 623+AA, S, 214+A, dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+A, dash A, S+6A, 6B, 6C, S, 6C, 214+S, [tandem combo]

1:55 - 2:05:
236+A, 214+A, dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+A, dash 2A, 2A, 2A, 6C, 214+S, [tandem combo]

2:05 - 2:23:
[stand on] 236+C, 3C, 236+C, 3C, 623+AA


Strategy is for the weak! I'll just jump through these walls and... *Crash!* *Smash!* *Bash!* *Bang!* *Break!* *Squish!* Well... Maybe not.

General Strategy

Stand On versus Stand Off

Vanilla Ice, like all active/weapon stand types, has an entirely different movement set in stand mode. Unlike most of the cast, however, Vanilla has unique advantages and disadvantages in stand mode. In +/- form...

Normal Mode:
-Large hit area
+Normal style air blocking
+C pokes
+2C sweep
+Normal style combo progression
+214+A/B/C 50/50 games and loops

Stand Mode:
--Huge hit area (largest character)
+Air dash
+Air to ground combos
-Backward floating air block with many times the normal amount of block stun
+Magic series pokes
-Awkward stand on->stand off links required to combo tandem/supers properly
+236 chain combos and cross-ups
+Stand mode only supers and specials for punish options anywhere on the screen

-Easily punished specials

Stand Off Vanilla is the typical active stand character. He has usual combo progression (2A->B/C) and a loop with one of his specials while maintaining the fact that he can mix up pretty well given a knockdown.

Stand On Vanilla is as good as he is bad at times. He has good air games and unique air combos, but his air recovery/blocking is terrible. His grounded pokes are efficient, but his combos are difficult to start and strange to use.

The "Unblockable" 50/50 Game

Vanilla Ice, as a lucky character with a good overhead has some fun gimmicks which allow him to (almost) effortlessly start and reset combos. To use it properly, you have to setup a situation where you knock the opponent down. Fortunately, Vanilla was blessed with a long and comboable 2C sweep.

Each opponent has a different wake-up time. Knowing how far each version of 214 goes and how fast each opponent gets up is essential.

2C, (dash if needed), 214+A/B/C, (214 hits), 2A/dash 2A, 2A, [combo of choice]
2C, (dash if needed), 214+A/B/C, 2A/dash 2A, (214 hits), 2A, [combo of choice]

Knock the opponent down, then use 214+A/B/C depending on how far you are, or when you want to hit. Following this, use 2A, but vary the timing so that it either hits before or after Cream smacks the opponent.

Air Games

Stand on mode gives Vanilla access to something other characters don't really have; an air to ground game with good priority, via his double jump and air dashes. Abusing the air dash, some moves can even chained together with good timing. Vanilla has a total of six moves in the air, which are:

Command: A
About: The standard air A button attack.
Notes: Your fastest air move. Excellent in strings.

Command: B
About: Vanilla's ground B, except, in the air.
Notes: Like all of Vanilla's air moves, this comes out pretty quickly, but this move is primarily used only in air to air battles which don't happen often.

Command: 6+B
About: Cream thrusts it's hand forward.
Notes: Second best range of any of Vanilla's air moves. It has more recovery time and less hit stun than most of Vanilla's other air moves, but it's still good for a surprise.

Command: C
About: Vanilla's ground C, except, in the air.
Notes: This move has good reach above, in front and below Vanilla. It's one of Vanilla's slowest air moves, but because of it's reach and hit stun, it's good as a stand-alone attack.

Command: 4+C
About: Vanilla's grounded 6C, except, in the air.
Notes: Second fastest, tied with A for start-up. It's got poor range, but great speed and hit stun, making it just as useful in air strings as A.

Command: 6+C
About: Vanilla's dashing C, except, in the air.
Notes: The longest and slowest move Vanilla has in the air Due to the number of hits (3), if it's blocked, expect the opponent to use advancing guard.

