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Video Links


Japanese Search Terms - Search terms in japanese to help find Jojos matches on youtube/niconico/etc

Instructional videos and other content

Youtube: Gostunv's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure videos playlist
Combo videos, digests, Gostunv has a little bit of everything.
NEW PLAYERS: Watch anything labelled BBC basic combos in this list, but don't get scared off!
Jojo's Okizeme (multiple characters)
Short video showing some Okizeme options for much of the cast.
Jojo System Tutorial Part 1

Otojo's Jojo system tutorial. Make sure to turn English captions on.

Dio combo Encyclopedia

Kain's Dio combo video that covers most of his combo options from basic to advanced.

Match Videos (Tourneys and Casuals)

Otojo's Jojo channel

Otojo's youtube channel. Jojo player and event organizer from the Tokyo area. Lots of match videos.

Kain's Jojo channel

Kain's channel. Large archive of Jojo HD and recent Japanese arcade footage.

SQ's Jojo channel

SQ's channel. Another Jojo player from the Tokyo area. Regularly updates his channel and blog.

YouTube: HardEdge Official Channel.
Mixed footage, JoJos and others. Often has tourney footage from Mikado.
YouTube: TVranbat channel.
Mostly Jojos, run by some of the GGPO/Jojo's regulars.
Youtube: Soh85 Channel
Channel for retro and rare fighting games has some Jojo's tourney footage.

Must-watch Videos

The cream of the crop. Or just fun, flashy combos.

ATG/Toki Stand Crash Demonstration
No stands were hurt in the making of this film.

Just fun

Dio comboing into Facegrab
AtTheGates showing a flashy combo and burning though meter. Worth it? Of course!

DIOinAkiba (Dio) vs NSR (Jotaro)
DIOinAkiba (Dio) vs NSR (Jotaro) in a match from GGPO that shows off a huge number of game mechanics, including timestops and Blazing Fists Matches.

Channels from the GGPO crowd

ChrisDom also known as

Unsorted videos or channels


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