Air C
Air 6B

Follow-up chains:
66, A, 44, A
66, A, 66, A
66, A, 44, 4C
66, 4C, 44, 4C
44, 4C, 66, 6C

These can be looped into each other provided they hit or the opponent doesn't pushblock. This doesn't mean that they necessarily combo, or can combo.

How air combos work:
Vanilla cannot cancel a move's recovery with his air dash, and, Vanilla's air dash also has 4 frames of start-up before any attack can be used. Due to large air hit stun values, however, VERY tight links can be made between some moves.

A, for example, has 21 frames of hit stun. If A hits on the first frame, it has 2 remaining active frames and 11 recovery frames on hit. Instantly after those, the dash must start (4). Instantly after the air dashes start-up time, another A button (3, 1) must come out.

2+11+4+3+1 = 21

Since A has 21 frames of hit stun, it has A and 4C are JUST fast enough to hit on the very last frame of A's stun. This also means that an air A loop is possible, but unrealistically difficult.

Viola, air combos.

Air Attack Framedata:
This is a work in progress cooked up one morning with frame advance tools. They still require further testing and data collection, but should be accurate.

Move Name Start-Up Active Recovery (wiff) Recovery (hit/block) Hit Stun
Air Dash 4 N/A N/A N/A N/A
A 3 3 11 11 21
B 6 8 8 8 21
6B 6 4 11 16 21
C 6 4 13 18 21
4C 3 3 13 21 23
6C 7 3/3/4 9 (9*HITS)+9 21

6C's active and recovery time depends on the number of hits. It recovers once per hit. So, 3 active frames (hit), 9 recovery, 3 active frames (hit), 9 recovery, 3 active frames (hit), 9 recovery, 9 end recovery.

Poking and gaining meter

Like most characters, Vanilla Ice has a lot of good moves to poke with. He, however, unlike most characters gains meter pretty slowly without some stand mode silliness... But why focus on only one when you can do both at the same time?

Stand Off:
Dashing C

Stand On:

Vanilla's normal move set is plagued by a bunch of moves with good hit areas but poor recovery time. His C moves are either huge, or hit multiple times, redeeming them. Typically, these are best used to catch early jumpers or score that much needed knockdown/combo.

Vanilla, in Stand mode, on the other hand, has magic series strings which chain which have basically no recovery time and give good meter. That is to say, you can use 2B, miss, cancel it instantly with 6C, and because 6C has virtually no recovery time, go semi-instantly into any other move. Using these wiff-cancelable pokes, you can fairly effectively gain meter from within poke range, and shut down the opponent's options all at once.

Most people'll do something like:
(stand on) 2B, 2C, 2B, 6C, 2B, 2C, 2B, 6 (hold), C, S (stand off, 6 release), 2C, etc

Rushdown Gameplay

Combining all of the above, this is where we get to the meat and potatoes of Vanilla. Your main goals are knocking the opponent down for the 50/50 and landing your tandem combo. Stay close (within 2C's maximum range) to the opponent, no matter who they are or what they're doing.

Typically, you should stay stand-off unless you want to get meter, your opponent is jumpy or your opponent is using moves punishable by 236 orbs.

Out of stand mode, you want to jump and use empty jump (jumping and using no move, or letting an attack wiff, land, use ground move/throw) mix-ups frequently. j.A is good for direct jump-in setups, j.B is good for jumping directly up, j.C is multihit and allows 2C to combo at max range. Dash C also allows you to 2A, 6C following it, or super/tandem directly from it for easy damage.

When you finally score a hit, unless you have 100% combo accuracy, just go directly into tandem via 2A, 2A, 6B/6C and take over 50% of the opponent's health away.

When you land a sweep or knockdown by other means, of course, go into the 50/50 game with 214+A/B/C.

In stand mode, you should abuse 2B, 2C or 2B, 6C for meter and pressure. These pokes double as high-priority standard hits while 6C takes out early jumps. If 2B, 2C hits, you can stand off and 6B into tandem combo.

Punish all easy targets with 236+C, 3C, 236+C, 3C, 623+AA, because it gives enough OTG time to stand off and go into your 50/50 game with 214+A/B/C.

You have access to air games in stand mode, which can also net damage, but are risky. j.C, back dash, 4C, forward dash, 6C is the one least likely to be punished, due to it's range and momentum. If you air block a hit, you float backward in many times the normal amount of block stun, so this is risky to start.

Matchup-specific Strategies

Vanilla Ice's Matchups

   *9:1: D'bo
   *8:2: Joseph Alessi
   *7:3: Shadow Dio, Chaka, Mariah, Rubber Soul
   *6:4: Dio, Kahn
   *5:5: Jotaro, Polnareff, Iggy, Black Polnareff, Hol Horse & Boingo
   *4:6: Kakyoin, Abdul, Midler, Young Joseph, Hol Horse, New Kakyoin
   *3:7: Petshop

Vanilla is strongest up-close where his pokes, huge damage and high/low games can be put to proper use. Chaka is much harder than his ranking would otherwise appear because of his poke range and priority. Any character with a counter-style move can be quite dangerous in general.

vs Abdul

watch out for his supers and guard cancels they will stop any block string in an instant and if they arent mobile with him punish them with quick strings to tandem

vs Alessi

dont use 5C at all its a total whiff unless you use it to bait a super. A and 6C are your friends in this fight

vs Black Polnareff

Anubis Polnareff has nothing but super spam and his 214+A counter. Attempt to bait both, then punish with high-damage combos.

Do NOT use stand mode in the air, or you'll eat a super.

vs Chaka

Chaka's pokes can take out a lot of your moves.

Focus on knocking Chaka down with 5C, and using 50/50 games. Stand mode meter building games also take out a lot of Chaka's gimmicks. Punish obvious jumping pokes with 236+C.

vs Devo

Abuse 236 attacks when you see hit puppet move or you'll regret it. Also try to use jumping back+B to keep his J.C from dominating the air.

vs Dio

milk the J.C combos dio has a hard time dealing with good jump in attacks

vs Hol Horse

use 5C or dashing 5C to stop his j.C and it can be used to punish his 236A watch for the sliding 2C cause it can counter your 2C and sets him up for a close slow mo bullet super so either block an grab or counter an combo

vs Hol Horse (Boingo)

Hol and Boingo is more or less the same as if you were playing regular Hol, except, this version is a lot slower. Countering his overheads and bullets will be easier but watch for the slide and close-range block strings, because he can combo into his command grab.

vs Iggy

milk the 2A combos since his reach isn't as good as yours

vs Jojo
vs Joseph
vs Jotaro

counter his 6B with yours or 6C if you see it coming also works off a push block especially 6C and link to something!

vs Khan
vs Kakyoin
vs Mariah
vs Midler
vs New Kakyoin
vs Petshop


vs Polnareff

When you see the chariot out, whether its above or coming at you use 236A. It'll either trade, or win, and it's a trade you want to take.

vs Rubber Soul

If Rubber Soul wiffs with, or you predict a poke, punish the stand before it vanishes.

Rubber Soul's primary defense against you will be his counter special which starts up in one frame. When using meaty attacks and pokes, beware that if you mess up, you could eat this for high damage.

vs Shadow Dio

Shadow Dio players will probably be trying to abuse his infinite and easy cross-up.

Pushblock and punish infinite setups with 5C and prevent him from jumping with 4C and jumping back B. When he stops jumping, you'll probably see more counter-specials. Punish these with dash C for big damage.

vs Vanilla Ice

One Vanilla player is probably going to be the aggressor, while the other pokes and builds meter in this match. The roles tend to switch depending on who has the most meter at the time and who has the highest health.

Use 236 attacks to counter his 5C or any of his other ranged pokes and set up shop with 214A,2A combos, exploiting Vanilla's lack of a good reversal/guard cancel.

If your opposing Vanilla lacks super meter, try hard to get into a knockdown 50/50 game and gain a large advantage.

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